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"Sarah!" I heard Luffy yell in surprise, while I tried to wriggle myself loose from Buggy's grip.

I didn't understand how he could concentrate on holding me up and talk to Luffy in the same time. "Sarah! Don't worry!" Luffy exclaimed, "I'll save you!"

"Just you try! If you as much as move I'll slice her open!" Buggy warned and a short knife became visible in the palm of his hand.

The blade was cold and sent chills down my spine, when it hit the back of my neck. It didn't pierce my skin though, but I was sure it could, if he just pushed it a little more. "Buggy, you red nose bastard! She's really sick! Put her down!" Luffy demanded, and I wondered if he really thought it would help.

"Are you just going to let him threaten your little friend?" Alvida asked, and I noticed that she was pretty good looking.

"Of course not! I'm gonna save her," Luffy responded.


For a moment there was just silence. Then Ace yawned loudly and sat up. "Oh. I fell asleep," he said and then noticed me hanging in the air.

"She can fly?"

"Nope," Luffy answered, "But it sure would've been helpful if she could, 'cause then she wouldn't fall when I knock Buggy out."

"Who are you gonna knock out, you cheeky bastard?!" Buggy sneered, and I could feel his grip around my neck tighten.

"You of course, are you stupid?"

Buggy growled, but didn't answer. Instead he attacked: "Bara Bara Festival!"

His whole body split into smaller pieces and flew against Luffy, who dodged and counterattacked. "Gomu Gomu no Gatling."

I closed my eyes after seeing his hands and arms suddenly multiplying and flying all over the place. It made me nauseous looking at all the body parts still flying in the air and now a lot of quick-moving arms. Then, suddenly, Buggy lost his grip around my neck and I fell towards the ground. I could hear myself scream in shock, but then my fall was stopped as Luffy grabbed me and put me down. All around us Buggy's body parts were spread and none of them was moving. "Are you okay?"

I nodded without looking up. Then Ace called: "Hey you two! Get over here!"

Both Luffy and I was standing on Buggy's ship, I noticed. "Can you walk?" Luffy asked, looking a bit worried at me, "You're very pale, and you look like you're gonna throw up or something!"

"Oh, don't worry. I'm fine," I answered and took a step toward the Going Merry.

Then my legs collapsed beneath me, and I fell to the ground. "Okay, maybe I'm a bit tired," I mumbled.

Actually I could feel the fever hammering through my body, and I perfectly knew that I should go straight back to bed, but that wasn't an option for the moment, since Alvida was still there. In fact I was wondering why she wasn't attacking or at least helping Buggy, but she just stood and watched us with a smile on her face. It made me nervous that she didn't seem the least bit worried, but I didn't get more time to think about it, as Luffy picked me up from the ground and carried me back to the Going Merry where he put me down next to the main mast. "Stay here," he said and then walked back to Ace.

"So, why was it you lead those two to me?" he asked, and his big brother grinned.

"I didn't think they would be a problem. Besides, you can't become the Pirate King, if you can't beat them, right?" Ace asked.

"That's right."

Luffy nodded and looked very serious now. Then he turned to Alvida and asked: "When are this jerk gonna pull himself together again, 'cause I'm damn sure I didn't finish him of!"

"Who knows?"

Alvida just shrugged and laughed. "But you know, Luffy, I've been looking for you for a long time now."


"And I'm still as madly in love with you as last time we met."

Slowly Luffy began turning white. "Oh my… Luffy, why didn't you tell me?" Ace asked and laughed loudly.

Then he suddenly dropped to the ground and started snoring. Luffy looked down at him for a moment, but then shrugged his shoulders and turned to Alvida again. "I don't like you!" he simply said, and the woman giggled.

"I can imagine," she answered.

"Rubber bastard!!" Buggy's face then cried.

His body parts were slowly gathering again, and I watched his two feet walk across the deck to be reattached to his legs again. It was really weird looking at, but I didn't want to look away again. "I'll finish you of!" Buggy yelled, when his body was finally whole again, "Bara Bara Hou Kirihanashi."

His right arm split into two and his hand shot forward towards Luffy, who looked at him with dark eyes for a moment before he stepped to the side and avoided the attack. At the same time I saw a devious smile on Buggy's face as he yelled: "Special Deluxe Buggy Bombs!"

Behind him on a higher deck some of his crewmates had been standing, watching the fight, but now they fired a cannon, which pointed on the Going Merry's deck in front of Luffy. When Luffy saw the cannon ball flying through the air, he instantly inflated, while yelling: "Gomu Gomu no Balloon!"

But the ball didn't get rejected. Instead it hit him and exploded sending him flying into the air covered in dust. "Luffy!"

Ace raced to the bulwark of the ship without taking his eyes from Luffy, who was temporarily knocked out. If he continued his current course he would hit the water surface in a matter of seconds. "Crap! I've gotta keep him outta the water!" Ace yelled and then looked like he got an idea, "Hiken!"

A ball of fire shot out from his hand and collided with Luffy, who was sent flying higher into the air. "He probably ate a devil's fruit too, so he can't save Luffy if he falls into the sea," I mumbled, as I watched Ace send several fire balls into the air, so Luffy was kept in the air, "I sure hope Luffy'll survive."

Gum Gum Gatling Gun

Chop Chop Harpoon-Separate

Fire Fist/Heat Fist

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