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Striding by Mar'isu 3/22/2006

"Elladan! Elrohir! Wait up!"

The twin lords of Imladris turned to face their thirteen year old foster brother. Elladan raised a questioning eyebrow in imitation of his father, but the young Man was too busy panting with exertion to notice.

"Let me come with you," Estel pleaded once he could breathe again.

"Can you keep up, gwador?" Elrohir asked. "We will not wait on small steps and short breath."

The boy squared his shoulders and raised his chin defiantly, "I can match pace; just watch me."

Despite the warning glare that Elladan threatened to roast him with, Elrohir shrugged as if it made no difference whether three hunters set out or only two. "If you can stay close as we track, I see no reason why you shouldn't come. It's not like you're actually going to hit anything." Elrohir teased.

A huge smile blossomed on the teen's face. "Thank you," he said, giving the elf a bear hug before dashing off to retrieve his bow.

Elladan shook his head at his younger twin. "You had to do it, didn't you?" he finally challenged.

Elrohir blinked in false innocence. "And what have I done?"

"'Hope will fly if given wings,'" the saying rang true in more ways than one, "and you, mellon, just made and eagle of him."


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