Chapter 7 – Getting back what was lost

Ephram got up that morning knowing that he couldn't make the same mistake twice. He couldn't lose her again. Amy Abbott was the best thing that has ever happen to him and he now has a second chance to make it right! Ephram with as nervous as he was picked up the phone and called her again. The phone dialed, "Hi, you've reached Amy Abbott. I'm not here now, so leave a message!" Beep. 'Crap' he thought may be she doesn't want to talk to me, but I will leave a message any ways and leave it up to fate. "Hi Amy, its Ephram. I'm not sure if you are home or working or sleeping. But I really want to talk to you. If you have time, I was hoping you could meet me for lunch? If you can I have lunch at 11:30 at New Haven Academy of the Arts. Hope to see you. Bye." His mind was frazzled had he really just asked her to have lunch with him, lunch with him AT THE SCHOOL! He wondered how he was going to get through the day. Ephram had never been so nervous. All day the students asked, "Are you okay, Mr. Brown? You don't look okay." He was fine, just scared out of his mind. Then it finally happened, it was like an angel spoke to him, only it was the p.a. system. "Mr. Brown you have a visitor at the office!" It had to be her, he jumped up with such excitement that his students got scared. Ephram declared an early lunch and almost ran to the office. When he entered the door his heart almost dropped because he didn't see her. But then he heard the voice of an angel, "Ephram!" He turned and there she stood. "Amy!" Ephram so full of emotions with his heart taking over so unexpectedly walk right over to Amy took her into his arms and kissed her in the school hallway in front of most of the school, he didn't care. The kiss seemed to last forever. When they finally parted, Ephram just stared into Amy's eyes and Amy had a loss for words. When Ephram finally regained speech all he could say then was, "Lunch?" Amy just nodded her head. Ephram then escorted Amy to the teacher's lounge. Ephram had brought lunch for two and laid it out. Amy sitting down and finally regaining her composure state, "Wow that was some kiss, Ephram? It was like ten years waiting in one moment!" "I know, and that is why I want you to come here today. Wait no, not for the kiss, but … no… that was great. I am totally missing up here." Amy giggles, "Its okay." "What I mean is I want to talk to you about starting over and getting a second chance. Amy, I made a huge mistake leaving you once and I never want to do that again. You are the only girl that I have ever loved and I don't know why didn't say goodbye or take you with me. But what I do know is that day I ended up in the hospital was the greatest thing that could have every happened because fate stepped in and brought you back into my life. I lost you once and I don't every want to lose you again. I love you." Amy staring into those dreamy eyes said the most beautiful word that had ever graced his ears, "I love you, too. And I don't ever want you to leave again."