"You alright, Sam?" Danny asked his new wife as she doubled over in pain, grabbing onto the kitchen counter for support, getting up to help her, walking her over to the table to sit her down.

"I-I'm fine, Danny. I just had a sudden cramp."

"Can I get you anything?"

"Just a cup of coffee, please. Oh, and the Arts section."

"Very well. Here's the paper," He said as he took out a section of the newspaper and handed it to her, "And your coffee will be with you in a minute." Said Danny as he set about making the drink.

"Thanks, hon." Sam said when he presented her with a mug full of hot coffee, kissing her on the cheek. Sam was about halfway through her beverage when she felt the need to excuse herself. As she sat on the toilet, she saw a red stain on her underwear.

"Don't worry, Sam, you're perfectly healthy." Said Dr. Michael Conrad, Sam's Gynecologist. "However, I am going to write out a prescription for you."

Sam went to CVS, picked up her prescription, and headed home.

"Is something the matter, Sam?" Danny asked as she stood by the bathroom sink.

"Danny," Said Sam as she walked out of the bathroom, "I have a surprise for you."

"What is it?"

Sam placed a hand over her stomach. "We're going to have a little visitor pretty soon." Danny's arms snaked around her waist, his hands meeting at the small of her back.

"That's excellent news. God, I love you." Danny said as he pulled Sam in to a long, burning kiss.