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It ended with…

The guests were slowly filing in and taking their places, picking up a schedule of the wedding on the table. Some crazy girl (named Keselyx) had said that at some wedding that she had gone to there were programs about the wedding there. Not wanting to offend anyone, wanting to be politically correct, and really knowing nothing at all about weddings in general, Roxas had agreed.

Everyone was seated, and a newcomer, Holly/Lyhxlo, who just so happened to be an ordained minister that Kel had found along the side of the road, took her place with the giant book of weddings. Axel took his place at the altar thing, and the official wedding band, Trouble? With the Danceclub, started playing random songs. The guests talked amongst themselves, all dressed up in their shiniest clothes. When the door opened, the band immediately shifted into the wedding march, which was full of perfect fourths, bu the way, which guys can apparently never sing.

As Roxas started up the aisle, followed by Yumi, Breeze, and Infinity, everyone looked at him in awe. The girls had made him look really pretty. His lips were painted a bright red, his eyes were lined with black, and his face shone with a bright light although it was cast down demurely below the dark veil.

Xeric was confused. "Wait… I thought Axel was a girl… but Roxas is the one in the dress…"

Xben, of course, was always ready to comment. "She sure does look hot, though. I mean, she's sort of flat, you know, but you know, that isn't all that matters to me. I mean, check out those hips…" Xben stared unabashedly at Axel. It was pretty… awkward.

Shiguna finally couldn't take it anymore. She leaned forward to hiss, "Axel's a guy, you idiots," under her breath.

"Gasp!" the two gasped. They then fainted. No one really noticed and/or cared, because XFish was still at the movies. He had discovered that every time he yelled, "Blue Meanies!" at an explosion in a movie, people threw stuff at him, which on the whole was very entertaining. It was also made more fun by the fact that the only things people really had to throw at him were food, drinks, and money (although one guy threw a random PS3 at him before leaping out of his seat and smashing it with a sledgehammer as the people who had been living in tents outside The Store gasped in horror, although they didn't know why at the time.). Matt, of course, was still so depressed over Xeric that he was seriously considering suicide. But he wasn't pretty enough to even pretend to be an emo kid, so he gave up and played DDR alone in his basement for the rest of his life. So it was a happy endidn after all!

Roxas floated delicately up the steps to stand beside Axel, red roses in hand. Holly/Lyhxlo cleared her throat and started the service. As she talked on and on about all this marrying stuff, Axel shifted closer to Roxas. "Love you, Roxy. You're so pretty."

"Well, you don't look too bad yourself!" Roxas responded.

"Of course. Come on, you only love me 'cuz I'm beautiful, right?" This would usually have been the time for Roxas to respond in either a sarcastic manner or in a sweet way (Axel sort of preferred the sweet way), but this time it wasn't because they were just getting to the end part of the ceremony.

"Do you, Axel, take Roxas to be you lawfully wedded… wife?"

"I do!" Axel smiled.

"And do you, Roxas, take Axel to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Hell yes!"

"Uh… okay… you may now kiss the bride." Axel needed no more motivation than this to wrap his arms around Roxas and kiss him passionately in front of the entire audience of people. The kiss went on for quite a few minutes. After all, they had not seen each other at all today, except for that part in the hospital room, which to them didn't count.

When they were finally finished kissing, the group of people invited applauded and went outside to stand in two columns as Roxas and Axel walked between them, arm in arm. The people blew bubbles; they didn't throw rice because Xigbar had been deeply traumatized after an incident in Vegas involving a wedding, rice, and an Elvis impersonator that had led to his needing to wear an eyepatch for the rest of his days, and which gave him an unnatural fear of rice (although he was just fine with weddings and Elvis impersonators.

Roxas and Axel led the way to the huge dining hall, which was where the reception was going to be held. The celebration started with everyone taking a seat at the long, wide table, where a festive meal was served. Axel and Roxas sat next to each other at the head of the table, and were mostly too busy gazing deeply into each other's eyes to eat much. They did turn aside to feed each other some of the yummy sesame chicken, and many people described the sight as completely sappy, but still sweet.

The appetizers were spring rolls and crab cheese wontons, the main courses ranged from tacos to sesame chicken to fries of darkness (Xemnas named them, and as everyone knows, Xemnas is allergic to France.), and champagne was served when every new course was brought out. Toasts to anyone and everyone rang out periodically. By the time dessert came around, everyone was cheerfully drunk, especially Zexion and Larxene. Zexion was not a heavy drinker, and as he was continually forced to imbibe with each successful toast, he was hit particularly hard by this. Larxene drank most of her glass at every new toast. It dulled her nerves and her manipulative, over-analyzing mind was content to shut down for a while, to stop thinking about her romantic failures if favor of gorging herself of crab cheese wontons. Eventually, she noticed everyone seemed to be looking at her expectantly, and she realized that, as the 'best man,' she was supposed to make some sort of speech. She giggled slightly and banged her knife against her glass, accidentally breaking it so that it shattered.

"Oops, heheh…" She attempted to stand, but was forced to lean on Xemnas for support. "Oops, sorry there, Xemmy. Everyone, lissen up! I'm the besht man at this wedding, so I gotta make a speech! Now then, how about that wedding, eh?" Everyone applauded, and she attempted to bow, though she almost fell and had to pull herself off of Xemnas.

"Sorry again, there, Xemminator! Annnnywaysh, I guess I'm s'posed a give these guys some advice to start their happily married lives… happily. I gotta say, I don't have so much 'sperience in that area. I'm just not so good at choosing men around here, y' know? Anyway, I guess… always stick together, you two. Don't let anyone come between you. You should only argue if you're going to argue cutely, and you should always try to get assigned to missions together, no matter what. I mean, especially the long ones, the ones that last many nights. I guess what I'm saying is, we all want you to be together, and we all really want you guys to be having sex, so just keep loving each other. Keep pretending that you have hearts. Hell, quit the Organization and go on a quest to find them. Only, find them in each other when you get back." Larxene's long speech moved many to tears, including Axel and Roxas.

"Oh, Roxy-chaaaaaan, say you won't leave me!" Axel cried.

"Of course I won't Aku-chaaaaaaan! I love you too much to bear the thought of you ever leaving my side," Roxas reassured him.

"My love is requited!" Axel smiled.

"Of course, don't you know that my love burns for you with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns!" Roxas declared dangerously, pulling Axel into a long embrace.

Xiana and Keselyx watched all this from over where they were by the petting zoo. There was a petting zoo there because crazy Keselyx had told Roxas that there were, in fact, no petting zoos at any of the previous weddings she had been too, but that there should have been. Roxas, not caring much at the time, had agreed on the grounds that it could be far away in That Corner Over There That is Far Away From Everything Else (Xemnas named it), it would keep them away from his beautiful Axel (Roxas hugged Axel even tighter, so much so that he accidentally knocked Axel off his chair and landed on the floor on top of him from that very thought), and because he wanted Keselyx to be entertained. The fate of the world, and therefore his and Axel's fates, rested on it.

"I think that these guys have had a bit too much to drink…" Xiana mentioned, looking over to see Roxas lying on top of Axel and kissing him playfully as Axel tried to get back up and hold the embrace at the same time.

"Yeah… But I had 12 cups and I'm not drunk at all!" exclaimed Xian, who was petting a goat over by the petting zoo.

"That's because we gave you kid's wine so that you wouldn't get drunk," Xiana explained. For reasons as yet unknown to everyone, sparkling cider was known as 'kid's wine' around these parts.

"Ooooohhh! Goat!" Keselyx raced over to the poor goat, which was sort of traumatized for some reason. Xiana thought it might have something to do with the fact that there was a bonfire, which had already claimed the lives of several small animals who had tried to escape their confines. They had run into the flames, and were now on their way to the Big Philadelphia Zoo in the sky.

"Hey guys!" Demyx came over and sniffed the air. "Hey, it smells like roasted llama around here! That's kind of yummy sounding. But hey, isn't it convenient that this dining hall just so happens to be outside?"

"Yeah!" everyone agreed. It really was convenient. If it had been an indoor dining area, everyone would have been asphyxiated from the smoke of the bonfire.

"Hey, why is there a bonfire here anyway?" Zexion asked curiously. Most surprisingly, he was wearing a long purple skirt.

"Hey, Zexion, why are you wearing a long purple skirt?" Demyx responded. It had seemed like a good comeback at the time.

"Because I was forced to wear it by you. Which raises the question of why you had a 'long purple skirt' in your closet in the first place."

"Oh, sorry, it seemed like a good comeback at the time. And I call it lavender!"

"Or is it lavendar!?" Keselyx interjected.

"No, it's lavender. Sorry."

"But you just called it purple…" Xiana was ignored.

"Will you please answer my question now, Demyx?"

"I bought it on the Internet! Well, I didn't really buy it; it came free with my paid order!"

"And… what were you ordering?" Xiana asked out of boredom.

"I was ordering… Millions of peaches! Peaches for me! Millions of peaches! Peaches for free!" Demyx sang before pausing. "Actually, I had to pay for them, so they weren't really free…"

"So you just kept the dress? And why were you ordering millions of peaches anyway?"

"That's not a good question, Zexion! A much better question would be where did the peaches come from?" Demyx complained.

There was a short pause before Zexion asked, "Well, where'd the damn peaches come from, Demyx?"

"Peaches come from a can! They were put there by a man! In a factory downtooooooown!" Demyx sang.

"That's great. Now, would you mind answering my question for once?"


"Okay, so, what's your answer?"

"I just did answer one of your questions."

"No, you didn't. You just said you would answer one of them."

"No, you asked if I would answer one of your questions. I said 'yes,' thereby answering your question. You never asked me to answer more than one of these questions of yours, and thus I was not lying when I said I answered one of your questions." Demyx smiled triumphantly. "Logic wins again!"

"…Or not."

"Hey guys! Some random girl is trying to steal my turtle!" Kexaj yelled. (He had been trying to coax a turtle out of its shell so he could play with it throughout the entire conversation.)

"That's no random girl! That's my freakishly turtle-obsessed sister Taixklyn!" Xiana yelled.

"Gasp!" everyone else gasped.

Kexaj lost his grip, and Taixklyn ran off with the turtle, laughing evilly.

Everyone watched her leave with blank expressions on their faces. Everyone except for Zexion, that is. Zexion had just realized something. He turned to Demyx.

"Demyx, I think I've seen that girl before…"

"Where did you see her, hunny-bunny?" Demyx hugged Zexion happily.

"Well, I didn't see her… but I definitely heard her…"

"Yes… but where, dearest?"

"When I was avoiding you way back when, and I heard… a mysterious figure singing an ode to me…"

"You mean way back in Chapter 4?" Xiana asked eagerly. The others stared at her. "I mean… like, if this whole tale of our lives was written down somewhere, that probably would have happened sometime during Chapter 4, right?"

No one had anything to say to her about this.

"Well, I guess it sure is convenient that we tied up that loose end, right?" questioned Demyx.

"Yes indeedy, Demy!"

"Hey, so, does anyone know why there is a bonfire here?" Zexion asked again.

There was another long silence. "Uh…" Zexion was starting to feel quite sick from alcohol poisoning. "I, uh, guess I'll take that as a no…" he gulped before running off to the nearest bathroom to throw up. Demyx ran after him, looking quite concerned.

"Zexy, are you okay? Are you sick? Are you injured? Are you dying? DON'T DIE!"

"So, why is there a bonfire there?" Xian asked, seemingly at random.

"Well, I'd be happy to explain…"


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…er, wedding reception, it was time to open wedding presents.

"Hey, I wanna open this one, 'kay, Axel?"

"Okay, go ahead. I call the next one, though."

Roxas squealed and dived chibi-ishly into the huge pile of presents. "Looky! This one is really shiny!" It was a small, flat box, but the wrapping paper was silvery and purply and black-ily and most of all, shiny! (Shiny was the theme of the whole wedding, of course.)

"Hey, Roxy, why'd you decide to make 'shiny' the theme of the wedding?" Axel asked curiously.

"Uh, Keselyx was advising me on weddings, because I planned this whole thing without really knowing anything about them, and she said that weddings always have to have a theme. So, for a while, we tried to come up with a theme, but we were having a really hard time. She said it should be Christmas or something, but I disagreed! So we thought again for a really long time. But in the end, 'shiny' was all we could come up with…" Roxas was now shaking the shiny box, apparently trying to guess what was inside.

"Just open it already, Rox… And that's sort of cool, a nice easy theme like shiny… But there still is some Christmas stuff here! Look! Look!" Axel pointed to across the room, where a very drunk Saïx was attempting to dance with an inflatable Santa.

"Actually, that was a gift from Keselyx. The card said that she found in on the ground in Halloweentown, aka 'Nightmare-Before-Christmas-land,' and thought it would make a perfect gift for us."

"What are we going to do with an inflatable Santa?' Axel asked curiously.

"I…dunno. We could… sell it on eBay?"

"Yeah! Sounds like fun!"

"Hey, I'm gonna open this thing now!" Roxas ripped open the shiny paper, thereby destroying all its shiny-ness, to reveal a pretty necklace. "Wow, it's a pretty necklace!" Roxas said, only semi-redundantly.

"There's a note," Axel noted.

"It says, 'Dear Axel and Roxas, I saw this necklace in the super-amazing Sundance jewelry catalog the other day. It was really, really expensive. I hope you like it! If you don't, you should give it to me! I think, personally, that it would look better on Roxas, but you could wear it too, Axel. The other day, I was at the mall when I saw a pair of earrings that would look absolutely adorable on Axel! Actually, there were two really nice ones. The first was blue star studs. I don't know why I think they'd look good on you, but they would. I also saw these two that were the dangly kind. I'm sure there's a proper name for them, but I don't know it right now. Anyway, they were these two little orbs filled with this blood-red stuff, and they would look good! So I bought you those, too. And then I bought some for Roxas that were the same time, except silver. You guys should come to The Mall with me sometime and get your ears pierced, okay? The other day, I was playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and I got a new egg. Keselyx was there and she took it to the Fortuneteller after the chao hatched, and it was a pink chao. So after the Fortuneteller lady suggested some really weird and bad names, she said "Roxy." So we named the chao Roxy, and we made an evil plan to get another chao, when there's a new color of egg at the store, and we were going to name it "Axel." Or "Axely." And then we decided we would try and have the two chaos mate, just because we thought it would be hilarious. It would be, right? I bet you guys are laughing right now. Enjoy your present! With mucho love and sincerity, Xiana.'" Roxas finally finished the letter.

"So, it really wasn't much of a note," Axel noted.

"Yeah, it was really long and completely random. But the present was nice."

"So, uh, what was that about mating chaos of us together?"

"Actually, I was hoping we could forget that part…"

"Fair enough. Hey, my turn to choose a present!" Axel grabbed a big box and tore into it gleefully. "Hey, it's a PS3! Sweetness!"

"Kill it! Make it die! Use a sledgehammer!!!!" Roxas yelled before refocusing on the situation at hand. "I mean… that's a cool gift…"

"What was that about, Roxy?"

"I think I was accidentally channeling the spirit of this guy who bought a PS3 and then went outside the store and was all, 'Hey, I got a PS3' to the people who were waiting outside still to get one and then he took out a sledgehammer and beat it into oblivion."

"I… see…"

"Hey, what's with this present? It isn't shiny at all!" Roxas complained, showing a battered cardboard box to Axel. He opened it to reveal a pair of sunglasses with one lens missing and a note… from Matt.

Dear Roxas (and Axel, who I don't know but am sure is quite a lovely girl),

I am unable to come to the wedding on account of being depressed and uncool enough to be emo, and thus needing to go to therapy. I hope you are happy. This is something I found in the dumpster outside Keselyx's house. As you may or may not know, I go dumpster diving there every Saturday. And Monday. And Friday. And- Aw, heck, I'm there every day. But it was really funny because she was pretending to be an Amish rapper when one of the lenses to this fell out. She was angry then, so she threw them out the window and they hit me in the head. Taking this as a sign from God, I decided to send it to you in the hopes that it brings you as much luck as it has brought me.

Sincerely, Matt

"So… We burn it?"

"Yes. We burn it." They left off their gift-opening just long enough to walk over to the bonfire and throw the whole thing in without ceremony. Thereby justifying the reason for the bonfire's existence.

"So… wait. Did that…thing really say that I was quite a lovely… girl?" Axel wondered.

"That was what it said. I guess that guy somehow thought that you were a girl, Axel…"

"But… why would anyone ever think that?" Axel asked, completely mystified.

"I… don't know… I guess they might think I was, since I'm wearing the dress, but I really don't know why they'd think you were…" Roxas thought about it. "Nope, nothing."

"I'm not… really like a girl, am I?" Axel asked, sort of worried.

"No, not at all. You're the manliest man I know, Axel." Roxas kissed Axel reassuringly on the cheek.

"Ohhhhh yeah. I'm all man, baby, and I'll prove it to you tonight."

"You sound like it's a foregone conclusion that you'll be on top. Which reminds me, where are we sleeping tonight, anyway?"

"Well, your fate was sealed the moment you put on that dress. Which, by the way, is so sexy it makes me want to rip it off of you. I dunno. Your bed is sort of big and comfy, but mine's pretty cozy. You can choose, since it's going to be where you lose it, y'know…"

"Thanks. I think. Hold your horses, we still have to do more dancing and cake and bouquet and presents first… And I guess I like your bed better."

"Then it's decided. Let's get through the rest of this quick, 'kay Rox?"

"All right. But I think it's only fair that I get to be on top the next two or three times in a row."

"One and a half, maybe. If you're lucky. But right now we have to finish up these presents! Faster!"


Over in the bathroom, Zexion was busy throwing up all the food he had eaten –and all the champagne- in front of Demyx. Demyx wasn't really sure what to do, but he sat down on the floor next to Zexion and started rubbing his back. Zexion eventually began to feel better.

"Bleargh… Thanks, Demyx… Guess I had a bit too much to drink…" Zexion leaned back so that he was resting in Demyx's arms.

"It's fine, my lovely! If I can see you at your weakest, then doesn't that mean you finally accept me and that you love me?"

"Hmmm." Zexion had to think about it for a second. 'I… don't exactly feel comfortable, having him see me this way… But… I'm not really… trying to hide anything, like I would if … if it were anyone besides Demyx here. I think I love him, I really do, but I sort of expected… more of an epiphany or something. Like suddenly everything would be different because I could finally decide that I was in love with him. So… am I in love with Demyx?'

'Hmmmm, that is a problem. You just have to…Listen to your heart! When he's calling for you! Listen to your heart! There's nothing else you can do! I don't know where you're going, and I don't know why, but listen to your heart! Before… you tell him goodbyeeeeee!' Koyama sang.

'Koyama… we still don't have hearts… and that song really didn't have much to do with anything, because no one's leaving anyone else… I guess you're right though, somehow.'

"Demyx, I think… I think I love you. I know I said I did before, but… now I'm a whole lot more certain. I just… I just… How do you know… when you're in love?"

"Hmmm, well mostly it has to do with seeing someone, and like, wanting to protect them from others. Wanting to be sure they aren't going to be hurt by anyone, not even you. I guess it also has something to do with… I dunno, just liking them a whole bunch and wanting to be around them… but I think that pure, true love comes only when the person you like reciprocates your feelings. So what Axel and Roxas have is love. They really like each other, and they want to spend lots of time together, and want to protect and be protected from harm. But it's because they both feel that way that I can say, without a doubt, that those two really do love each other. So I guess… if you… don't really like me, then… I guess I can't love you," Demyx thought aloud. He tightened his grip around Zexion. "I don't want to give up my love for you. It's like… my reason for existence or non-existence or whatever. It's you. It's always been you for me."

"That's…" Zexion looked at Demyx carefully. He didn't show any signs of lying, but… On the whole, Zexion tended to believe him. But… what would this mean, exactly? Zexion got up, lightly pulling away from Demyx's tight grasp to get a drink of water from the sink. When he returned, he pulled Demyx off the floor to join him. They stood looking at each other for a second before Zexion felt compelled to speak. "Demyx. This is sort of hard for me to say. I've been hard on you in the past, and you… still… loved me… I think that… that I love you too. I'm going to keep trying. To find a heart. So I can love you with it. So, uh, thanks. I, heh, would kiss you right now, but you probably don't want that…"

"Yeah! You were just over there puking your guts out! Nasty!" Demyx's expression softened. "Hey, thanks, though, Zex. It really does mean a lot to me, just knowing that you're trying to care. Um… are you feeling healthy enough to get back to the party now?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." They walked out together to rejoin the festivities, though Zexion made sure to avoid the alcohol this time.


Xemnas was angry. Sure, he was happy for Axel and Roxas, and he liked the food, but he had one major problem. His problem, of course, was with the party favors. The party favors at this wedding reception were all gum erasers. Now, Xemnas was usually all for these squishable erasers that could be molded into any shape required. He often used these himself when editing some of his collegiate work. (For reasons as yet unknown to himself, he always wrote his "Dissertations on Darkness" in pencil.) But there was something wrong with this particular gum eraser. That's right. This one was emo.

And there was the culprit, coming out of the girl's (!) bathroom with his evil, but non-emo, accomplice. "Zexion! Get over here this instant!"

Zexion complied fearfully, looking guiltier with every passing moment. "Yes, Xemnas, sir? What is it?"

"Don't play dumb with me! You… yes, you are the one who did this to my poor gum eraser! How could you? It had such a happy life before, but now… Now it has nothing to look forward to but pain and bad music!"

"Uh… I really have no idea what you're talking about…"

"Still trying to hide the truth, eh? Well, the truth is… YOU MADE MY GUM ERASER EMO!!!" Xemnas held up the gum eraser as evidence.

"Actually… I didn't."

"Well, who was it, then? The way I see it, you're the only one emo enough to do it…"


Somewhere on the other side of the room…


"Why are you laughing evilly, Shiguna?"

"Just practicing."


"For the last time, I am not emo! I just happen to have a hairstyle that is remarkably similar to what others have defined to be emo! And I happen to like being alone with my deep inner pain! But I'm really just a regular, non-descript non-person who just so happens to not fit in with any social stereotype!" Zexion was trying to keep his cool. He hated when people called him emo. Except for Demyx, but that was a different story. Besides, Demyx partially liked him for his emo-esque appearance, and Zexion liked being liked. If that made any sense, that is.


"Gah! If I find out who really did it, will you stop?"


"I hate you."

"But because deep down in your emo little body, you hate yourself more. You have to be able to take these first steps of admitting your problem before you can once again become a functioning member of society."

"…" Zexion was silent for a second. "HEY! EMOS ARE PEOPLE, TOO!!!"


Somewhere on the other side of the room…


"Why are you laughing evilly, Xiana?"

"Because I drew an emo face on Xemnas' gum eraser, and now he and Zexion are having an argument about emo-ness."

"Oh… that's cool…"


Axel and Roxas were almost finished with opening presents when they heard Zexion screaming something about emos being people. They laughed, of course, as one might do in such a situation. It was then that Axel noticed a box that had been overlooked before. "Hey… what's in this one?"

"I dunno. Open it." Roxas shrugged. He liked presents, but lazy Roxy hated writing thank you notes.

Axel pulled a ripped and tattered cloth out of the box with a flourish. "Tada!"

"Uh… what is it?"

"Roxy, you fool! Don't you know anything? It's a ghost cape, of course!" Axel couldn't resist trying it on. He looked sort of cute and chibi-ish, somehow.

"Wow… we should make that standard wear. It has a nice hood and everything, too!" Roxas was quite impressed. "Oh… you're such a lovely ghost…"

"Yeah… mere mortal! You alone of all the humans I've ever laid eyes on have neither shrank back in my presence nor run screaming in terror."

Roxas kissed Axel. "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

Suddenly, there was a huge commotion, and a random explosion came from outside. XFish, walking past, yelled "Blue Meanies!" but Nobody noticed. More specifically, it was Xigbar who noticed. Then, the Ghostbusters theme song started playing, and… the Ghostbusters arrived.

"Hey, I didn't invite you!" Roxas yelled angrily, striding forth to greet the newcomers with a frown.

"There's no time for this now, little girl! Just tell us where that ghost is so we can… bust him!" the leader yelled back. Catching sight of Axel, he quickly stepped forward, but stopped when he saw it was just a cloak. "Aw, man, not another one…" he complained, voice changing to a more childish squeak.

"What do you mean?" Axel inquired.

"We've been getting a lot of false alarms recently. Usually, some guest to a wedding gives a ghost cloak to the happily married couple, one puts it on, they joke, and in the end, the one not wearing it says 'I ain't afraid of no ghost,' which is our sign that there's trouble. Recently, we've taken to carrying wedding gifts around, just in case." The guy gestured to a lackey, who immediately pulled out a nicely wrapped box. Roxas opened it to reveal that it was the Ghostbusters movie on DVD.

"Uh, thanks…"

"Now… do either of you know who gave you this present?"

"Yeah…" Axel was struck by a sudden evil idea. "It was that guy over there!" he yelled, pointing to none other than Godzilla. (This was not true, of course, Godzilla had given them a toaster the size of two Roxases.)

"Really… that guy…" the leader's face blanched, but he quickly recovered. "All right, men, chaaaaaaaaaaarge!" They all ran at Godzilla, and were crushed a second later when Godzilla moved his foot slightly in an attempt to dance without killing the entire population of the world. Before they were crushed, leader-guy turned solemnly to Axel and Roxas. "I just want you to know… that there's no such thing as a chandelier ghost."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Axel yelled.

"Hey, that's one less thank you to write."

Axel quickly recovered from his shock at learning that chandelier ghosts didn't actually exist. "Roxas… you're so lazy…"

"But it just makes me a better person in the end. Because when I do do something, it has that much more meaning. Right, Aku-chaaaaaaan?" Not waiting for an answer, Roxas wrapped his arms around Axel and thrust his tongue into Axel's mouth. Axel only moaned and pulled Roxas closer. When Roxas finally moved away, he laughed to see the expression on Axel's face.

"See what I mean, Axel?"

"Yeah… I think I get it now…" Axel smiled before leaning down to kiss Roxas again. For a few moments, the two were unknowingly the center of attention, for they were so free and unguarded in this moment that even the most skeptical of onlookers was forced to admit that somehow, these two belonged together.


Larxene was still over at the table, eating tons of crab cheese wontons and imbibing copious amounts of champagne. She knew she'd feel like shit in the morning, but right now she had an excuse to forget her problems and to try to enjoy herself. She had just finished the tray of crab cheese wontons at her area of the table and was standing to go look for more when two strong hands pressed her back into her seat.

"Larxene, stop."

Larxene giggled and swiveled around to face her attacker. "Hiya, Mar-Mar!" A new song came on, and she stood, pulling Marluxia with her. "Dance with me, Mar?" Seeing him hesitating, a bit of the old conniving light came into her eyes. "Come on, Maru… This is my favorite song. Besides, it's not like it really means anything… see them over there?" Marluxia turned to see Roxas dancing with Zexion and Axel with Xigbar. "Not even Demyx is jealous. Besides… you haven't exactly been nice to me recently."

"Fine…" Marluxia reluctantly allowed himself to be dragged out onto the dance floor.

When the song ended, he even appeared to be having fun… well, just a little bit. "See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Larxene smirked, petting Marluxia on the top of his pinkish-brownish head.

"I guess not…" Marluxia admitted reluctantly.

"Mmm, crab cheese wontons!" And with that, Larxene disappeared, leaving Marluxia to wonder what had just happened… and why he somehow sort of missed Larxene.


The rest of the night passed by in vague flashes of color, a phantasmagoria that showed the true nature of the evening. These images were pictures that would remain within the hears, non-hearts, and minds of all those involved.

For who could forget that moment when Zexion finally snapped and shoved the emo gum eraser down Xemnas' throat before stomping away to some corner with Demyx in tow? The two had made out passionately for what seemed like hours before returning to the party. From what Lexaeus saw, he secretly thought there had been a little bit more than that going on, but decided to simply sit back and observe from his place at the table. Zexion, Lexaeus figured, was an adult, and would have to be left to do whatever he wanted with Demyx. It was, after all, very dark in that corner… and Lexaeus could not be to blame if, say… a random helicopter flew down from the sky to shine a bright light down upon them. Although that would be a completely idiotic plot twist that would probably disappear into the ether with no real explanation as to where it had come from, where it had gone, or even just why it was there in the first place. Zexion and Demyx eventually returned to mingling with the others, though they gave Xemnas a wide berth.

Another touching moment was when the wedding cake was cut, and Axel and Roxas each gave each other the first bite, as was traditional among… such occasions. "It's good, right?" Roxas had asked, mouth still full of cake. Axel had responded, "Yeah… you mean you made it? I think I'm falling in love with you all over again." Roxas had yelled, "Oh, be quiet! You still do love me… at least you better…" before grabbing Axel and kissing him passionately. They somehow managed to get cake all over each other when they were finished, so of course, Axel felt that the best solution would be just to lick it all off of Roxas. In revenge, Roxas smooshed all of the cake left on his plate into Axel's face, and then began actually eating the chunks off. They then disappeared into the bathroom for just two minutes, and soon returned with mirthful expressions on their now-clean faces.

And when Roxas had thrown the bouquet out for any and all unmarried women to catch, it had of course been Zexion that had caught it, seemingly accidentally. Roxas took both Demyx's and Zexion's arms into one gloved hand each and led them over to a diminutive woman by the side of the room. "I'd like to introduce two to a friend of mine by the name of Madame LeRouge. I think she can help you…" Before leaving, he whispered, "Charge 'em double," in her ear. She cackled gleefully and rubbed her gnarled old hands together in anticipation.

And then there was that moment where Roxas decided he could not stand it any longer, just the whole festivity in general; he could not stand being around these others and he wanted only Axel. He had scampered over to where the DJ was still playing songs and whispered something into the guy's ear. He (the DJ) had immediately announced that this was the last dance, and that everyone should get out here on the dance floor with their loved one.

All around, couples formed seemingly out of nowhere, and could be found rotating slowly all over the room. Zexion rested his head on Demyx's chest while Axel and Roxas gazed at each other, enjoying the sway of the music that allowed them to move rhythmically together, Roxas sinking into Axel's firm but gentle grip.

Larxene didn't want to sit on the sidelines and watch. So she didn't. She got up and tapped the first guy she saw on the shoulder. It just so happened to be Marluxia. "Hey, Marluxia. Dance with me, you bum."

"Why." It was sort of a statement, and not a question.

"Because I feel like dancing, and you're the first person I saw. Besides, you owe me a favor, and I'm here to collect it. It's not even like I really like you anymore. I just don't want to be alone right now."

"Hm… so you've given up on me now that I seem to finally feel something for you?" Marluxia replied, still in a monotone. "How perfectly predictable."

"I don't care. Just dance."

"Very well." Marluxia placed his hands on Larxene's waist, and they joined the others.

When the dance ended, most couples held each other tightly for a few extra seconds before pulling away, but Axel and Roxas just clasped hands and strode out of the room, heading directly for Axel's room. Once there, Roxas groaned and threw his shoes off. "My feet are killing me!" he complained to his sympathetic… husband.

"Oh, Roxas, you need a foot massage?" Axel rubbed Roxas' feet, massaging out all the tension. Roxas leaned back, lying on the bed, once Axel was finished.

"Oh… I'm feeling quite faint… Please, kind sir, would you loosen up my dress for me?"

Axel shrugged off his jacket, kicked off his fancy shoes, and loosened up his tie before going to Roxas' assistance. His fingers deftly unwove the knotted stays, and Roxas pulled the dress off before dumping it unceremoniously onto the ground. He crawled beneath the aqua colored sheets, now wearing only a slip and a pair of boxers. It took a bit longer for Axel to pull off his formal, high-collared shirt, his black socks, and his pants before he switched off the lights and leaped onto the bed right where Roxas lay in comfort, effectively pinning him down. Roxas dove beneath the sheets, playfully trying to get away from Axel and to free himself. Axel growled and crushed Roxas down with the weight of his body. His arms slipped under the covers and started caressing Roxas, petting his blonde hair gently. Roxas eventually poked his head out from under the covers.

Axel slid the covers back and dropped down beside Roxas, lying only slightly on top of him. "What are you doing?' Roxas hissed.

"What are you talking about, Roxas?"

"Get back on top of me. Get on me, or I'll get on you," Roxas threatened.

"God, Roxas, dominatrix much?" Axel teased, but he evidently took the threat seriously, for he only took the time to pull the sheets up before settiling himself on top of Roxas properly.

"That's better…" Roxas let out a soft moan as Axel pinned his wrists down to the bed and kissed him hard. Roxas managed to free one arm and used it to push back Axel's tangled hair, which still stood out despite the darkness of the room. Axel hardly reacted, simply crashing his tongue between Roxas' slightly parted lips. They rolled around on the bed, tangling in the sheets and loosening the tight grip of their last few remaining clothes that kept them apart.

As time went on and they lay side by side, their kissing grew more erratic. Axel gently sucked on Roxas' neck, leaving marks that would remain in the morning, before brushing lightly up his cheek and starting a flurry or short little caresses on Roxas' eyelids. Roxas had his eyes clothes and was slowly tracing a path down the central line of Axel's chest, deviating only briefly form his course to gently place his mouth over each nipple, causing Axel to cry out and pull Roxas tighter, diminishing the distance still more so that there was virtually nothing between them.

Axel wrenched away from Roxas, feverishly pulling off the last of their apparel. Roxas looked up at Axel, slightly apprehensive, and Axel backed off slightly. "Are you okay, Roxas?" he asked, breathing heavily.

"Yes. I-I'm fine. Go ahead, Axel… I know you won't hurt me. You… you love me," Roxas gasped in return.

"Yes. I love you, Roxas." Axel lowered himself onto Roxas from the position he had previously taken to reassure him. He gently stroked the muscles of Roxas' calves and then his thighs before running his fingers lovingly over Roxas' ass and up his spine. His voice broke through the chorus of animal-like moans and groans each had been uttering pleasurably for the last half hour or so.

"Roxas… are you ready?"

"Ahhhhhnnnnn…" Roxas was unable to form words, and just hoped that his response would be taken as an affirmative.

Axel leaned his head to the side and kissed Roxas on the side of his cheek. "I'll take that as a yes…" were the final words Roxas heard before a piercing pain unlike any other he had ever before felt spread through his body, carrying with it a sense of warmth and desire. Roxas' body curved nearly uncontrollably up into Axel's, almost until neither could stand it anymore.

He was locked into a state of euphoria, a rapture that seemed eternal. And still he reached out, incapable of doing more than babbling out a few phrases mostly consisting of, "More!"

He ascended higher and higher, feeling somehow as if he would never reach the summit of this mountain. And then he reached the peak and felt suddenly as if he were a ghost, floating ecstatically out of his body to look down upon the scene. Beneath the remaining sheets, his body was almost completely covered by Axel's. The two twisted, writhing together, and Roxas felt the strongest agony/pleasure pang yet before the struggle passed and he was left to sink back into his body with a pleasurable sensation remaining despite the fact that he and Axel were no longer so intimately connected.

Axel rolled off of Roxas, and Roxas corrected his posture so that he could gaze into the worried green of Axel's eyes. "Roxas… I … hope I didn't… hurt you," he whispered, sounding genuinely concerned.

Roxas quickly silenced his protest with a quick peck on the lips. "Don't be sorry. I love you. Thank you, Axel. I… I…"

"I love you too, Roxas." Axel yawned sleepily. "I'm getting… sort of tired… Would it be all right if we… went to sleep now…?"

"Yeah, of course." Roxas was quick to agree and he snuggled deep into Axel's chest, feeling long, warm arms wrapped around his as he slowly faded into dreams that had none of the pleasure Axel had just shown him.


It was late morning, after the glowing rays of the sunrise had all but vanished, when Roxas woke. He lay on the pillow, comfortable in the warmth of the bed (and Axel), and the soft comforting feel of the satiny sheets (and of Axel's arms wrapped tightly around his waist).

Waiting for Axel to wake, Roxas curled his face into Axel's neck, kissing the base of his throat gently. Axel pulled Roxas tighter, pressing the two together sleepily. Roxas lay happily in this position for a time, delighting in the crush of bodies and tangle of limbs. Axel exhaled rhythmically, heating Roxas' neck and causing goosebumps to appear all up his arm.

Eventually, Roxas moved out of Axel's grasp. "Axel," he called, looking hopefully at Axel's face. Axel's eyelids fluttered, but he seemed to remain within a deep sleep. Roxas pouted and climbed on top of Axel, caressing his skin gently. He was so caught up with running his fingers along Axel's chest that he didn't notice green eyes watching him until it was too late. Axel moved quickly, pushing Roxas back onto the misplaced sheets and kissing him.

"Hey, hey, Roxas, not until tonight. You don't want to get tired out too early in the day, do you?" Axel teased, rubbing his forehead against Roxas' playfully.

"I'm huuuuuuuuungry," Roxas complained, meeting Axel's gaze.

"Well, what do you want to eat, Roxas?" Axel asked.

"I wanna eat… you!" Using surprising strength, Roxas pushed Axel back, pressing him back against the mattress. Axel could do nothing more but surrender to this new, forceful Roxas that was shoving him down on the bed with all the pressure that he himself had exerted on Roxas' slim frame only last night. What else could he do? Roxas had melted into his arms before, and the least he could do would be to soften up under the pressure. Axel simply relaxed, curving gently into the bed under the weight of Roxas' small body, allowing Roxas to do what he would. Roxas pushed Axel down still further and massaged Axel's shoulders rhythmically as his mouth and tongue traversed Axel's upper body. Seeing Axel weaken beneath this barrage of affection, Roxas released his grasp on Axel's shoulders in favor of petting, grasping, and rubbing Axel's moistening skin. Axel wrapped his arms around Roxas, clinging to him with all his might. He let go quickly enough when Roxas pressed back against his clasped arms, indicating that he wanted to back up, however.

Roxas now knelt on Axel's legs, continuing to kiss and move his hands increasingly lower on Axel's light, unresisting body. Axel rested his arms on Roxas' knees, carefully inching his hands up Roxas' thighs. Roxas gasped when those hands slipped between his legs, and moved all the faster downwards on Axel. Axel soon relented and laid his arms back down at his side, preparing for what Roxas was going to do to him next.

And what he did do was to get off the bed and start pulling clothes out of Axel's dresser. "Uh… what are you doing, Roxy?" Axel asked timidly, wondering what was going on.

"You said it yourself, Axel. 'Not until tonight.' I don't want to wear you out too early…" Roxas smirked as he pulled on a red shirt and a pair of jeans that were much too long and baggy for him. "Now then, I really am hungry, so get your lazy ass out of bed and get dressed already."

"Nag, nag, nag. Now I know I really am married," Axel grumbled, stumbling sleepily over to the dresser next to Roxas. He grabbed a black shirt and a pair of tight, black jeans, putting them on limply. Roxas leaned over and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, Axel. I love you."

"I love you too, Roxas." Axel returned the embrace before taking Roxas by the hand. "So… let's go eat?"

"All right. I'm feeling like some yogurt today."

"Well, I was thinking of getting some Coco Puffs."

"If you really want to. You're just going to die when you're thirty, Mr. Unhealthy."

"Ah, well, you live for the moment, right, Mrs. Healthy?" They entered the kitchen to see Zexion and Demyx making cookies, sandwiches, and generally a huge mess. "So, what are you doing?" Axel asked.

"We're going on a romantic picnic again!" Demyx cheered, sticking the cookies in the oven. Zexion was too busy creating a mysterious sandwich that was a combination of peanut-butter-and-ham-and-jelly-and-tofu to comment.

"All right." Axel went over to the cabinet, but was dismayed to find that all the Coco Puffs had vanished mysteriously. "Hey, who ate all the Coco Puffs?"

"We did," Roxas commented at the same time Demyx yelled, "It was Zexion! He ate them all! But he didn't get fat because he's my beautiful sexy emo lover!"

Zexion looked up at this. "Uh, thanks, Demyx. I think. When are the cookies done?"

"15 minutes! They're my smexy 15 minute chocolate chip cookies of luuuuuuuuve!"

"That was a bit more information than I needed, but that's okay."

"Noooooooo!" This yell of anger came from Roxas, who had looked into the fridge to discover that not only was there no yogurt, but that there were also no waffles, pancakes, or Pop-Tarts; and in fact the only thing that was in the fridge at all were some tofu dogs Vexen had won when he was the ninth caller on an NPR program. (He was also 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8; number 5 was a wrong number.) Roxas stalked angrily over to Demyx and Zexion. "You guys have all the food! That's not fair! I'm starving!!!!"

Axel walked over and pulled Roxas gently away from the frightened couple. "It's all right, guys. Roxy always gets like this when he's hungry…"

"And since you stole all of my food," Roxas yelled from between Axel's restricting arms, "I think I deserve to go on your stupid romantic picnic and eat your food, which was really my food all along!"

Axel actually liked this suggestion. "Yeah! Those cookies smell good! But of course, yours are better, Roxy…"

"Yeah, that's right, you suck-up." Roxas leaned back into Axel's arms.

"Uh… I don't think we really-" Zexion was cut off by Demyx.

"Yeah! We can be together on our romantic picnic! Me and Zexy! Axel and Roxas! Romantically! We can sing romantic songs, and eat romantic foods, and dance romantically by the light of our romantic campfire!"

"…Okay, Demyx…" No one really had much to say for the remaining 13 min. 5.18 sec. Axel and Roxas stayed together, and Zexion made more weird sandwiches, the most notable being toast-scrambled-egg-papaya-salami. Starving Roxas ate it on the spot, and proclaimed it delicious, though he said it could have used more salt.

Eventually, the timer beeped out its cheery tone, and Demyx pulled the smexy cookies out. He tipped the cookies of the baking sheet and into the pick-a-nick basket, and away they went.


They arrived at a park for on the other side of the world, when the sun had reached its peak and the ghost of a moon lay in the skies above. Sitting on the outspread blanket, the two pairs unpacked their respective piles of food before digging in. Roxas ate most of his and Axel's food, although Axel managed to steal a bite or two of a smexy cookie. Zexion and Demyx were much more restrained in their eating habits in comparison. Once finished, they cleared everything off and hung around until the sun sank below the horizon. It was here, beneath the stars, that Roxas snuggled into Axel's arms and whispered, "Know what, Axel?"

"What, Roxas?"

"We didn't die in seven days after all. And you know what else? Everything, you know, all this…" Roxas gestured to the surroundings, "it all started with a scary movie."

"And it ended… with love." The two kissed beneath the heavens in one truly blissful moment.



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