Hey, this is my second fanfiction ever! I'm inspired by all my friends and reviewers, so I'll work hard to write something to the best of my ability! We'll see how this one turns out. This is a Slayn and Monika story.


Slayn felt concerned about Monika. She was such a poor girl, her father leaving her, her mother dying, and having a phobia of water to further increase her troubles. Monika was always searching for her father, and never finding him. When Monika told Slayn about this, he replied without hesitation. "I will help you find him!"

Now, he walked up to Monika's room. He'll try his best to help with her phobia of water. After all, what are friends for? But Slayn wanted them to be so much more.

"Yes?" Monika asked as she answered the door.

"Will you come to the lake with me?" Slayn asked hopefully. This just might work…

"Umm…sure," she said. Slayn felt overjoyed at her response. They walked to Voltone's lake, but within sight of it, Monika froze.

"Stop…we can't go on…the water…it's dangerous," Monika said, shivering.

"Monika, you'll have to overcome this fear of water! I'll be with you every step of the way," Slayn assured her.

"Okay…you're right. I'll have to deal with this eventually…" Monika felt a little braver.

She inched closer to the water, and just stared at it. Slayn was gently nudging her towards the water.

"Come on, try putting your hand in the water," Slayn suggested.

"Uhh…ahh…" Monika slowly dipped her hand in the water. "Hmm…it feels nice!"


Soon, Monika was soaking her feet in the water, too. She enjoyed every second of it. She then started to get up, but soon fell in the grass.

"Ohh…that feels so nice…" Monika seemed to enjoy how soft the grass was, but enjoyed the breeze over the lake's surface even more. Slayn could do nothing to smile as she lay there. After a moment, Slayn started to lay down beside Monika.

She turned to him and flashed a sweet smile.

"Thanks for taking me here, Slayn. I really appreciate it," she said as a blush worked its way to her face.


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