Title: Creature of Extraordinary Grace

Author: Romanceguru

Disclaimer: Joss is boss, I am but a lowly subservient.

Rating: NC-17 (My first of this rating)

Summary: Post BDM. "It feels good to be needed." Mal/River and … Well, you'll have to just see won't you!

Notes: I challenged myself to write something outside of my favorite OTP comfort zone (because I'm crazed), and this is what resulted. Please let me know what you think.

Beta done by the wonderfully clever and magnificent elsibet34.




She came one night, her face full of tears and shaking like a leaf. He wrapped her up in his arms and soothed her with shushes and strokes to her long, soft hair. After all, it seemed the natural thing to do. When she asked through uncontrollable sobs if she could stay, he hesitated, but she clung tighter, like if he were to dismiss her from his bunk she'd shatter into a million pieces.

So that night he allowed a trembling, hiccupping, petite little thing to fall asleep nudged alongside him. It was the first time he had a girl in his arms since…well, that's a memory he cared not to remember.

It felt foreign but at the same time comforting, feeling the weight of the girl's head resting on his chest, small hand still grasping onto his shirt. Strangest thing of it all, it was the first time in a long while the captain slept the whole night through.


Every night after that like clockwork he would hear the click of his hatch opening and the clunk of it being firmly closed. He'd wait the minute or so it took for the girl to descend into his pitch-black bunk, and he'd pull back the covers, allowing her to slip in beside him.

Sometimes his heart would race in anticipation, waiting for the still of midnight to arrive along with her. Other than a long leg thrown over his middle, a face nuzzled in his neck, or waking up pressed awkwardly into her back side, they didn't cross that blurry line.

It was after all a mutually beneficial arrangement. They brought each other peace, comfort, and much needed rest.


That is until the night she didn't show. He tossed and turned through the hours of darkness, was tempted more than once to go hunt her down, throw her over his shoulders and carry her back to his lair.

Then he wondered if something happened. Panic and possible scenarios for her absence briefly visited before he concluded she probably didn't need him anymore. Trouble was, he needed her.


The next morning in the empty mess, he was a zombie feigning through the motions of normalcy. His eyes felt strained and dry. He was hoping the black coffee he was sipping would alleviate the drunken-dizzy feeling that accompanied lack of sleep.

Then she floated in looking all manner of cute and slid into the empty seat next to him. She propped her chin in her hands and looked at him curiously.

"How'd you sleep?"

He just shot her a look with blood shot eyes that said isn't it obvious?

"You need me." River half stated and questioned.

"Yes." he replied honestly.

River leaned in closer, her lips inches from his ear, her breath sending tingles rippling through out his skin. "You want me."

Mal shuddered at the unexpected seductiveness in her voice and his mind went numb. He didn't aim to want her, desire this pretty little thing half his age. He felt like a dirty lao hun. However, the truth of things was, she was right. I'm a bad man, he thought.

"Mal. Bad in the Latin, but pure in heart." River leaned over and left a soft lingering kiss on his cheek and smiled prettily. "See you tonight." And she was gone, leaving him mindlessly tracing his fingers over the spot she had kissed him.


Mal was on the edge, ready to slip into the abyss of sleep, his arms filled with little, killer girl when he felt a small hand snake down his chest. He froze as both a slight panic and a lustful curiosity gripped him.

Achingly slow, she inched her hand to the waist of his pants, lingering for a moment and then crossing that shattered boundary. First, he felt her warm hands wrap around his length and he groaned at her delicate touch. "Wo de ma!"

"You wish me to stop?" River inquired into his chest, rubbing her thumb over his sensitive tip.

"No, darlin', you're doin' just f-i-n-e…" Mal let out another moan as she continued exploring his rock hard member with nimble fingers, slowly stroking him with gradual intensity. He felt the pain-pleasure building, the pressure of want, need and desire rising behind the damn ready to burst. He forfeited himself to the surprisingly skilled touch of this girl who now owned him. All the stars in the 'verse passed through his eyes as he exploded into her hand, letting out a guttural groan, arching slightly as an orgasm ripped through his body.


He woke first. A contented smile fixed on his lips as he drank in the beauty of the girl lying next to him. He'd been observing her for a while now. One arm tossed casually over her head, the other draped across her stomach. It reminded him of when she lay unconscious in the maidenhead before he impulsively scooped her up and brought her home. He wondered if he had known it then amidst all the chaos how much he needed her.

She was a sight to behold, full crimson lips, delicate features like an antique doll, and long wild threads of hair strewn about. She was a creature of extraordinary grace and splendor. Suddenly, he was overwrought with the desire to taste her, to kiss those waiting lips. So he did.

Leaning over her angelic, sleeping form, he engulfed her lips with his. River's eyes shot open, startled by the feeling of something warm and hot against her lips. When she realized the captain was kissing her like she was some sort of goddess, she threaded her fingers through the back of his hair and brought him down closer, kissing him back hard.

There was no turning back. The ache ran deep and he wanted her badly. They broke from their heated kisses long enough to shed their remaining garments. When he helped her slip the dress over her head and she fell back against his bed, he marveled at the sight before him. Her skin was flawless, her breasts perfectly round with a set of the most beautiful nipples he'd ever seen. He brought his mouth down hungrily tasting one, pulling the soft flesh between his teeth. He kissed his way over to the other as River guided holding his head in her hands. She was whimpering in pleasure, the sound only fueling his drive. He kissed and licked his way down her firm tummy, enjoying the unique flavor of her skin.

In a blink, her panties were gone and his mouth was exploring her wet center. He was on sensory overload between her shrieks of pleasure, and the scent of her arousal. He imagined what she would feel like wrapped around his throbbing cock as he expertly guided his tongue in rhythmic motions over her pleasure center. He slid his hand up her body, finding one firm breast and teasing her hardened nipple.

River's body began to quiver as Mal sent her over the edge. Her body thrashed with orgasm and stilled. Her knees relaxed full open, her body weak. If he had any inhibition left, it quickly dissipated at the sight of her flushed and inviting, looking at him with wanton eyes.

Desperately he crawled up her body and lowered himself between her legs. Slowly, he slid into her drenched, hot core, inch by aching inch, trembling at the tautness of her walls. River tilted her head back and moaned as he filled her completely. He could tell he wasn't her first, but it didn't really matter. She was so gorram tight, he thought just the gradual movements of entering her would send him over the periphery. He found her lips once again, kissing her passionately as he steadily rocked against her middle.

Long, slow strokes gradually deepened with force and intensity as his excitement became uncontrollable. She clutched on to the muscles of his back, fighting to hang on as her body began to loose control around him. Her shaking, writhing form, combined with the immense sensation emanating from their joined bodies became too much. Together, a crescendo of overwhelming pleasure gripped their bodies, the verse fading black for an infinite moment before clasping upon one another.

They said nothing aloud as they held on, sweaty, panting and sated. Nothing needed to be said because all had been communicated through the language of touch.


Jayne groggily stepped from his bunk, grunting as he shut and locked his door. He hated waking up, always put him in a foul mood, that, and just about everything else in the 'verse.

It was then he saw her slip from the captain's bunk, closing the hatch behind her all stealthy like. His heart literally stopped. Yes, he still had one. What the hell? He watched her straighten her garments and turn around.

It was then it came crashing. The captain had sexed little crazy up. His whole body was instantly inundated with seething anger and jealousy.

Sure he had told the girl not two weeks before that he was done. That she needed to get, walk away. That he didn't care for her and never would. That he would most likely stray if she stayed with him, it was his nature. Can't teach old dogs new tricks. She had cried, begged and pleaded with him, but he stuck to his guns. He couldn't have no crazy person making him all soft.

Told her she'd find someone else, someone who'd treat her better. She protested but he pushed her away roughly, rejecting her like a piece of space trash. The hurt in her eyes, crumpled form, and sobbing voice hadn't left him since. But once he set his mind to something, there wasn't much that could change it.

River looked at him now, eyes wide, those beautiful bewitching spheres. She continued to walk past, stopping as she came next to him.

He just stood there like a lump, a tense bundle of conflicting emotions messing with his head. She turned her face towards him, but looked down as she spoke.

"You were correct. Found someone who would never push me away. Needs me. Feels good to be needed. I'll never forget what we had Jayne but I was mistaken. Thought my love would be enough to change you. Thought what we had would be enough to make it."

She reached out and gently touched his bicep. He wanted to shrink away from her touch but a distant part of him missed it. "Thank you for helping me to find happiness. Goodbye, Jayne." She slipped past leaving only the aroma of her sweet smelling hair in his wake.

When she was gone, he collapsed against the doorframe of his bunk. A gut wrenching pain tore through his stomach. He could barely breathe as realization shook his conscious. He ruttin' loved the feng le girl and now she was gone.