This one, Envy, goes with Lust, the one before it. I was gone for a while, so we explained roy's absence, like we always do, and this was born out of a conversation that Greed and I had earlier today.

This one didn't come out how I would have liked, but Envy is not a character I play often, so I apologize.

Pairings: RoyEd, Edvy (In a twisted sense, not voluntary)

I walked in, it was easy to do so. Just dressed like him, ready to do what Master asked. Since Ed wasn't human anymore, and Mustang had learned way too much in that little investigation of his, they had to be eliminated. They weren't worth sacrificing anymore.

"You're've been gone for so long!"

There he was, the kitten that Mustang seemed to love so much. He was so careful to hide the monster from the people he worked for, but Pride knew. That's why I was here.

"Of course. Shut up and go away. I have a headache."

He backed away, looking hurt, watching and waiting. Almost as if he was waiting for an apology. Not in this lifetime.

"Come here. It's just been a long trip."

His stupid ears perked, and he trotted over, hugging me. I grinned, picked him up, and did what Pride said Mustang would do in such a situation. I lowered my standards and actually /kissed/ him. With a dark smirk, and still holding him close, I turned one of my fingers into a knife and jabbed it through his heart. "How does it feel, Chibi-san? To be betrayed by the one you thought you loved?" I smirked, using his voice to say the words.


"Aw, I'm sorry, he's cold and stiff too. Don't worry, you'll all meet again soon, I promise."

And it was easy, leaving him there to be desperate, reaching out for the one he thought he could have. Now they were both gone, troublesome sacrifices. Well, there was still Crimson and Strong Arm...