Eye For An Eye: Part I: Ron and Hermione

Disclaimer: Characters from the Harry Potter series belong to J.K. Rowling. All original characters belong to ladykyo and the separatesisters.

NOTE: This story will jump around from pov to pov, so I'll let you know whose pov is being used at the start of each new section/ where the povs change.


Chapter 1: Whence It All Began…

Ron's pov

circa 5th century ME (modern era)

"Get back, Harold! We must retreat to the garrison, or you'll loose your leg!" I shouted at my best friend, the closest thing I had to a brother on the front. I pulled at him, erecting a barrier to fend off the arrows being shot at us by those damn Romans. They'd never rule here again, not if I had anything to say about it. "Harold, the shield won't hold forever. We must get back to the village, round up what survivors we can. If we don't, we'll never get the Romans out of here."

"Quiet yourself, Ronald. I'm just taking the time to set a welcome mat for our Roman friends," Harold said, and I could see in his eyes that the fatigue was threatening to take him from me, forever.

"Gin's waiting at the settlement, Harold. If I let you die here, she'll kill me. With the twins off fighting at the northern end of the isles, and the rest of us scattered to the wind, we're all she's got," I was willing to say anything to get my best friend to safety.

"Fine, it's set. We can go now," Harold brushed himself off and rose to his feet unsteadily. I gave him my arm for support, but he brushed me off. "I'm fine, just lost a lot of blood this time around. I'll limp for the rest of my days, but for a wizard in war, that's not too long, is it?" He laughed harshly, and I saw pain in his eyes.

"Stop that, you arse. Gin's waiting, and she'll heal you up right quick, once we're back at the settlement. She' got an in with Brigit, if you ask me. How else would she manage to heal so many so quickly?"

I walked close to Harold, ready to catch him if he fell, ready to carry him back to the settlement if I had to. We only mentioned the gods and goddesses rarely; as wizards, borrowing their power without really asking, we did our best not to draw their attention to ourselves unduly.

But why, after all this time, when it seemed that they had forgotten, are the Romans back in full force, after strategically useless lands? They have their gods, we have ours. They have wizards, we have wizards. What are they after?

Harold's pain got worse after our discussion. I put him under a mild sleeping charm and levitated the both of us back to the settlement, just barely skimming the ground. About a mile away from the settlement, I put Harold back on the ground, set myself down next to him, and released him from the sleeping charm. His leg wound was still oozing, but I knew that he'd wan to walk back to Gin on his own to feet, limp or not.

"Oi! Get up, ya slug! Gin'll have fits if you aren't up when she sees you," I laughed, helping Harold shake himself awake.

Harold stood up and laughed. "I'm just planning on Gin having me, as soon as she heals my leg!"

We joked and pushed at one another as we made the last leg of the trip to the settlement, put far back from the front to protect those stationed there. A few wizards, those too young or too old for the war, were there to shield the settlement and give word when visitors or others were near.

Strangely, no one showed up to escort us inside. We were withing a mile of the entrance, and someone should have at least seen who we were.

"Something's not right," I said, looking at Harold, whose eyes were glazing over. I knew from experience that he was trying to communicate with Gin, to see through her eyes.

Harold's eyes became his own again. "Run! The settlement!"

Run we did. We were too late. The place was razed when we got there. The smoke rose and filled the sky. It had been no ordinary fire; we hadn't been gone long enough for the wood to dry out and burn down to the ground the way it had.

"A dark magic did this," I choked out. I was numb, and I didn't feel like searching the wreckage for my beloved sister. Gin was the only girl born into our family. I had five older brothers, none of which did I know where he was. William and Charles were summoned by the aging warlord to fight the first surge of Romans. Percius, always a scavenger, had defected to the Romans as soon as it looked like they'd win; now that the Romans were losing, I hoped that he was dead. Our parents died in a siege not long after Gin's birth; Frederick and Georgeas raised me, and once they left, I raised Gin. And now they were all gone.

"Gin is held by the goddess Brigit herself! She must be alive!" Harold was crazed at the thought of losing Gin. Harold had lost his parents before he was even two winters old. He'd been found by Romans, tortured until a group of renegade Druids had rescued him. They taught him all the oldest magicks, but before long they tortured him as well. He escaped the Druids and had found Gin and me. Frederick and Georgeas had entrusted the three of us to care for one another before they had left for the battlefront; it was only natural for Harold and Gin to grow to care for one another.

As Harold did not trust any Druid, the two were not married. They were married in my eyes, in their eyes, and the eyes of the tribe we protected. That was all that mattered.

Finally, Harold's madness roused my own. I began to dig frantically through the ruins along with him.

"Gin! Gin, girl, say something so we may find you!" I screamed. The pain was too much; I couldn't lose my sister. And without her, I'd lose Harold. His heart would give out, or his leg would take him.

"Gin! Please! Where are you! I'll go mad without you!" Harold shouted over and over again.

We sifted through all the rubble, but we found no sign of her.

"Harold, there's no sign of her," I said quietly, not wanting to break him.

"I will have my vengeance on those Roman pigs! They are filth, and my magick will cleanse our world of them, and all those who come after, burning and pillaging and raping!" Harold screamed, and I was momentarily scared of him. "Just wait, Gin, I'll kill them, and then I'll join you."

"Harold, we're just not powerful enough. I would side with MorrĂ­gan herself to fight them all off, but we're just not enough, not without Gin," I said, my breath catching in my throat. Harold's eyes were green rimmed in the red fire of revenge.

I felt more than heard something behind us. Harold's eyes cleared for a moment. I turned to see what had changed him, but I had to close my eyes at the brilliance before me.

"What if you could fight Rome and others like her without siding with the dark one?"