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The DĂșnadan sat in the Hall of Fire, smoking a pipe with his dear friend and recounting some of his adventures. Eventually, as it always seemed to do with Aragorn, the talk had fallen to names as a new round of "Label the Ranger" had come up.

"Quite frankly, I preferred Longshanks," Aragorn mused. "The older inhabitants of Bree still call me that, but the younger . . ."

"Oh, you have to admit they're right," Bilbo chuckled. "The way you go stalking up and down the Wilds as if life itself won't wait for you." The elderly hobbit shook his head. "There's just no two ways about it, my friend. You are a 'Strider.'"

"'Twill be another twenty years ere I can shed that name," Strider groaned.

"Likely," Bilbo agreed, enjoying his friend's resigned sigh. "And by then, who knows? Perhaps the King will come again."

"Perhaps," Estel murmured.


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