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There's a very thin line between boy friend and boyfriend.


"Sakura Kinimoto! Hurry up!"

"Syaoran, don't go all berserk on us," a midnight-blue haired teen muttered, poking his head out of the window to calm down his temperamental cousin.

However, said temperamental cousin was way too far from being calm. Li Syaoran was someone you would not like to cross. He huffed, and resisting the urge to stomp his foot, opted to lean on the cool metal of his sports car instead. "Kinimoto..."

"Go easy on her," a quiet yet firm voice echoed from the passenger seat, filtering out of the open window. "It is her birthday, after all."


"And even if you yell, she won't hear you."

Eriol Hiirigazawa nodded thoughtfully. "We're going to be the ones who'd be deaf, yeah."

Syaoran narrowed his amber eyes, and smirked. "You always agree with Daidouji, don't you?"

"You know, I can kill you right here."


"Keep it down, Li-kun!" a brunette bespectacled girl yelled before honking her chartreuse car's horn. Naoko was someone who had the brains of a genius and the driving skills of a Formula One racer -- thus the natural choice for her to be their driver. Beside her Rika sat...a girl who was actually engaged to her homeroom professor...maybe age didn't matter for her...?

"Yeah," another teen yawned, in the same position as him but on Naoko's car. He yawned once again. It was pretty hard to tell whether Takashi was sleepy or wide awake; the teen had always kept his eyes shut. Only Chiharu had seen his eyes. No duh. Your girlfriend was supposed to see your eyes. Speaking of Chiharu...

"Where the heck is your girlfriend, anyway?" Eriol stuck his head out the window once again, glancing at Takashi.

"I'm right here, Hiirigazawa-kun!" Another brunette, with her head up in pigtails (and so Syaoran thinks, for crying out loud! Pigtails! And she was twenty!) and wound up in ribbon. Takashi turned to her and whispered something, and Chiharu reddened, before smacking him on the head.

Syaoran stared in confusion. "What are they doing?"

"It's a couple thing," Tomoyo stated smoothly, leaning out of the window herself. In doing so he could see she had to literally kneel across Eriol -- which made for a very red-faced cousin.

He smirked. "Daidouji-chan, you might want to open the door and get out. My cousin's getting kinda squished. Of course, I can see that he likes that."

Tomoyo froze, and blushed scarlet, splotches of color blooming spectacularly on her white cheeks. Pssh. Obviously, she liked him, and vice-versa. Ever since they were in diapers. Well, maybe not since then, but it was close to it.




"...Syaoran, I'm going to kill you right now," Eriol hissed murderously, sapphire eyes flashing, and threw open his door.

Several things happened in quick succession, all of which made them roar with laughter.

You don't open a car door when someone is leaning out of it.

You don't try a feeble attempt at clutching at that person's waist, trying to keep her from falling into a heap on the pavement.

You don't cling on to her (and roll over, and do some stupid flashy spinning move in the air) in another desperate attempt to save her from hitting the cold, hard (not to mention germ-laden) concrete.

Unfortunately, Eriol seemed to have an aversion to 'you don'ts' today, thus leaving both him and Tomoyo on the pavement, legs and feet still caught in the car. Not to mention said feet were tangled together in a badly-gone game of footsie. The raven-haired girl was panting, hard, her elbows holding her up inches from a stunned Eriol's face, her waist-length hair fanned beside her cheeks, creating a curtain of sorts.

Let's try a comparison. If Eriol blushing earlier could be compared to, say, meteorological events, that one earlier, would only be a breeze. Now? More like a hurricane. Wooh. The country Eriol hit by hurricane Tomoyo.

"I think Eriol likes the view, Daidouji," he grinned once again. Takashi whistled, and even quiet Rika was laughing hard.

"Hoee!" The front door of the apartment burst open, revealing a very harried and red-faced auburn-locked girl. "Sorry, sorry, sor--- Tomoyo-chan!" She exclaimed, eyes widening as she skidded to a stop beside him. "Go get a room or something!"

If that was a hurricane...then this one would be a very big hurricane. Sakura's words seemed to have snapped Eriol out of his reverie. "Uh, this is awkward, Tomoyo-chan," he said softly.

"Y-yeah. Okay," she murmured.



"Tomoyo-chan! Eriol-kun! Get moving!" Sakura huffed.

"A little help here?" the boy said in a monotone, hands still around Tomoyo's waist. "We can't get up; our feet's stuck in the car..."

As much as Syaoran would like to leave dear cousin Eriol in his...ehem... very compromising situation, there was still a birthday to celebrate. "Fine," he motioned to the auburn-haired girl beside him. "Get Daidouji up."

Sakura helped Tomoyo out of the car, and Syaoran pulled his cousin to his feet. Both of them then got insde the car once more, and the raven-haired girl seemed to have taken to sitting at least six inches away from Eriol. Whatever. The brunette sighed in relief. "Finally," he said, walking around his car's hood and sliding into the driver's seat. "I --"

"Let it go, Li-kun," Tomoyo said in a very dangerous voice. Eeep. Now, men like Syaoran weren't supposed to be scared of girls like Tomoyo Daidouji...but the amethyst-eyed girl sometimes just freaked him out. Uh. Moving on to less embarrassing topics...

"Sorry, okay?" Sakura panted, slamming her own door. Syaoran winced. "Got caught up in something..."

He turned the key in the ignition. "Yeah,yeah, like al--okay, shutting up now." Tomoyo had coughed discreetly, in such a way that it effortlessly conveyed 'One more word you bastard and I'm going to make sure you'll never have kids'.

Yes. Tomoyo was scary, escpecially when Sakura was involved.

This was going to be a long drive.

- - - - -

"Uh, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow as she glanced at the rearview mirror.


She grinned widely. "Eriol-kun's staring at you."

Sounds of a spluttering Eriol filled the car. "Shut up, Kinimoto."

She grinned even wider. "Ah, you are so defensive!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Oh, for the love of God! Are you people ten years old or something!" Syaoran swerved suddenly, narrowly missing an oncoming motorcycle. Sakura could hear him curse under his breath.

"Cool it, Syao-kun," she rolled her eyes, and slumped down further into her seat. "But Eriol-kun was staring at Tomoyo-chan. Hey Tomo, you should kiss him already."



Sounds of two spluttering teenagers filled the car this time.

- - - - -

Traffic was something Syaoran never liked, and it never liked him back. Too bad they were stuck in it now.

"Sakura-chan, get your hands off my radio," he hissed, throwing a glare at the auburn-haired girl. To his surprise, she just smiled and sank back into her car seat, forgoing the usual argument they always had.

Huh? Girls.

It was her nineteenth birthday today, and they were going to celebrate it in one of the downtown's bigger restaurants...owned by his cousin (and once pre-arranged fiancée) Li Meiling. That girl was a smart one, owning an upscale restaurant at the age of twenty-one. Well, they were supposed to be there at seven in the evening, but due to his best-friend's chronic lateness, they would arrive at Café Li at seven-thirty. And that was the earliest.

Pssh. Sakura was always late. Syaoran ran a hand through his hair frustratedly.

Ever since they first met when she was ten, and he was eleven, Sakura had always been late. Everytime they had to go on a field trip or something, she would always be the last to arrive. She would sometimes miraculously manage to sneak into their classroom ten minutes late...gah. Always.

There was that one memorable night years ago -- the junior-senior prom. Sakura had asked him to pick her up, because her partner hadn't offered (thusly he made a mental note to punch said guy later) to do so, but they ended up at the event an hour late because she had fallen asleep or something. Wooh. Her partner was pissed. Turned out he had asked Sakura if he could pick her up, but the girl declined -- and now Syaoran was the one who arrived with her.

A good side though--he was her partner for the rest of the night. Is that a good side? Huh? Moving on.

Now that they were in university, the professors were more lenient with attendance, but still... it was a wonder she had two boyfriends over the past two years --boys who could actually stand her being not on time. Too chivalric. Hm, but Sakura had kept him up all night when she broke up with them, enumerating the reasons why she dumped him, yadda, yadda...and of course, she ended up being late for her first class the next morning.

Sakura was always chronically late.

Pssh. She is the almost perfect girl, see? Beautiful face, beautiful figure, beautiful personality...chronic lateness.

"Syaoran-kun, you're spacing out again," her melodic voice jolted him out of his trip down memory lane, which, incidentally, was full of memories of her.

He sighed. "I was just thinking..."

"Okay. I understand. After all, I've watched you think for what-- almost ten years now?" she teased, and laughed softly.


"Oh, look! Traffic's moving! Yay!"

He sneaked a sidelong glance at his best friend. Brilliant emerald eyes glittered with excitement, probably at the prospect of her friends treating her to dinner.


It was all so freaking cliché. He the kid who fell in love with his supposedly 'best friend'. That was supposed to happen only in movies, but here he was. Great. Somebody go label him a 'Hopelessly Romantic Fool' now.

"Syao-kun! You might want to get this thing moving!"

"Okay, OKAY, don't go berserk, Saku-chan."

"Shut it!"


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