fifteen minutes

Right now, I'm slumping in my seat. It's really uncomfortable, my position, and now you're giggling. And I just wish you would stop, because Olette, you're not even giggling at me.

Nope, not even close.

You're laughing with Riku - the same Riku that used to bully me alongside Seifer. Now, that was years ago; we all grew up since then. I don't hold a grudge against him or anything, if that's what you're thinking. I just don't like him because of his stupid personality. His attitude pretty much sucks, too. Perfectly good reasons, right? But what really pisses me off about him is that he always manages to make the girls swoon, and for some reason, you're no exception.

That sure doesn't make my thoughts of him any happier.

Hah, I mean, just fifteen minutes ago when you were eating your popsicle, you were with meand only me. You were slowly licking up and down the sides with the tip of your tongue, and I was smiling like an idiot. No, you perv, not because you looked 'good with your tongue', but because I was able to see that glint of pure bliss in your eyes. I never understood why having something as simple as ice cream in an ice cream parlor would ever make you so damn happy, but that's just something I like about you; you always manage to savor everything. Never taking anything for granted.

I just respect you for that, and so much more.

Do you even realize how pretty you are? Or that you're smart and witty? That you're not like other girls who throw themselves at guys, or get drunk silly and all that shit? Olette, you have self-respect, and that's what makes me like you. So. Effing. Much.

Until he showed up unexpectedly. But that was fifteen minutes ago.

Right now, Riku is sitting next to you and you're laughing at all his jokes, and it's just making me sick. Now I'm just slouching even more in my chair--

I don't even think you remember I'm here.

I really thought you knew better than to fall for that bastard's so called 'irresistible' charm; apparently I was just proven wrong. Even you, Olette; pretty, fool-proof, crafty Olette, had not been able to see through that charming façade. No, you hadn't been able to comprehend the true arrogant, deceitful bastard underneath all those good looks and glamour.

You're just laughing and flirting, and now he's leaning towards you to whisper something into your ear. It must've been something really lewd or cute or whatever, because now you're blushing like twenty different shades of red, and you giggle and nod your head to everything he says. Oh gods…

You know what? I take everything back. I don't like you like that. I'm not sure if I even like you as a best friend anymore.

I just lost my respect for you in a matter of fifteen minutes.

oh, roxas. you ball of bitter, unjust angst.

srsly. i own nothing.