Note: Every time Elysia writes something, it's been a new day.

Dear Diary,

Some days are harder than others since Daddy died. But Mommy says that he's still watching us, even when we don't know it. And that makes me feel better, because one of the boys in my kindergarten class was picking on me and my pigtails. Daddy liked them, though, so I'm not changing them.

Miss Winry came to visit. I still remember almost 2 years ago when I first met her. She was so nice, I really wish she was my sister! She said that if a boy picks on me, it means he likes me. Ewww!

I miss Daddy. And if he's always watching us like Mommy, does he miss me?

Dear Elysia,

Sweetie, it's Daddy. I do miss you, more than anything else. But even if I can't help not seeing you, I can talk to you still. Mommy's right, I'm always nearby. I'm glad that you like Winry, she's a really good person. And don't worry about th boy in your class, he'll be nicer to you when he gets older. Just tell him you don't care what he thinks. He'll stop sooner or later.

I hope to hear from you again, Sweetie.

Daddy! Is that really you? I miss you Daddy!

Yes Sweetie, it's me. I know that you need me, so I asked God if I could talk to you. I know you miss me, but this is all I can do.

It's okay Daddy, I'm just glad I can talk to you!

I know Sweetie. So what happened with the boy in class?

I told him I didn't care, and he just gave me this funny look. But he did start being nice to me!

Boys are funny like that Sweetie. How's Mommy? Did you tell her I'm talking to you?

Yes. Mommy says that she's fine, but she misses you very much.

I miss her too. I miss both of you.

Guess what Daddy? Uncle Roy's Furer!

That's great Sweetie! Have you seen Edward lately?

He was here last time with Winry. They got married! Winry looked soo pretty in her wedding dress. But her Daddy died too, so Uncle Roy gave her away. It was really funny, because Alphonse bumped into Ed who tripped over Black Hayate and fell into the punch bowel

Ha! That does sound funny! Did Winry get mad?

At first, but then Ed gave her the look. You know that one I gave you when you wouldn't get me the stuffed goat toy? Mommy said it's called the Puppy Eyed look. Ed gave her that look, and her looked so sorry all covered in red punch, Winry just laughed. Alphonse had to run to a shop and rent a different suit for him.

I'm glad they're happy.

Daddy, do you ever get lonely in Heaven?

Sometimes Sweetie, but then I look down and see you and Mommy, and I feel better. And when you get lonely, just remember that you have Mommy, and even if you can't see me, I'm still here.

I'm glad Daddy. I miss you sometimes, but this helps a lot. And guess what Daddy? Ed, Winry and Alphonse are coming to visit! Can i show them this?

Of course sweetie. Maybe they'll start writing to me too.

Daddy, Winry almost fell down when she saw this! She was really surprised. At first, she thought it was Mommy, but Ed knew it was your handwriting. Alphonse said that he was really happy I could still talk to you. And sometimes talking makes all the difference. He also said that he told a couple of boys in Risembul about me, and Mommy said I could go and play with them sometime.

Alphonse has always been smart for his age. I'm glad you're happy Sweetie. Before long, you won't miss me anymore because you'll have lots of friends.

I'll always miss you Daddy.

And I'll always miss you Elysia.

Should I keep Writing, or will this stay a one shot? You decide!