August 30, 2005

Minerva looked up from her breakfast to watch an esteemed colleague stride into the Great Hall. Hermione gave a breezy hello, claimed a seat and a waffle, and dug in.

"It isn't like Severus to be late for breakfast," commented Minerva. "Have you seen him yet today?"

"Oh... yes, I have, actually. He's still in the dungeons."

That was unusual. "Do you know why?"

Hermione took a sip of pumpkin juice and nodded. "Well, you see, we had a rather interesting morning."

An eyebrow lifted into a hairline. "So he's asleep?"

"Um... no," Hermione answered. "I left him chained to the bed." She felt it would be best to ignore Minerva's blanch. "You know, I should probably feed him." And, collecting a bunch of grapes, a pot of maple syrup, and a goblet full of ice, she swept from the Hall.

A/N: Yes, this story is on Ashwinder, too. Yes, kippinator and I share the same brain.