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It started with a scary movie...
Tonight was movie night with the rest of the Organization. Xemnas had recently been reading some self-help books and was currently obsessed with bringing the members closer together, or as he called it, "family self-awareness." He had started out this plan with what he called "Family Game Night," but after Demyx cried for 3 straight hours after losing 10 games of Candyland to Lexaeus in a row, and after Axel burned the new game room, aka the "Family Bonding Room," to the ground after losing a game of "Eels and Escalators" to Larxene, even Xemnas agreed that something had to change. Thus, movie night was created. Everyone took turns choosing movies, in order of rank.

Xemnas always chose romantic comedies, as did Larxene. Xigbar and Axel liked action movies with lots of violence and explosions. Xaldin always chose old anime flicks and especially Miyazaki films. Vexen loved boring documentaries that no one had heard of and no one could stay awake through. Lexaeus liked sports movies. Zexion chose random movies without really caring, and Saix and Luxord liked spy movies. Demyx loved Disney movies, Marluxia liked chick flicks, and Roxas would watch pretty much anything. But the one genre he would not watch was horror. Roxas had hated scary movies ever since Larxene had tricked him into watching "The Exorcist," after which he had been deeply traumatized. Thus, when Zexion brought home "The Ring" from the video store, Roxas was not happy.

He did everything he could to get out of seeing the movie, but Xemnas kept telling him that Dr. Phil, whoever that was, specifically said that family bonding was important, and that everyone should be included.

Roxas really, really didn't want to watch the movie, but despite all his attempts to get out of it, he went down to the screening room at 8:00 with everyone else.

He sat between Larxene and Axel, and as the chilling opening theme started, he couldn't resist shuddering. Larxene giggled maliciously and began teasing Roxas. "Awwwww, is the witttle baaaaybeee scared?"

"Sh-shut up!"

Despite Roxas' attempts to face his fears and conquer them, he couldn't help cringing when Samara was thrown into the well by her parents, and when she started coming out of the T.V…..

"Ayiie!" Roxas was terrified out of his mind. He grabbed Axel, burying his face in the shiny red hair.

Axel wrapped an arm around Roxas. "Hey, Roxy, calm down. It's just a movie. She isn't gonna come out and get you…." He ruffled Roxas' spiky blonde hair affectionately.

Roxas stopped hyperventilating and calmed down, reassured by the friendly touch. He peered out from behind Axel's fiery head, but squeaked and retreated back to his shelter when he saw what was on the screen. After a few minutes, he looked out again and continued watching the movie, even though he continued to hold Axel closely to him for support.

By the end of the movie, Roxas had mostly conquered his fears, and had even started to enjoy the movie (only a little). He had stopped hiding behind Axel and was now sort of… snuggling with him. Axel was soft and warm, and of course, the only thermostat was located in Vexen's lab. (Which explained why they were always wearing the heavy black cloaks.) No one minded; they were all too focused on Demyx, who was screaming about how everyone was going to die in seven days and crying into Zexion, who was patting him on the shoulder awkwardly.

Roxas went to bed that night thinking about the movie. It was kind of fun to be scared, and the movie wasn't as bad as some of the ones Larxene had been threatening to make him watch had sounded.

Despite his confrontation of his ears, he still had trouble getting to sleep. He had just finished reading a boring book, which he had figured would send him right off to Slumberland, when he heard a timid knock on the door.

He opened the door to see Axel carrying a pillow and wearing pajamas. Axel grinned sheepishly. "Hey, Rox… I was in bed, but I couldn't sleep, and I was thinking about the movie, and I was kinda, I guess, scared, so I guess I came over… toseeifmaybeIcouldstayinyourroomtonight!" The last phrase came out as a jumbled blur.

Roxas grinned and opened his door wider. "Come on in!" His grin faded as he realized that his room was a mess. There were random shoes, clothes, books, video games, and piles of assorted random junk all over the floor. "Uh… yeah… there's not really any room on the floor, cuz I was gonna move down there, so unless you wanna clean up…" he trailed off.

"Nah, your bed's big enough." Roxas had a huge, king-sized bed. It was the best of any of the other members', except possibly Xemnas'. Of course, no one actually wanted to find out, so they just assumed it was probably larger, though Saïx certainly wasn't telling.

"O-okay." Roxas had not been expecting this, and he blushed slightly.

They both got into the giant bed, and, after getting comfortable, Roxas turned off the lights.

"Good night, Axel."

"Good night, Roxas."

"Remember, 7 days……"

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