A/N: For my next installment, I'd like to post a little something to show how ideas and plots change over time and how one good idea may not seem all that great after a bit of thinking. First here's the beginning to a story I haven't quite finished yet, and the second shot at the same story. look and see how much it's changed since the first draft.

-First Attempt-

Lucius Malfoy would have taken the time to bask in the warmth of the sun had he not been in such a hurry. Perhaps, if Snape's face hadn't been so stony and grave – more so than usual – Lucius would have stopped and enjoyed the wind tousling the hair that did not belong to him. He did not do either of these things, however, and nor did he peer over his shoulder at the Death Eater in Lucius' cell, a Death Eater watching Lucius leave through Lucius' eyes. Hidden on the Death Eater, disillusioned, was a bottomless hip flask of Polyjuice. But Lucius did not have time to feel compunction for the Death Eater that had taken his place, not at all. Something more important than Death Eaters and Polyjuice was happening now; the way Snape had looked at him had told him enough. The need to have Lucius slipped out of Azkaban Prison was enough to tell him that something was dreadfully wrong.

Lucius fell in stride with Snape, both men unspeaking. Lucius doubted whether he would have been able to speak now, with this terrible feeling of dread climbing into his ribcage, nestling between his lungs and settling down for a nice stay.

"Where are we going?" The lips of the Death Eater were cracked and made Lucius feel even more wary. He licked them unconsciously and waited for a response.

"His chamber," Snape replied. Snape was, as Lucius knew, referring to the Dark Lord's chamber. Lucius asked himself why he had joined in the first place now. Had it really been worth everything it had cost him? Snape reached into his shoulder bag and pulled out a spare Azkaban jumpsuit, one who's grey and white had not yet blended together from use. He handed them to Lucius, who took them with a carefully steadied hand. "When you change back into yourself, put this on." It wasn't really his clothing of choice, but Lucius, as he knew, was not exactly in the position to be picky.

"What's happening, Severus?" he muttered under his breath, but Snape said nothing in reply. His silence was more unnerving than the loudest shout. "Snape?"

Snape murmured in an undertone, "Just get dressed," and left Lucius alone.

-Second Attempt-

Perhaps, if his brain hadn't been reeling and the world hadn't been collapsing around him, Lucius would have taken a moment to enjoy the fresh air and tousling breeze associated with being away from Azkaban. Perhaps, if he hadn't been running down a deserted corridor of a secret hideout, he would have taken a moment to relish in the fact that he was no longer having hallucinations of pineapples and living off food that seemed to stare back at him.

Lucius wished that what he'd heard had been a hallucination.

He had not been here for more than a minute when he'd heart it: the shouts, all of which mingled together and formed a blur in his mind, and finally a shouted Unforgivable Curse. The Unforgivable Curse. Part of him wished that he had not heard what he'd heard, or at least part of it. He wished that the voices he'd heard had not included a voice more precious to him than any other in the entire world. Though, as he reached the large oak door to the Dark Lord's chamber, he knew that neither Azkaban nor insanity could have created such a terrible hallucination.

A/N: I've written more, yes, but if you plan on reading the finished product I don't want to give away too much to you. Notice, though, how the beginning paragraph has a few of the same lines; I say what Lucius might have done if he hadn't been in a relatively bad situation – this helps to set a proper tone or the story – a tone of urgency and slight fear for Lucius and the situation. Clearly Lucius doesn't know what's going on, and the unknown helps to keep the atmosphere tense.

Sorry this one was so short and lacking in commentary, but the next one should be a bit more amusing for you all. Thanks for reading!