Author: I was very dissapointed to see the lack of GlennSergeGlenn fics out there. So of course I went out and wrote a fic for my ChronoCross OTP! Non-betaed, but if anyone is up to the challenge, please tell me!

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Leena had assured him many times that he had merely passed out on Opassa Beach, and that what he was saying about Chronopolis and Terra Tower had merely been a dream.

If it was a dream, then why did it haunt him? The blue eyes filled with determination, the absolute concentration in the heat of battle, the strength Serge knew he could count on...these things surely could not be phantoms from dreams. They were too real, too...solid to be figments of his imagination.

Serge frowned and rolled over in his bed onto his stomach, face turned to look out the window. He could almost picture in his mind the corridors of Terra Tower, the dank, musky smell brought from the bottom of the ocean, a resting place for millenia. He juxtaposed it against the mechanical marvel of Chronopolis, of all the jagged corners and metal. Very different, yet set on the same goal; control the world, whether it be of Humans or Reptites. He knew in his gut that he had felt the chill tang of interest in the Dead Sea, felt the burns left by his fight with the Fire Dragon, the mute wonder after being returned to his self. He knew he had stared down FATE and won. But with no-one to confirm, when Poshul denied all knowledge of it, Serge was left alone to ponder all that had happened to him.

The experience had left him changed, and he seemed to be the only one to realize that. Life went on around him in his home, yet he felt...distant from it. He woke up every day and helped bring in the catch, helped repair some aspect of someone's house, spent time with Leena, and felt all the while disconnected from it. He desired some form of confirmation that he wasn't crazy, and he knew he would not find it in his village. Still, to leave a second time, when he had regained everything he thought he had lost...

One day, as he was sitting on the dock with Leena, watching the children play, he asked her if she ever thought of leaving the village.

She looked genuinely surprised. "No, not really. I mean, I've always planned on getting married, raising children, growing old, and dying here. I really don't care to leave. I'm happy here." A soft smile crossed her face as she watched the children play, and Serge knew that she saw her future children in the water instead of neighbors and siblings. She turned to him, and her smile left. "But you don't seem happy to be here anymore. I think that, at one point, my dream was your dream. But you...changed...since you gave me those Komodo scales," she murmured as she fingered the necklace she had made from the scales. "You're not content to be here anymore. You try hard to be at peace here, and everyone appreciates all that you're doing for them, but it's not hard to see that you have an itch to be doing something else. You're searching for something, even though I think you don't know it." She looked Serge in the eyes, and he looked away after holding her gaze for a moment, his eyes resting out to see. He told her that he was fine now, and would continue to be.

Leena shook her head and pushed him lightly. "Liar." She looked back out to sea, and sighed. "Go talk to Radius, than your mother. Maybe you'll figure things out for yourself by then."

Serge nodded and stood, catching his balance so he didn't fall off the dock and turned towards the village.

Radius had been with him, first as Lynx and then as himself, so perhaps he would remember?

Serge walked into the courtyard where Radius usually held his lessons, and looked around. It appeared he was in his office for once, and Serge entered the hut, wondering if Radius would be too busy to speak to him.

His old bones had been bother him, which was why he was inside, and Serge was grateful for that. There was only a few people in front of him, so Serge waited patiently, examining the scrolls and paintings on the walls. When it was finally his turn, Serge walked up to a smiling Radius.

"Oh-ho, I've heard you've been giving Leena a hard time of late, boy, moping around. It isn't like you."

Serge said he had a lot on his mind. With a hesitant pause, Serge asked if Radius knew anything about a character named "Lynx".

Radius's face darkned.

"Yes. He was the one who betrayed the Accacia dragoons, leading to the current Porre occupation."

Serge was crestfallen. Poshul he could excuse because she, after all, was only a dog. Radius, however, had a better memory, even though he was older.

"Why do you ask? Have you heard anything about him?" Radius asked, curious as to why a young boy would ask about such a monster.

Serge said he had heard some strange things and he wanted to know if Radius knew anything.

Radius was perplexed, but let the issue drop.

"Was that the only thing bothering you?"

Serge shook his head, and said that there were other things, but Leena insisted that they were only dreams. He, however, thought otherwise.


Serge listed off the things he had come across that were pressing on his mind: Chronopolis, Terra Tower, the Dead Sea, the Other world...

Radius looked vaugely disturbed, yet intrigued. "I think Leena may be right; they could possibly be dreams. But it seems they are too detailed in your mind to be dreams, and that you can list them in far greater detail than one would be able to from a dream. Perhaps you did experience these things; I would not be surprised if the world did do such strange things." Radius looked over Serge carefully, noting the sadness in the boy's eyes.

"But there is more."

Serge shook his head and said it wasn't important.

"I think you lie, lad. But if you don't want to tell me, I won't make you. But I see it in your eyes that you want to seek confirmation of your experiences, even if you eventually discover that everything was in fact just a dream. You should go talk to your mother about this, though. I'm certain she'll have things to say. Now, off with you."

Serge thanked Radius and left the hut, passing another person waiting for an audience. He left the shadowed hut into the bright sunlight, squinting his eyes as they adjusted. He'd go see his mother later. First he wanted to head to Opassa Beach, to see if the wormhole indeed existed.

He left the town, swallow in hand, and made his way down to Lizard Rock. He tred the familiar pathways, dodging Beach Bums and Sandsquirts, not in the mood to fight anything. After navigating the ledges and sand-trails, he exited onto Opassa Beach. He looked at the coral that he had passed through, then turned to the sea.

Everything was as it should be. He felt inside his pocket and withdrew the Astral Amulet.

This was the other reason he believed that everything had been real and not a dream. How else could he have possibly come by it? He walked slowly down the beach, carefully placing each step, hoping to find the tell-tale signs of the dimensional distortion. Yet, all he saw was sand. Nothing out of the ordinary for a beach. Just...sand, shells, sandcrabs, sea-birds. The usual. With a sigh, he replaced the Amulet in his pocket and turned to leave. Maybe he would never see the Other world again.

That meant he would never see that person again.

And that was what saddened him more than anything else.


Serge sat across from his mother at dinner, and ate in thoughtful silence.

He had decided he would leave for Termina. He had to find out if he was crazy or not. His mother placed her utensils down and looked at Serge pointedly.

"Leena tells me something has been bothering you of late."

Serge affirmed this statement, and then added that he was going to leave for Termina in two days. His mother did not seem surprised at this.

"I suppose all boys leave home at some point. You have been seeming ill-at-ease. You are no longer happy here, are you. You've somehow seen more, know more. Though how that happened, I don't know for sure. Fine. Gather your belongings, and I'll see you off. We'll have a large dinner tomorrow for good luck. Don't forget to say good-bye to your friends, though. Leena would be mad if you didn't."

Serge nodded and said he would. He was relieved that his mother had not tried to stop him, but he saw the knowledge in her eyes that he was, and yet was not, the son she remembered. Something had changed in him, and she didn't know what to make of it. So she was letting him go.


Serge sighed as he finished packing his nessecities in a bag he could wear on his back. He did a recount in his head, wondering if he was missing anything.

No, he should have everything he needed. As he brought the pack down the staris with him, he realized that this would be the first time he was traveling alone. It was bitter-sweet somehow, but it also seemed like a natural progression. He placed his belongings next to the door, and felt his mother embrace him. He smiled slightly and put a hand on her arm.

"I don't want you to go, but I know you have to. Just...don't forget about me, okay?"

Serge nodded and said that he would never forget about her.

"Thank you," she said and pulled away. She kissed his cheek, and then shooed him out the door.

"If you don't leave now, I don't think I'll let you leave again."

Serge nodded, murmured a 'thank you' and an 'I love you' before walking out the door. He went over to the docks and saw Leena standing there, once again watching the children. He tapped her on her shoulder, and she looked him over.


Serge nodded.

"Take care of yourself. I hope you find what you're looking for. If you do, please come back and tell me. I want to know everything about it."

She gave Serge a watery smile. "See you later, Serge."

Serge bade her farewell and turned, walking off the dock. He stopped by briefly to give Poshul a good-bye pet and then turned to face the exit of the village.

This was it.

He was leaving for good.

And he would not come back until he had found what he was looking for.

Had found the person he was looking for.

—end chapter 1