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The League walked quietly and smoothly out of the grand museum of which they held their secret meeting, in order to track down the the nasty villian which now terrorized the European countres. Sarah made sure her black scarf was safely wrapped around her neck, covering the bite marks that people could see faintly if they looked hard enough. The last thing she wanted was another commotion of her strange scar...like last time. But we'll talk about that in a later chapter or so. Walking behind the hunter, notorious sea captain, and the strange invisible man, she walked behind them with her only female companion, Mina Harker. When they reached the outside, it was pouring rain. Putting on her hat, Sarah and the League beheld a strange contraption that was on the cobblestone street. Strange to them, but not to us in our time. It was something all teenagers could not resist. And believe me, even though she lived in a different time, Sarah Valerious Van Helsing will not resist this strange thing that stood before her.Quartermain pointed at it.

"What is that?" he asked.

"I call it," Nemo replied. "An automobile,"

"Yeah..." Skinner understood. "But what is it?"

"The future gentlemen...The future,"

Indeed, it did look like the future. Sarah studied it carefully as Nemo stepped toward a man who she had now noticed standing by the "automobile"

"This is my first mate," Nemo introduced him.

"Call me Ishmael," the first mate said. "Please,"

Ishmael opened the door to the back of the automobile, and the League climbed in. Before she had the chance to climb in after Mina, Sarah sensed something. Once in a while, she would get these hightened intuitions on her missions. And they all led to someone watching her. She looked around on the surrounding streets to look for any sign, but saw nothing. At first she thought she saw something, but when she looked again, it was gone.

"Miss Van Helsing?" Ishmael asked. "Anything wrong?"

"...No," Sarah said before getting in with the rest of the League.

The seats were comfortable, despite the fact that she had to squeeze in with the invisible man, the hunter, and the scientist. She sunk her back in as best as she could, and covered herself in her black trench coat as an extra heat inducer to keep herself more warm. Mina noticed the 16 year old's silence and smiled.

"You seem quite reverent for a girl your age," she said.

Sarah blinked at Mina.

"I beg your pardon?" she asked.

"Well," Mina still smiled. "It's not very ordianary to see a child as young as you are, sharing the name of one of the greatest hunters in Europe, and fighting alongside--"

"I work alone on my missions, Miss Harker,"

Miss Harker was a little taken back by the young girl's stubborness.

"Oh," she said.

Sarah had now realized her sudden outburst at her new partner, and had a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry," she said. "It's really not like me to be this stubborn. I just--"

"Sounds to me like you got a boyfriend back home," Skinner piped up.

Sarah raised an eyebrow and stared at the invisible man's visible face.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"Anyone who's that stubborn might have a loved one back home. Don't you?"

"Yes. Friends, family, and yes, I do have a boyfriend. But I don't think that's any of your business. I think--"

"What's his name?"

"...Steel Samuels,"

"How long have you been seeing each other?"

"Mr. Skinner," Miss Harker turned to the invisible man. "Whatever relations young Miss Van Helsing has with her dear friend is not of your concern. And I think she would appreciate it if you'd stop talking to her about it,"

"Yes," said the gruff Mr. Quartermain. "We'd all like you to stop talking,"

Mr. Skinner seemed to take no offense by the old hunter. In fact, he seemed very pleased he had ticked off the oldest member in the group.

"So..." he inquired. "How did M get you?"

Even though he practically told Skinner to shut up, Quartermain just growled under his breath.

"None of your business," he said.

And even though Mina thought it was best not to pry in other people's emotions, secrets, and life, she leaned forward to face Mr. Quartermain.

"You're a little testy Mr. Q," she stated.

"Mrs. Harker," Quartermain started. "I doubt that you woud measure danger the way I do,"

"And I imagine you quite the library, Mr. Quartermain. All those books you've read merely by looking at their covers,"

"I've had women on past expolits. And found them to be at best--A distraction,"

"Do I distract you?"

"My dear girl, I've buried two wives. And many lovers...And I am in no mood for more of either,"

"You can send them my way if you like--"

"Oh, Skinner, do shut up!" Sarah snapped.

The hunter, scientist, and invisible man looked at the monster huntress who just looked out the window. It seemed Quartermain wasn't the only one who was a little testy...okay strike that. She was peeved. I mean, you would too if you just had to leave your family and friends again to go on another mission. She started thinking about the last time she saw them. Smiling, she remembered when Micheal nearly set the order on fire for the umpteenth time, Maria eagerly by her side dying to go on a mission...and Steel. It seemed as though he wanted her to stay for something. Of course, he did it all the other times too, but this time was different. It almost seemed like he was desperate. She rested her head on the window thinking about him through the journey.

All was quiet in the main room of the order...that was all Maria needed to know. She had to be very quiet. Silently, she tiptoed across until...

"What the heck are you up to now?" asked Micheal.

Maria just froze, but didn't curse or anything like it. After all, it was just her brother. She turned and found her brother, who she assumed was sleeping at his work desk.

"Nothing," she said in a normal tone. "I'm running an errand,"

"...At 10:00 at night?"

"...Pay you 5 pounds you don't tell Van Helsing,"

"...10 pounds,"

"7, and a date with Ophelia,"

Micheal perked up a little bit.

"The school-girl that comes to church here and sings in the choir?" he asked.

"Yep," Maria said.


Maria smiled to herself proudly, and continued to sneak outside the safety of the order. Two days ago, she had heard that a village was being terrorized by an underwater monster. And the past few months, everyone has been getting on her case about how she was still too young to go on a mission on her own. Without anymore noise, she finally made it outside to the riding stables, grinning to herself, and satisfied that so far, her plan for adventure had not been interuppted. When she reached the inside of the stables, the sounds of the sleeping horses filling the stalls softly. Moonlight, a midnight black horse, was snorting in her sleep. She was a beautiful mare that belonged to Sarah, and before she left, she told Maria she could ride her anytime she wanted. Maria slipped quietly to the front of the wooden stall that caged Moonlight, who woke with a start, and snorted happily when she saw her owner's friend. Maria put a hand to her lips.

"Shh," she said softly. "We're going on a little trip,"

Moonlight bobbed her head up and down in agreement. It had been a while since she was allowed to roam free into the cold dark knights that warmed her happy heart. Maria quickly tacked Moonlight up so she could get ready to go faster. But as she tightened Moonlight's black leather saddle, she heard a clutter from behind her. Now, if I was her, I would've gotten suspicious as to what it was, but we all know that her brother Micheal liked to play tricks on his little sister. Maria sighed

"Micheal," she said turning around. "If you are trying to stop me just by saving your own skin, you're gonna have to--"

Maria didn't have time to finish her sentance. Arms grabbed her from behind, and held her very tightly. Feeling the air practically come out of her lungs, she struggled to get her gun out of her back pocket, but with no success whatsoever. Her attacker held her even more each time she struggled. Kicking her legs up, she tried to kick him by swinging her leg backward. But even until her attackers knees were bleeding, he still wouldn't let go no matter how much she fought to free herself. So, she used the one and only weapon that helped her through the years as a child in Transylvannia, and it would sure help her now.

"HELP!" she screamed as loud as she could.

But as she continued to struggle, two more men came into the stable and into her view. They were wearing what seemed to look like metal hats and breastplates. Moonlight was rearing back and forth, making loud neighs, as though it would rescue her owner's friend. With all her might, the mare brought her hooves down on the stall door that held her in, and galloped out. She reared back and brought her front long narrow legs down on the man that held her. Thankful for the clever horse, Maria made a dash toward the door. But the two men took action. One took a hold of Moonlight's reigns and restrained the poor mare. The other grabbed the back of Maria's long dark curly hair that was in a ponytail, and threw her against a stall post. She hit her head full blast and hard. Feeling quite dizzy and dazed, she ddin't even feel herself falling to the ground. The last thing she saw before she blacked out were the Van Helsings, Steel, Carl, and Micheal coming in to help the youngest member of the organization.

What she didn't know, was that they all failed, one by one.

As night fell, the automobile came to slow halt onto an eerie street, next to a dark house. Sarah studied the house as she put on her hat and tightened her scarf. The shutters were closed and boarded shut, and the roof's tiles were falling off. She wondered why anyone would want to live in such a place. And why any member who was special enough to be in this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen live there. Nevertheless, they all stepped out of the car one by one.

"Shall I wait, Captain?" Ishmael asked as he held the automobile door open for the members.

"No," replied Nemo. "Bring my lady to me,"

Sarah's head perked up. What on earth was Nemo talking about? But her thoughts soon changed as she turned to Mina, who's eyes were fixed on the house they were stopping at. Her expression was deeply blank through the veil of her small black hat. Sarah had noticed in the last few hours that this woman may have appeared to be a hard working chemist an a mild mannered person, but she was going to realize soon that this woman had secrets...very dark secrets...

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"This looks like a charming spot," Skinner commented as they all walked up to the door, with Mina trailing behind them. "Does Jack the Ripper live here?"

"I highly doubt that," Sarah commented, lowering her hat.

"And how would you know?"

"Because I tracked him down two months ago. Nearly butchered me to death,"

Skinner just stood there as the young teenager stood by the old hunter as he knocked on the door.

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Sarah watched from under the wide brim of her hat as the slot from the lookout of the door slided open. She noticed a pair of grey eyes staring down at them.After a moment, the sliding lookout closed once again, and the League could hear a few locks unlock. The door opened to reveal a man in a fine pinstripe suit of light and dark grey. Dark brown locks fell about his face as he stared at the group with interest.

"Good evening," he said in a courteuous manor

"Mr. Dorian Grey?" Quartermain inquired.

"I am indeed,"

"We came by way of M,"

To this remark, Grey looked positively intrigued, with an amused look in his eye.

"Ah," he said as Sarah felt Mina come up from behind them. "M for Mystery...Well I've told him, and I'm telling you: I'm not interested,"

"Dorian," Mina smiled as she walked

To this, Sarah could not help to supress the smile on her face. The way Mina had said Dorian's name before he had a chance to close the door was flirtacious, seductive, and a little bit of a tease to it. No doubt they were former lovers, possibly after Mina's husband died. Dorian just stood in disbelief as he stared at the woman in front of him, her prescence almost illiminating the dark ponds in his eyes. He let her in, and Sarah followed suit, while the rest of the League followed her.The inside, happy to report, wasn't nearly as bad as the outside. Every yall that the League passed as they came up the stairs had a painting. A peculiar sight to see. Sarah thought they had more paintings in the Valerious manor before now.

"Charming decor," Skinner said dryly.

Sarah rolled her eyes at the invisible man's remarks. He was about as insufferable as Micheal sometimes was. Her eyes wandered to a bare spot that looked almost invisible to her at first, since all the walls were covered with fine paintings. Quartermain seemed to notice it too.

"You're missing a picture Mr. Grey," he remakred.

"And you don't miss a thing," Mr. Grey replied. "Do you, Mr. Quartermain?"

"Oh, sometimes,"

Mr. Dorian Grey led them into the library that would've taken Carl a run for his money. Out of the corner of her, Sarah noticed Skinner take off his hat, showing his half visible head when he headed for the liquor cabinet.

"Scotch, anyone?" he offered, but it sounded like he didn't care if anyone wanted any.

"Please," Dorian said dryly. "Help yourself,"

"Don't let it ruin your make-up," Mina said harshly.

Sarah bit back a smile as she removed her coat, and hat and held it in front of her as she sat down. She kept her scarf on, as Mina sat down by her.

"I'm impressed, Mr. Grey," Nemo remarked. "You take Skinner's uniquness in your strife,"

"Yes," Dorian seemed to be bragging. "Well, I've seen too much in my life to shock easily,"

Mina rolled her eyes at this, to whic Dorian took quite interest in that.

"Although, I must say, I was surprised to see you again,"

Mina smiled.

"When our last parting was such sweet sorrow?" she asked mockingly.

"Ah," Dorian smiled. "So you're nothing more than an inticement...Nevertheless, your prescense intrigues me,"

Sarah watched this with sudden interest. Now she was certain that they were once lovers. Dorian looked at the youngest League member, and studied her. She followed suit. There was, however, an uneasy silence in the room. Something stirred inside her. This man sitting in front of her had something inside him that reeked of something questionable. But she didn't show it in her voice.

"Are you going to stare at me like that all night?" she asked.

Dorian smiled.

"Mmm," he said. "You must be Van Helsing, are you not?"

"Depends on the day,"

"I see you've taken an interest in this--what's the best way to put it--family business?"

"...It's not an interest. It's my life. And my last name wasn't Van Helsing until at least 3 or 4 years ago. I'm originally of the Valerious family in Transylvannia,"

Mina stared at the young girl now.

"You never told me your original name was the Royal Transylvannian Family Valerious," she said. "You had a grandfather named Boris Valerious, didn't you?"

Sarah looked at Mina with a raised eyebrow. Such strange questions aroused in her mind, like what really happened with her family in the past, possibly before she was even born. Nevertheless, she made an effort to change the subject.

"I would feel much rather comfortable if we moved on to something else," she said pulling her coat and hat closer to each other.

"Drink?" offered Skinner when he pushed it under the girl's nose.

"Oh shove it, Skinner,"

Sarah pushed the drink away from her, almost spilling it on the invisible man's coat. Skinner just gave off a shrug as if to say "Suit yourself", and went back to the liquor cabinet for a refill. Dorian still looked at the Gypsy Princess as hespoke in turn to Quartermain.

"They say you're indestructable, Mr. Quartermain," he remarked.

"Well," Quartermain smiled, which seemed to be the first. "A witch doctor did bless me once. I had saved his village...He said 'Africa would never allow me to die',"

"But you're not in Africa now,"


"I confess a curiosity on what the files say about Mr. Grey," Nemo spoke out after this. "We all of us have traits in this endeavor: A hunter, a scientist, a monster huntress, even Skinner has stealth..."

"Cheers," Skinner raised up his glass.

"...What have you?"

"I have experience," Grey replied.

Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"How much, exactly?" she asked.

"More than you'll ever have in your lifetime," Grey said

"Somehow I doubt that," she mummbled

"Grey and I have met before," Quartermain said. "Many years ago at Eaton College,"

Sarah's eyes brightened up for the first time in a while.

"Eaton?" she asked. "That's where Micheal wants to go!"

"Micheal?" inquired Mina.

"Your ex-boyfriend?" asked Skinner.

Before she could say a word, Sarah looked at Skinner with a disgusted look.

"Eww," she said. "No. Micheal's a friend. He's hoping to study chemistry, biology, physical science, astronomy, physics..."

"My," Mina smiled. "Such a brave lad if he's willing to take that many courses to achieve his life ambition,"

"You haven't seen him on the battlefield then. What were you doing at Eaton, Mr. Quartermain?"

"A lecture, no doubt," Mina turned to Quartermain. "You the Nation's hero..." She turned to Dorian. "Dorian, the eager listening boy,"

"...Quite the reverse," he said. "It was Grey visiting Eaton..."

He turned to the only two females in the group.

"...And I was the boy,"

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