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Everything you want

Chapter 1

The Challenge and Day 1

Ino walked through the streets of Konoha. She had gotten done with a simple escort mission. Chouji was her partner and so everything went fine. They had to escort an old man to the Hidden Grass Village, so it hadn't taken much to complete it. The mission took about two days to get there and back. Ino sighed as she felt a nice breeze go by. It was September and fall was lingering around. Her birthday that was on the 23rd was coming up rather quickly, about 12 days to be exact. She couldn't wait for that day; she would be 18 officially an adult in her Dad's eyes and other adults. Shikamaru's birthday was on the 22nd only a day before her own.

He never really did anything on his birthday, just hang out with Chouji and cloud gaze. But she was sure this year it would be different considering Temari of the Sand was here. Ino had talked to Temari who had some special plans for the lazy ninja genius. She giggled just thinking of what Temari had in store for her long time best friend. He really did need more excitement in his life, being the most exciting and greatest thing to him would be looking at clouds. Ino sighed again. Some things never did change. They were older and in higher ranks, but everyone…well they were still the same in Ino's eyes.

Shikamaru was a Jounin, but he was still very much lazy yet never the less a genius, or at least when he wanted to be. Chouji was still big in height anyway, over the last few years he slimmed down a little and most of his fat turned to muscle, he was going for Jounin later this year. Sakura was a hell of a lot stronger than she was before, she also stuck to her short hair style which Ino had grown use too. Naruto was still a laughing carefree guy, except now he was…more calm and serious at times, both were Jounin or at least Naruto will be soon enough (and he had really just gotten to his Chunin rank too).

Kiba grew stronger and more arrogant (if that could be possible), Ino was sure that he would change as he got older…she was wrong, reason why she loss the bet to Naruto and Shino. Hinata grew less shy and very much more bold than before. Her and Ino talked more and were becoming good friends. Shino stayed the same though he did talk more yet still liked to be the silent mystery guy he always was known for. Lee grew even stronger than before, it was hard for his teammates to keep up with him now. Gai was so very proud of his student. He and Sakura had been seeing each other for over a year now, and even moved in together about a month ago.

Tenten was still the same weapon wielding girl they all knew, she also along with Lee were heading to Jounin soon enough. Ino heard (being the gossip girl she was) that Tenten has been taking extended trips to Suna to see a certain puppet boy. (She heard this by a certain puppet boy's sister.) And as for Neji the final member of Team Gai, he was still the same as he had been before maybe less angry and stoic... Every time she saw him he would sometimes remind her of Sasuke.

Speaking of which, after everything that had gone on with said Sasuke Uchiha he eventually came back to Konoha after defeating Orochimaru on his own. Really the only people who knew why and what brought the Uchiha back was Naruto and Sakura. Both didn't feel the need to let anyone else know any details aside from Kakashi and Tsunade. Ino didn't care much either way, he was still the same as before just older, much like everyone else.

Ino instantly shook her head quickly though and scratched that idea from her mind. Sasuke was a worthless rat who didn't deserve her thoughts on him. She sighed though as an afterthought. Thinking of him brought back sad memories of her crying to sleep at night wishing he would notice her. It made her really sad thinking about it and even then she still hadn't gotten a boyfriend. Everyone from the rookie 9 had someone including Team Gai.

Lee had Sakura, Hinata had both Naruto and Kiba going at each other for her love; sadly it was a draw because she didn't have much of a heart to choose between them. Now they were the talk of the town, Hinata had two wonderful boyfriends who were best friends as well. Ino wasn't so sure how that could work out, but hey it had somehow and that was their secret. Ino rolled her eyes and groaned in her head; some girls always had the luck. Tenten apparently had something special with Kankuro of the Sand. Temari had Shikamaru whipped like his mother had his father. Ino laughed lightly when she thought about the similarities of him and his father.

Chouji found a nice girl who looked to his heart and not his bigger side. They were such a cute couple in Ino's eyes. Shino…well he was gonna have an arranged wedding anyways so he didn't really matter much. Ino was all alone with no one to be with. She looked down with a sad gaze, everyone thought she would be getting boyfriends and dumping them daily, but the sad truth was…no one really paid attention to her. Hell most boys who knew of her temper and attitude did everything within their power to stay away from her. Really good looks weren't everything, and especially in the ninja world rank and skill mattered just as much as your appearance and personality. But most young ninjas weren't really looking for long-term commitments at such an early point in their lives (even though their lives were much shorter than normal civilians), sometimes they were just too busy to have any time to date, most were known for one night stands (cough-Kakashi-cough).

It came to bother Ino greatly that not one guy showed much interest in her. Of course some did, but not enough to actually confront her and ask her out on a date. At first she thought maybe Sai would be interested in her, but being as emotionless as he is and not knowing practically anything about relationships and romance…it took all her will strength to not knock him into next week with his obliviousness. Ino just didn't have the actual patience for him and so sort of dropped him like useless and rusted kunai.

Still she wasn't going to give up so easily. Ino needed someone who could handle her, someone with the same attitude who would put up a challenge for her. Some guy who would take her crappy attitude for not only the good points (there is a few!) and for the bad points as well. That's when walking down a small dirt path near the training grounds she came upon none other than Neji Hyuuga. He was busy training with a dummy. Ino stopped walking as she stared at him.

"He's perfect." She mumbled out. He was perfect, a genius, good looking scratch that damn straight handsome, and he was free. Or as Ino knew he never really took any interest in any girl she knew. He was also very graceful for a man. He was everything she wanted in a guy, and the perfect challenge for her to take. No one would have enough guts to try anything with the anger tempered Hyuuga. It was suicide to some people. And Ino didn't mind one bit.

She could hear it all now, Ino Yamanaka taming the mysterious and emotionless ninja known as Neji Hyuuga. It was very much perfect. But Ino wanted to make things more interesting, more…worthwhile. Something that would make this challenge a hell of a lot better. That's when it popped into her mind.

'I'll just bet with Sakura and maybe a few others that I can get The Neji Hyuuga into my bed by the night of my birthday. Oh I just love how my mind works!' Ino smirked happily. Everything was coming out all together now, all she had to do was try to get to know Neji and get him to not kill her and all will go just grand…or at least she hoped so….

Finding Sakura wasn't all that hard for Ino, she easily spotted her walking through the crowds while holding Lee's hand. He held an ever present smile on his lips. She was also pretty happy, but her moment was ruined when a certain blond best friend of hers almost had a crash collision with her. In Ino's excitement of her plans she couldn't control herself to stop in time. Lee caught both Sakura and Ino before they hit the ground.

"Sakura, Ino are you two okay?" Lee asked as they both set their selves up right. Sakura turned and glared over at Ino.

"Jeez Ino-pig! Where's the fire!" Ino smiled with a sweat drop. Okay maybe she didn't have to run that fast, but she did find her didn't she.

"Well forehead I just wanted to set up a bet with you, but I guess if you're gonna be like that then fine." Ino was starting to walk away when Sakura yelled at her to wait. She smirked knowing Sakura would go for her bait. Sadly being Tsunade's apprentice was great and all, but not only did Sakura get the amazing strength, but she also got the gambling problem her teacher was known for.

"What kind of bet Ino?" Lee sighed. He wished Ino would have bothered someone else other than them; they were doing just great without her intrusion.

"Well…My birthday is in 12 days and I thought why not do something memorable." Sakura raised an eyebrow waiting for her best friend to continue.

"Okay so I was walking when I thought about it. Everyone has someone like you and Lee. So that's when it hit me! Let's do a bet, to see if I can get 'Neji Hyuuga' in my bed at the end of my birthday." Sakura stared at her like she was crazy before she started laughing like a lunatic. Lee also laughed along with her. Ino glared at the both of them.

"I'm sorry Ino…It's just…you could never get…Neji into…your bed." Sakura burst out into even more laughter. Lee laughed some more before gaining control.

"I am very sorry Ino, I do not mean to laugh, but…are you even sure Neji knows you exist?" Ino thought about that for a moment before rolling her eyes. Well he does know she exists, why would Lee ask her such a stupid question?

"Of course he knows I exist. What kind of question is that?" Lee shook his head to Ino.

"No I mean does he know you are…" Lee tried thinking of a word to describe what he meant. Sakura beat him to the punch though.

"Ino what Lee is saying is, does Neji know you anymore than that girl from Team 10 or from the Rookie Nine. Does he know you like a friend?" Ino sighed and her shoulders slacked. She didn't really think of it like that. She really did need to think things through more.

"I…guess he doesn't, but…" Ino came back with a smile. "That doesn't mean he can't get too! The bet is still on!" Sakura and Lee sweat dropped.

"Um…Ino the bet hasn't even started." Sakura said appointedly staring at her 'very' blond friend.

"Well then let the bet begin, now recruit some more people. Especially Shino, Naruto, and Kiba and anyone else you can get in on this." Ino was just about to run off when Sakura stopped her again.

"Ino…What are we betting anyway?" Ino turned around with a smirk.

"How about 100 dollars, or more who knows. I have to go though; need to get one Neji Hyuuga to notice me." Ino was then off again. Sakura sighed before turning to Lee. He shook his head and turned to Sakura.

"What do you think Lee?" Lee sighed, before his shoulders slumped.

"I just hope she lives through this, Neji is not one to be fooled with. He can see through any lie and emotion. Let's just hope Ino knows that and she can counter it." Sakura nodded looking off to the sky.

"She is a good actress when she wants to be so…you never know…" They both then started walking off to their apartment they shared together….

Ino raced to Neji's training spot where she last saw him. She felt so much excitement run through her veins. This was going to be great; she couldn't wait to get there. Though Neji was a difficult person, Ino was sure she could crack his hard shell. She only had 11 days after tonight, so she needed to start out early and hopefully he'll want to get to know her…Hopefully… It wasn't like she thought he would fall for her so easily (learned that the hard way during the first Chunin exams), so all she needed to do was be more…serious to appeal to him more rather than acting all vain and tempting. It was going to take a lot of her hard work and effort to get his attention. She only hoped that he wouldn't catch on so quickly. Ino tried not to let that type of thinking bother her, she had a challenge here and in the end she was sure she would be most happy…

Ino got there in record time if someone bothered to record it anyway. There was Neji still training hard with his Hyuuga clan technique. She smiled before walking closer to him to get a better look. She could now see the sweat dripping down his neck and into the robe shirt he wore. Ino blushed at how sexy he looked right there. She stood there just watching till she realized he had stopped and was staring back at her. Ino smiled lightly acting cool while in her mind she was hoping she didn't start drooling over him. She moved a little closer hoping her smile was inviting.

"What are you doing here Yamanaka?" Ino slightly winced at the use of her last name. He was so formal all the time, but then Lee was right; he didn't really know her so it was obvious he would be formal with her rather than familiar. But soon enough that would be changing she thought quickly.

"Oh nothing, I was just walking around when I saw you training. That's when I thought-Get lost." Ino's mouth hung down as she was stopped mid-sentence and then glared heatedly at him for cutting her off. She felt her blood boil at how easily he dismissed her like she was nothing but a bother to her, albeit she probably was since he's training but he couldn't get her a moment of his time! Neji was back to his training, but he could still feel her presence there watching him. He also could feel the tension of anger radiating off of her. Ino stood there for a minute before leaving altogether. She sighed angrily her fists shook in her anger.

The late afternoon was turning into night already so it was just a waste to stand there and glare at him till he turned to her. As much as she would love to chew him out Ino had to keep herself composed and relaxed. Getting all pissed off and angry would do nothing but hinder her in her little mission as she saw it as. So Ino released her fists and breathed out slowly.

"Well…no one did say this would be easy." She mumbled out. With that Ino left to her apartment to get some sleep and think up some sort of plan for tomorrow…

Day 1

Ino woke up to the bright sun light coming from her window. She groaned before pushing her head further into her pillow as to hide her face from the awfully bright sunlight streaming through her window overhead. Oh how she hated mornings. They were never something she looked forward too, yet today it was different today she had her little mission that barely had any progress last night and she had to win at all costs! Ino pulled out of her bed and quickly got dressed. Her clothes were of what she always wore now a day. Her purple top without sleeves, a pair of black shorts with her purple skirt over it, with her arm nets on her elbows and knees. Ino quickly put up her hair in the high ponytail she was always sporting before grabbing an apple and racing out the door.

Today was Day 1 of her plan to get Neji into her bed. It was about 8:30 in the morning as Ino walked around town. She was looking for Sakura to see if she had told anyone else about the bet. Ino walked right to the hospital where she was sure to find her best friend. Really aside from the occasional mission Sakura could always be found working her ass off at the hospital. She walked down some halls till she found the lounge where doctors, nurses, and medic nins rested up. Ino knocked on the door and waited. A man about in his 40's opened the door and looked to her.

"Yes Miss?" Ino smiled before bowing she then looked back to him with this alluring smile on her lips. Of course the older man fell for it quickly returning it with his own.

"Yes, I'm looking for Sakura Haruno would you know where to locate her?" The man nodded quickly.

"Why yes, she so happens to be here in the lounge right now."He was too quick to call her out. Ino stood there before Sakura poked her head out of the door. She saw Ino and smiled. She stepped out and they started walking together.

"So how was the first night of 'getting Neji into your bed' going?" Sakura made her fingers bend into quotation marks as Ino rolled her eyes.

"Harder than I first thought. He didn't even let me finish talking before he shoed me away like a little child bothering him or something!" Sakura giggled making Ino glare at her.

"Sorry Ino, it's just…well he probably did that because you can kind of talk…someone's ear off." Sakura mumbled out the end looking elsewhere as Ino rubbed her eyes still not liking that she forced herself up this early.

"Yeah I know, but I wasn't gonna talk long I swear. He's such a jerk." Sakura rolled her eyes at that comment.

"Yeah well this is your bet and everyone is counting on you failing too." Ino perked up when she heard this. She smiled wickedly turning her bright glowing eyes to her best friend.

"So how many people did you get in on this?" Sakura smirked and waved her hand in gesture.

"Well I got Shino, Naruto, and Kiba like you said it was pretty easy to get them in on it. Thought I would have never thought Shino would agree, anyways after that I came across Temari and Shikamaru and they both seemed interested enough. I happened upon Tenten and surprisingly Kankuro was with her so they two decided to be in on it." Sakura sighed softly stopping to look into the blonde teens eyes, "Ino are you sure you want to bet 100 dollars, it's a lot of people who are hoping you lose." Ino shrugged. She then waved her hand to Sakura in a sort of dismissal.

"Oh don't be such a worrywart Sakura I have the money, not to mention I won't fail this. Plus if I win think of how much more money I'll have and how I'll be the talk of the town." Sakura glared at her, shaking her head with her brows creased deeply.

"Is that all you can think about is the money! Popularity!? What about Neji's feelings?" Ino rolled her eyes hearing this and waved her off once more.

"Tch, like he has feelings, he barely has emotions to begin with." Sakura sighed as she grabbed a clipboard from on a wall to check it out.

"You do know he can see through your lies and what you're up too. He'll skin you alive Ino if he finds out." Ino nodded knowing the major trouble she would be in if he realized that she was doing this for a challenge, money and popularity. But really she felt it was a price she was willing to pay. It wasn't like she and Neji were very close or even had so many missions together; even the thought of them being an actual couple was really far-fetched even in her own mind. Still Ino knew to be cautious in this sort of situation.

"Yeah Sakura, 'If' he finds out and quite frankly he won't find out if you keep your mouth shut and let me do this." Sakura looked back up to Ino's face she held a stern look.

"Ino please just be careful. That's all I'm asking." Sakura hugged her best friend goodbye before heading off to her duties. Ino shook her head smiling after Sakura, she knew how concerned she could get when she brought up these challenges and missions for herself, but really Ino knew what she was doing.

"Of course I'll be careful; I know what I'm doing." Ino said confidently turning to leave the hospital and find her prey…

Ino walked through the training fields looking for Neji. She knew was he training just around here yesterday afternoon somewhere yet as she looked around the clearing he was nowhere to be found; could he not be out here right now? Ino then shook her head, what else would he be doing she checked to make sure he didn't have any missions today or for that matter the next 11 days as well. Iruka-sensei seemed intrigued that Ino had asked but didn't inquire about it, he just let her know he was available for missions but there weren't any that regarded his expertise at the moment. She thought better of it and asked about herself and he replied about the same which irked her a little but it did help her own mission to not be away from Neji for now…

"So where the hell is he?" Ino turned around in a circle looking out beyond the trees before giving up in defeat. That is till she closed her eyes and concentrated on his charka signal which was blazing as she could sense. She smirked before running over to a group of trees leaping from branch to branch.

"I should have known he would change his training area like that." Ino jumped quickly through following the charka signal carefully. He must have seen the determination in her eyes so that might have been the reason why he changed his training spot, but really there could be an amount of any reason as to why he changed it. Either way she was on his trail and would be upon him in no time. And there he was training in a new spot at least 5 miles away from the first one she saw him at. Ino tried keeping her charka signal hidden as she watched him train furiously. He kept so much concentration into his training; he had this…fire in his eyes. Complete determination and willingness to go for hours on end without break. He was trying rather vigorously, almost like he was preparing himself for something, but what Ino didn't have the answer too.

Ino watched him for who knows how long just enjoying the way he moved around striking out at the air as though it cursed him and moving so gracefully that it kind of made her a tad bit jealous still before she knew it, it was noon. Neji sat down to rest as he drank some water. Ino thought now would be a great time to drop in, literally. Ino landed down right near Neji who turned to her. He seemed pretty annoyed from the looks of it, but not the least bit surprised by her appearance.

"Are you spying on me?" Ino laughed lightly shaking her head quickly. Neji didn't seem to find it as funny as she did though; really when she was slightly nervous about something she laughed which in this case was bad thing.

"No, no I just…wanted to watch you." She sweat dropped. Isn't that the same as spying? She thought as he raised an eyebrow. He then shook his head with a huff of annoyance.

"You're a moron you know that Yamanaka." Ino glared heatedly at him. Her temper sparked up yet again because of him. Neji seemed to notice but didn't think anymore of her anger.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" She yelled as her fists shook. He shook his head at her once more.

"I mean you're stupid, watching and spying are the same. The only different would be if you asked me if you could watch, so you were spying when you didn't come out for about…4 hours." Ino blinked, was she really up there for that long? Neji rolled his eyes before taking a long drink of his water. Ino glared at him again. He really was a jerk with no consideration for anyone else but himself.

'Ring a bell to anyone?' Ino's Inner self commented off hand trying to make a point to herself. She pushed the brief thought away for the moment.

"Do I have to explain further for your slow mind to catch on?" Neji smirked when he saw the rage in her eyes light up like a match and soon it would be flickering powerfully like an open flame. It amused him at her anger and found that it was actually quite entertaining to piss her off. She expressed her moods and emotions so freely, something a ninja should never do. It was a weak spot, and for him all weak spots must be terminated.

"Oh you're such a jerk! Why don't you get some manners Neji Hyuuga!" Before Ino could take in air from her angered words he was right in front of her glaring down with his silverfish eyes. Ino felt her heart beat increase as Neji stood there looking down into her eyes. His nose was barely almost touching her own with their close proximity. She could feel his breath against her lips and cheeks.

"I don't need to show manners to someone like you. Call me what you may, but you are here for a reason I haven't a clue about. So before you start calling me names because I am only acting myself ask yourself why you're even here." Neji then pulled away and walked back to his pack. Ino had an intense blush on her cheeks; she could still feel his warm breath on her lips and cheeks. He was right though, she really didn't have a right to call him a jerk when she didn't even have to be here, well from what he sees anyway.

"Neji…I'm sorry." Ino called out hoping he wouldn't take her words to heart, when she looked up she was greeted with the sight of his face in disgust at her. She cocked her head to the side and watched him.

"Don't bother apologizing; it's only wasting your breath since I won't accept it." Neji then started walking away from her. Ino sighed, oh yeah this was only going to get harder, she just knew it….

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