A/N: It was raining the whole weekend at our indoor kite festival, and this came to mind as I was watching the fliers perform.

A Heavy Rainstorm

A heavy rainstorm. A walk down the front steps. A shout. "Ed, are you crazy? You'll catch your death out here!"

A flash of lightning. A shake of the head. "I won't. I never do."

A sigh. "Come on, I'm bringing you back inside." A gentle tug.

A few steps forward. A stop. "Mustang… Roy … I like you. I really like you. I might… I might even love you."

A moment's hesitation. A question. "You're serious?"

A slight blush. A nod, embarrassed. "Yes."

A step to close the distance. A kiss, long and slow.

A love that will bloom.