Author: TheSiner

Title: Harry Potter and the Cold Hearted Bastard

Genre: Romance, Drama and some attempted humour :)

Word Count: ~ 43,000

Pairing: Harry/Draco (main)

Summary: HP/DM, AU, no magic. Draco is a cold-hearted bastard until he finds a mysterious boy without memory who changes his life forever. Love, complicated personalities and unknown past. Repost with changed title. Complete!

Rating: Nothing too graphic.

Disclaimer: These characters are not my own and belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliates. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warnings: slash, OOC, non-magical A/U, non-canon, swearing. Very fanish, not beta-edited. One of those stories that could as well be an original, if it weren't for the characters. Amnesia is used as a plot device.

Status: Complete

Last revised: May, 2009

A/N: This is not a new story. This is an old story, which I have renamed and revised. I think, I have grown as an author since I wrote this. Can't believe some of the atrocious mistakes I previously made. Besides I hated the previous title and wanted to split the story into chapters.

Warning: REPOST! Changed title – previously 'Love and Paris'


Harry Potter and the Cold Hearted Bastard

The First Part

Paris, somewhere not far from Seine.

A tall blond climbed out of his Porsche, which he had parked in some small street near the river. "Let's go, Dante," he called the large, black dog. Sometimes Draco Malfoy didn't mind doing his godfather's this kind of favour. He found boats and water soothing and Dante needed some fresh air and exercise.

Draco was strolling down the riverbank and looking at the water reflecting the few clouds that sailed in the otherwise clear summer sky. It was nice like this – to get away from everything for an hour or two. Being young, rich, good looking, successful and popular could be tiring.

Suddenly his attention caught Dante who had taken off and was barking at the pile of rubbish by in one of the bystreets.

"Dante! Come here, boy! Leave it alone!"

The dog was obviously playing deaf. Oh, well.

Draco quickened his pace to see what the matter was. When he reached Dante, he saw that the dog was licking something. Actually, he was licking someone's face. There was a body lying on the ground by the dumpster. Draco froze.

Great! I go outside for a relaxing walk and find a dead body! Just Great.

However, he couldn't just leave it there; even Draco Malfoy was not that much of a bastard.

When he was closer, Draco could see that it was a boy, a teenager (didn't look older than fifteen, sixteen – would be really stretching it).

"Oh, shite!"

Then he had a sudden thought. Draco leaned down and stroke boy's cheek. Draco crouched and pressed his finger against the boy's neck right under his chin. He could feel the pulse. Draco felt relief at that. It wasn't a dead body after all.

He patted the boy's cheek: "Hey, do you hear me? Wake up!"

It did no good. The thing was that the brat didn't look like a junkie. He looked more as if he had been roughened up and dropped there. And anyway, even if the boy was a junkie, Draco couldn't just leave him there.

With a sigh, he decided to take the boy to the nearest hospital.

He kneeled and easily picked up the small body and carried to his car that had been parked not far from there, ordering Dante to follow him.

The teenager weighed almost nothing, but he didn't look like a street kid. Street kids didn't wear tailored trousers and knitted sweaters.

Draco carefully lay the slim youth on the back seat of his car and put Dante next to him in the front. He had chosen Saint Sophia hospital. His clothes were dirty; the boy had raven hair, fair skin and delicate, almost feminine features. Definitely not older than sixteen, maybe even younger.

He carried the boy in the Emergency on his arms and put him on the first hospital bed he saw.

A doctor was by his side instantly, checking the boy's vitals: "What happened?"

"Actually I don't know. I found him like this…" Draco answered feeling uneasy, because it had almost sounded as if the doctor was blaming him for whatever had happened to the kid. Which was not truth, of course, but hospitals and doctors had that affect on him. They made Draco nervous.

"Ok. Let's get him into a room," the doctor waved at a woman, nurse, who hurried to help him with wheeling the bed. "You can wait here," the nurse informed Draco.

He could just have said that he didn't know anything about the boy and left… Draco had a date tonight. She was quite attractive and not one of those who dated him hoping to trick him into a marriage. Lola was the same as Draco; she wanted to have some fun with no strings attached. He was not desperate enough to date a woman (or rarely a man, but of course he was not gay) more than few times.

There were many tolerable one-night stands. Why bother with relationship? And when he wouldn't be able to find anyone he liked in Paris anymore, Draco could always move to another city, country or whatever.

He didn't understand those people throwing themselves at him. Ok, some of them wanted the same thing as him - sex. Others, those who hoped to marry a rich (very rich by the way) man, were simply naïve. Did he look like someone who wanted to get married?

Most of them were convinced that they could change him. Make him fall in love with them. They were sweet and did everything he could probably ask of them. Guess what? It never worked that way. He got annoyed with them even faster than with partners who were not trying to crawl up his butt.

The doctor interrupted his thoughts.

"No serious damage has been done. There is some bruising, but it will heal in no time. The boy will most certainly have a concussion; we will do a scan, of course, head traumas should not be taken lightly. However, if the young man will follow my instructions, he will be fine. Are you related?"

'Were they related? This is a very good question. No, actually, I don't even know the boy… But I would like to know if he's fine and if we are not related they will not tell me anything…'

"Yes, he's my cousin." 'Shit! Why I did say that?' Draco realised that he had made a mistake instantly.

"Good. So maybe you should go inside and see how he is. I think he would feel better seeing a familiar face when he wakes up," the doctor smiled warmly, looking pleased.

Draco walked in the hospital room and sat down by the bed. He settled on watching the boy. He had nothing to do anyway. The young man was wearing one of those strange, light blue hospital shirts, Draco knew from experience that they opened on the back showing off more than one wanted others to see. Were they designed to humiliate the patient?

Draco would not put it past the doctors. That was the reason he disliked hospitals – humiliating experiences was something he didn't take well.

The youth was pale, but not in a sickly never-seen-sun way; he had unruly, dark brown hair that almost reached his shoulders. His face was delicate and almost feminine with outstanding cheekbones, long, dark eyelashes and soft looking, small mouth with plump, pink lips. Pretty and sweet. Sleeping on the hospital bed like this he looked like an angel…

But maybe it was just a look. Draco didn't believe in innocence. He was 22 and couldn't remember himself being innocent. He had also been a good-looking kid once, but far from innocent.

Suddenly the boy kind of twitched and opened his eyes. Not just eyes. They were too large emerald green pools, beautiful, deep and mesmerizing.

"Where am I?" English. The boy spoke English with British accent.

"You are in the hospital,"

"Oh," the boy remained quiet for a moment. He looked like he was thinking about something very hard. Finally, he spoke up again.

"Who am I?"

Draco was thrown out of the room again while the doctor once again examined his patient.

"As I said physically he's fine, but it seems the head injury has caused him memory loss," was his diagnosis.

"Is it permanent?" Draco asked. That was something he had not expected. He had thought that amnesia was a plot device in cheesy soap operas, not a real thing.

"Well, one can never know. These things are tricky. It could last for a day, for a month, for a year or forever. But we will watch him and we'll do our best to help your cousin, Mr. Malfoy."

'Of course. My cousin. Damn!'

"Ok. I will ask you to fill some documentation for me and then you will be able to say goodnight to your cousin. He would like to know his name at least; I assured him that you will be able to help him with that."

"Of course." 'I would also like to know his name… or not. Why would I care?

"So, what's your cousin's name Mr. Malfoy?" The lady from reception asked Draco. This should be a simple question. This was a good moment to make a confession. But he could not embarrass himself like this. What if media finds out? The famous, scandalous playboy Draco Malfoy takes some teenage boy to the hospital and lies about his identity.

That wouldn't look good. Bloody journalists could make a really 'good' story out of this.

'So, let's keep lying. Should not be a big deal. I will pay the boy's hospital bill, then he will regain his memory and return home. '

Draco sighed. 'Name! Name! Name! I need to come up with a name!'

"Erm… his name is…," what should I call you little angel… "Angel… Angel Black," Draco decided to use his mother's family name, after all the boy was supposed to be his cousin.

"What a strange name for a boy. But pretty,"

'What possessed me? What am I? A fucking poet?'

"His family have Spanish roots," Anhel or Angelo was a perfectly normal Spanish name, right? Honestly, Draco had no idea. But the receptionist apparently bought it.

She asked all kind of annoying questions she could think of and Draco started to get irritated, because he needed to make up the boy's whole life. Why had he gotten himself in this situation? This was masochistic.

When the tiresome questioning was over, a nurse came and shoved Draco into the room to say 'goodnight' to his 'cousin'. The blond walked closer to the bed and met the green eyes that were looking at Draco as if he was someone who held all the answers in this universe. Well, touché, he didn't.

At the moment, he had no idea what to say or what to do, which was something new for a Malfoy, usually he had a way with words and was rather quick to act.

They were just staring at each other for some time.

The boy was watching the tall, handsome blond with the piercing grey eyes. The man was young, but he seemed to be very serious. Maybe even cold. But extremely handsome. The boy thought that someone so gorgeous with eyes so cold - that was a dangerous combination. He did not know why though. He didn't know anything and his head felt strange, as if it weighed hundred pounds or something.

"Who am I? Do you know me?" The boy asked, finally. It was strange not to know anything about oneself. Very confusing.

'That is an interesting question… Truth or dare?' Draco Malfoy was looking in the vibrant emerald eyes. Innocent, naïve, honest, sad? Something about these eyes didn't let him lie. Damn the boy! This was all too strange for his tastes. Draco was tired and wanted to go home; he just hoped that Dante had not destroyed his car.

Draco took a deep breath.

"I have no idea who you are. I found you lying unconscious on the street. I said them you were my cousin, Angel Black," he just realized how silly the name sounded.

"I shouldn't have done this… I just wanted to know if you were alright and they usually don't tell anything to those who are not relatives… anyway, I lied, so I would appreciate if you didn't say this to anyone until you remember who you really are. I think you owe me that much. That's all I can tell, because I have no idea who you really are and where you come from. I will come tomorrow to make sure you… well, good night, then," Draco turned around and purposely strolled out of the room.

'I am no one. Nothing,' thought the boy whose name for now was Angel. 'What kind of name is that? This cold man gave me that name…,' suddenly he was feeling so lonely and empty. He hugged himself lying in foetal position and two diamonds of tears rolled down his cheeks.


Malfoy Corporation. The Central office in Paris.

Draco Malfoy was sitting by his large mahogany table in his office and signing everything his secretary had piled in front of him. He would like to pay someone for signing heaps of stupid papers. Nevertheless, the president and the heir, in the same person, had to do this himself. It was a waste of time and his hand was so tired that it was hurting.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and barged in the cabinet without waiting for Draco's permission. It could be only one person.

"You," was all the intruder got for greeting.

"Polite as always. It's nice to see you Draco. I see you are in a good mood today?" The sarcasm was obvious.

"What do you want, Blaise?"

"Stop being a jerk. Can't I visit my best friend?"

"Whatever, have you finished?"

"Ok, what's wrong? What got your knickers in twist this time?"

"Because I am…" 'stupid' he thought. But Draco wouldn't call himself stupid in front of others. Belittling themselves was, oh, so against Malfoy nature.

"Are you in love?" Blaise Zabini teased.

"Don't be stupid," Draco threw his pen aside. He truly hated signing.

"Yes I can see you're not in love. So what's the problem then?"

"I got myself in the situation and it is annoying me."

"That's interesting. Did you impregnate one of your mistresses?"

"Of course not. But you are not completely wrong this time. I kind of got myself a cousin," Draco sighed and rubbed his temple. The headache was approaching.

"Care to explain," Draco's antisocial behaviour couldn't impress his best friend anymore. He had developed immunity.

"Do I have a choice? Will you leave me alone if I won't explain?"

Blaise smiled and shook his head.

"Yes, thought so…" The blond huffed.

Draco Malfoy told his only 'kind of friend' (he didn't use that word) about the boy and his own dumbness.

"Angel. That is an interesting name. Why did you give him that name? Is he cute? If he is I would like to meet him!" Blaise was bristling with excitement.

"He's just a kid," Draco was getting annoyed. He didn't like the idea of Zabini harassing the kid.

"Sixteen is not a kid anymore. And you said he's probably a street urchin and that means he could be more experienced than…"

"He will stay in hospital, get back his memory and then return where he comes from. No fuss. Now I should be going. I must check on him to see how he is doing."

"Ok. Let's go! And don't look at me like that I am curious now. I want to see your sexy 'cousin'. Blame yourself for telling me about him."

Draco let out a long-suffering sigh.

''Sometimes Blaise is the most annoying person I know. Why do I tolerate him? Well, actually I don't, but he doesn't get the clue.'


When Draco and Blaise entered the hospital, they were 'caught' by the doctor; the one who was treating Angel.

"Oi! Mr. Malfoy! You are exactly the person I needed to see!"

The man was so bubbly – his presence alone was giving the aloof blond headache.

"How can I help you? Is something wrong with the boy?"

"Oh! No! Of course not, besides forgetting everything, that is. However otherwise he is alright. So you can take him home right now!" The man grinned as if he had just announced that Draco Malfoy had won the national lottery.

In fact, the blond was feeling exactly the opposite.

"What!?" Draco blinked. "I thought he would have to stay here and… you know… recover."

"No, no! No need of that. Angel doesn't need to stay hospitalised. He has no serious injuries and in cases like this, it is better to recover at home with loving family. I will give you a list of medicine he will need to take and I will want to see him once a week. But I am sure that the memory will come back by itself! He just needs to heal. There is nothing we can help him with here."

Draco was ready to strangle the cheerful doctor to 'help' him see some sense. Memory loss was 'nothing serious now'?

"So, we should go and check on Draco's cousin," equally cheerful Blaise joined the conversation.

Draco's face became even paler if it was possible. He felt like killing someone today. To take the boy home! What home? His home?


Instead, he turned around and strolled towards the boy's hospital room. He needed to keep up appearances to avoid a scandal. But he has no idea what to do. Draco stepped in the room and saw the young man sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, seriously staring at him with his large, and charming emerald green eyes.

'Why?! Why I had to find that brat! Actually, it was all Dante's fault! Maybe the mutt wouldn't mind sharing his kennel with the little monster. However, nothing of that matters now. What am I going to do?'

"What are you going to do with me?" Angel asked quietly, knowing that the man with the perfect blond hair actually was not his relative.

"Nothing! I mean I don't know yet. We will see. Ok. Let's go."

Angel jumped of the bed and followed Draco, who angrily stormed out of the room almost knocking down Blaise Zabini, who was standing by the door.

"Oh! Here you are! And whose that?" He looked at the boy. "Aha! That's your 'cousin'. Oh, boy, you are so awfully cute!"

Angel's face grew hot immediately.

Draco, however, kept walking down the hall, apparently not caring if Blaise and the boy were following him. Both men had no choice but to follow him in a rapid pace.

Finally, they got in the car. Draco and Blaise at the front and Angel in the back seat.

Usually, when he was in abed mood, Draco pushed the gas pedal into the floor.

"Darling, are you trying to kill us?" Blaise complained.

"Maybe I should," Draco snapped. That would make his life easier.

"Come one, Draco, honey, you know you love me! I am too young to die!"

"Shut up," Draco growled and this time it was a truly scary growl.

They were silent all the way. No one dared to say anything. Blaise, because he knew that he had annoyed Draco enough. Angel, because he was very confused about everything and a bit scared.

Draco left his car in the underground garage. They had to use the lift, since Draco's apartment was a large penthouse on the top of a modern building in one of the most prestigious living areas not far from the centre of Paris. They entered the flat still not saying a word.

"Sit down" Draco pointed at one of the black leather coaches in the middle of spacious living room. Angel sat. The blond went to the counter, which was obviously used a like as a bar, poured some rum in his glass, and took a sip.

He sat down n other coach opposite teenager who looked maybe frightened, maybe confused.

"Do you remember anything? Family? Names? Anything at all…"

"No," the boy blushed, the older man's scrutinizing stare made him highly uneasy.

"That's just great… Do you understand French? I mean you spoke English at first when you woke up. But do you understand any French at all?"

"Yes. Most of it, but it doesn't feel as good as my English," the boy admitted.

"I guess that's good," Draco grumbled taking a sip. "But what do you want me to do with you?"

"… " Angel could not answer that question. What the hell! What kind of question was that?

"I can't kick you out. No matter how much I would like to. I can't send you to orphanage or something, because the damn doctor thinks that you are my fucking cousin," Draco was talking more to himself.

"I can take him," Blaise interrupted winking at the boy.

Draco gave his friend a furious glare. But, why not? He could let Blaise take the kid. But he saw how he looked at so called 'Angel'. Of course, he would like to take him. To his bed most likely. The boy was far from ugly. And Blaise was not very picky. He slept with women, men, anything on two legs.

Draco shrugged off the unpleasant mental images. Of course, he did not care about the boy much, they were strangers, but, somehow, when he looked at that kid who was looking back at him with large, emerald, confused and innocent eyes… he felt somewhat responsible. Draco didn't actually understand why, it was none of his business…

He was not looking forward to having a moody teenager around his flat. But how much trouble could a boy be? Draco was not at home during the day and rarely in the evenings, and other times he could make sure that the brat didn't leave his room. It was not as if the kid needed a nanny, he was old enough to look after himself.

Draco was not into charity …but he could not entrust Blaise the kid, even if he would not make a move on the boy, he would definitely open his big moth and say something he shouldn't have said to someone who shouldn't have known… No, actually Blaise was not so bad after one got past the annoyance factor. Probably he would even leave the kid alone – it was all just talk, but still. Blaise had never been able to keep his mouth shut.

"I don't like that idea for some reason," Draco shot Blaise an annoyed look. He did not have many choices. His godfather… no way. That was out of question. The man would never agree to deal with a teenager in his home, didn't matter that he worked with children. And there were no other people Draco trusted.

Then suddenly Angel spoke up.

"Listen; if you don't want me or I am too much trouble…I can just go…"

Did he sound hurt?

"That's not an option," Draco stated.

"Why not!" Angel suddenly burst out. "I can see that you hate me! I don't want to be around people who hate me!" The boy could feel his eyes burning with beginnings of tears. But he was not going to cry. No crying. He was not crying in the front of this cold-hearted man, who definitely was a cruel bastard and never cried himself.

"Don't be upset Angel. It is nothing personal. Draco hates all the people," the other man soothed.

"Shut up, Blaise! And you…" Draco pointed at the boy with his finger. "You will stay here; you will take your stupid medicine and try to remember where your home is and try not to get in trouble."

Anger burned away all the traces of fear of Draco that Angel might have felt: "No I won't! And you can't make me! You are no one to me! You can't say me what to do!"

'Stupid brat…'Obviously, the boy was a trouble maker. He had looked so calm and quiet at first…

"Blaise, leave," Draco ordered.

"But, Dr…"

"Now, Blaise!"

"Ok, but don't kill him, promise?"

"Leave!" Draco roared as loud as he could.

Blaise sighed, but did as he had been told. One didn't argue with Draco Malfoy when he was using that particular tone of voice.

Draco locked his eyes on the boy. If looks could kill, Angel would be dead: "You will stay here and be a good little boy." There was warning in the blond man's voice. But Angel was not going to listen to the bastard.

"You can't make me!" The teenager shouted and went for the door.

He didn't even manage to make a step. The next moment he was pushed against the wall and Draco's hand was gripping his throat.

"You will do exactly what I told you to do," Angel felt the taller man's breath on his face. He couldn't hold tears anymore. But Draco didn't seem to care.

No, he didn't care at all, he was furious, so angry, he had not been that angry for years.

"Now I will show you your room. You will stay there and do what the good doctor prescribed and would not try to leave or do anything stupid what could get you in trouble. Do you understand?" Angel nodded trying to fight back the tears and not succeeding. Draco released him, and turned his back towards the boy. His anger was fading. He had not wanted to make the boy cry.

Why was he suddenly so furious? What was happening?

"Follow me. I will show you your room. And try to stay out of my way when I am here. I can't promise I won't make you cry again otherwise," Angel knew that was not an empty threat. The man was a monster.


Three days passed slowly. Draco rarely saw the boy. Mostly they met in mornings. The kid apparently woke up early, because, when Draco was leaving for the work, he was usually sitting on the couch with his nose in a book. Draco had allowed Angel to use his library.

It couldn't do any harm and the boy needed something to do, right? They never talked much. Not even 'good morning' or something like that. And it was fine. Draco was annoyed enough even by his mere presence. He didn't know why, but it was disturbing somehow. It was a blessing that the boy didn't try to start a conversation.

On the Saturday morning Draco opened his eyes and stretched his arm… there was something… someone in his bed. Lissa? Or Clarissa? Why didn't she leave already…? Some women were extremely stupid or too clingy. Irritating.

"Hey," he poked girl who was sleeping next to him. "It's time to leave!"

"What? Oh! Good morning honey bunny!"

'Honey b… Disgusting!'

Draco gave the beautiful 'but dumb' girl a disgusted look and pushed her out of his bed without a second thought.

"What was that for!?" The girl cried out.

"I said, get out. Are you deaf?" The blond yawned lazily.

"But, but…" She was not going to cry. Was she?

"You were not bad," he had gotten off nicely. "Now you are free to leave. Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"But I thought…"

"I am sure you didn't, you are obviously not of the thinking kind. Are you leaving or do you need help with that? Or you want money or something? How much?"

"You are…you are an evil bastard!"

"I know honey bunny."

The girl grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room hardly holding back the tears.

'So much drama. Maybe she was a struggling actress? I need some coffee. I should not drink so much. Why am I drinking at all? It's not like it makes me feel any better.'

Draco put on his boxers and black robe and went down to the kitchen. He was confused. There was someone in kitchen standing on a stool and dusting the shutter. Oh, the boy. Funny, Draco had completely forgotten about his 'cousin'.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Angel turned around when he heard the voice and almost fell of the stool. "Cleaning…" the boy whispered shyly lowering his eyelashes.

"Why? Did you fire the maid?"


"So?" Annoying. There was no reason, but the fact that the boy was cleaning this early in the - well, it was around noon, but who cared - was damn annoying. How did one manage being so irritating?

"I was bored," the boy answered making a face… Draco had no idea how to describe the expression so early in the… around noon. The boy was always making some weird expressions when Malfoy saw him.

Draco frowned. Irritating.

"Mr. Malfoy…?"

"Call me Draco for God's sake," the blond groaned.

"Draco… I saw your girlfriend… she seemed to be upset…."

The older man snorted: "She's not my girlfriend and she'll be fine. And mind your own business twerp!"



"Erm… you know Blaise called and…"

'What the fuck, why was Blaise calling the boy now'. Draco didn't like it. Was the blond bastard who called himself Draco's friend trying to get into the boy's pants?

"And what! What did Blaise wanted from you? Stop stuttering and speak."

"You know, you are such a bastard! Why is Blaise trying to be your friend? Do you pay him!" Angel finally lost his temper. The man was too much for him! Damn irritating.

'Paying someone for annoying me? I have an irritant staying at my flat right now free of charge! I would gladly pay someone to get rid of the brat!'

"Answer my question or keep your mouth shut," he warned.

"He said…well, he offered to take me out…"

"What?!" Draco was getting angrier and angrier.

"He said he could show me some sights and…"

"Sure he would show you a lot… Do you like Blaise?"

"I don't know him so well…But I think he's Ok. He's kind and I am really bored."

'He is better than you, that's for sure,' Angel thought to himself. But he was not going to say it aloud, because it was already nearly impossible to speak to the handsome son of a bitch.

"That's not what I mean…" He looked at the boy. Angel was giving him that naïve look. Sure, he did not get the idea. Should he let Blaise to have his fun with the teenager…? No way. If the boy will regain his memory and maybe he had parents somewhere, it would get him in trouble. The kid was definitely underage.

"You are not going anywhere with Zabini," Draco finally stated. This way it was easier. If he was not going, Draco didn't have to worry.

"No, I am going! I have seen only this apartment and talked to the maid, Mrs. Yang, and one of your girlfriends who were leaving in the morning! Mrs. Yang hardly speaks French! I am your prisoner or what!"

Ok, the kid had a bit of character.

"Stop yelling! You are giving me a headache!"

"Why can't I go with Blaise? He's your friend!"

"I don't have any friends. And I am not going to leave you alone with Blaise," Draco realised that he was being irrational, but for some reason… well, he was not going to analyse that.

"Why not I don't think he is going to kidnap me… or get me drunk… or… something!"

"I said it and I meant what I said. You are not…"

"Why?! Come on, you don't even care for me! You haven't spoken a single word since I am here!" Angel's cheeks were burning red with anger.

No one dared to speak to Draco Malfoy like that! Draco rose and made a step in the boy's direction.

"You are an ungrateful brat!"

"What? You expect me to be grateful! Grateful for what? For locking me in here! I would better live on the street! At least I would see some sun… I hate you!" Angel felt tears coming and stormed out the kitchen. He will not stay here. Not for a second longer.

"Shit!" 'Stupid kid! He will come back. He has no place to go anyway.'

A minute later Draco was sitting on the couch, reading the morning paper and enjoying his coffee when Blaise stormed into the apartment dragging apparently unhappy, dark-hired boy with him.

"Angel, go to your room and do whatever you need to do before we leave," he ordered. The boy looked ready to object, but the older man cut him off with a smile and: "Please."

When the boy had gone, Blaise turned towards Draco who was not paying a lot of attention to the whole situation.

"A whole week? I thought you would make him cry sooner. You can be such a cold-hearted bastard sometimes. That boy doesn't remember anything. Do you think that's easy? Did you hear what doctor said? He is probably depressed. Stress is not recommended in his condition. And you are pushing him!" Blaise finished his speech standing in front of the arrogant blond with his arms crossed.

"I am not his nanny, Blaise," Draco didn't lift his eyes from the newspaper.

"But you could try to be a little more sensitive, you don't have to be such a prick, Draco."

"I think forbidding him to go out - whatever you mean by that - with you, was quite sensitive," Draco retorted. "And sensible."

Blaise rolled his eyes: "Do you really think I am going to hit on a boy who is not older than sixteen, who had been through some terrible accident and who still has not recovered from that awful experience? And who is probably still a virgin? You should know me better than that! You are a bastard Draco!"

"Thank you. I don't want to hear this. Have you finished?"

"But you will listen! The poor boy needs to get out. He needs some clothes. Have you noticed that he is still wearing the same shirt he was wearing when you found him on the street? If you won't let him go with me alone you can take him yourself," Blaise proposed.

Draco wasn't really into baby-sitting… However, Blaise seemed to be angry and serious this time and not inclined to leave him alone. Ok, maybe the idiot had a point. He took the kid and now the boy was his responsibility.

"Fine. Ok. We take him shopping. Together. Wait for me. I will put some clothes on," not what he had wanted to spend Saturday afternoon, but apparently couldn't be helped.

Draco and Angel both stayed silent while on the way to the mall. Blaise did try to start a conversation, but with little success.

The Italian sighed: "Ok, not going to be civil today? Fine. Funny, but you both seem to be equally stubborn. Maybe you really are related. And I thought no one can outweigh Draco in this category."

Both gave him equally angry glares.

"Ok, ok, I'll shut up! Don't kill me! You both, crazy, raging animals…" Blaise grumbled.


They left Draco's car by the mall.

"I have no money," Angel made a statement as they were walking towards the front door.

"Don't worry Draco has too much of it," Blaise smiled and winked at the younger man.

"I don't want his money!" Angel snapped back. He was no one's charity case!

"Don't be silly kid. It's too late for that. You are living in my home, eating my food, drinking my coffee," mister 'I Am a Rich Son of a Bitch' recited.

"Stop calling me kid. I have a name and I don't want anything from you!" The sudden increase of volume made Blaise to cover ears with his hands.

"And who gave you that name?" Draco Malfoy sneered. "I highly doubt you can call it your name. And I am not buying you clothes only for your convenience. You will not hang around my hose looking like some street rat. Some one will start thinking that I am paying underage male hookers-junkies."

Angel gaped and blushed furiously. He had no idea what to answer to that and was grateful that Blaise decided to step in.

"Please stop fighting you both! Honestly! You are bickering like two school kids. Angel, don't worry, Draco has more money than he could spend in his lifetime and you are kind of his relative now, so you are doing him a favour by accepting it, because if someone will see you like this… It would be embarrassing, because this person will think that a Malfoy is treating his cousin badly. So, let's enjoy some serious shopping!"

Draco didn't want any favours from this kid, but he could see Blaise's ploy and decided to leave it be. One more fight would not help them to get through this any quicker, which would be nice.

Angel sighed; he saw what Blaise was doing, but he was tired from fighting and being angry and decided to give in. With a sigh he followed both older men inside the huge mall. It was a really big one. Angel hadn't been at place like this. At least he thought he hadn't. He had amnesia after all. The boy marvelled at the high glass ceiling, marble floors and numerous elevators. All the stores looked very classy and expensive. And there were so many people.

The third floor was menswear. There was all kind of clothing – classic, fancy, crazy bright coloured, sporty. Blaise grabbed Angel's hand and dragged him over to the stands were clothes was hanging. Draco sat down on the leather couch in the corner looking highly annoyed. But that was nothing new.

"Try this on," Blaise handed the boy some items he had picked out.

Angel smiled a little bit. "Blaise, do you think I am a girl? This is pink. And those pants… Are you sure, I will be able to move if I put them on? They are too tight!"

"You are as cute as a girl. Even cuter! I think these will fit you perfectly," Blaise tried to push blushing Angel in the fitting room.

"Stop calling me cute! Blaise are you gay or something?" Angel looked at the other man suspiciously.

Draco almost choked on coffee he had been served by a sale assistant who assumed that the blond was going spend a lot of money in their store and qualified for ass-licking.

'That kid can be amusing in some ways after all,' Malfoy decided.

Blaise just laughed and winked at the boy: "And you?"

Angel's face got even redder if that was possible.

"If I was I wouldn't remember it anyway, right? And even if I was I wouldn't wear pink!"

"It was worth trying," Blaise sighed. Pink was very fashionable that season.

'That kid is not as dumb as he seems. And quite amusing.' Draco noted. 'When he is not being an annoying brat of course…'

After a couple of hours spent rummaging trough various stores the only one who was not deadly tired yet was Blaise Zabini.

"Blaise are we going to try on everything they have?" Angel almost whined. They had already bought tons of pants, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and shoes…

"I like to play dress up with you! You're so cute in all the outfits," the brown-eyed man beamed.

Angel blushed again. Blaise was embarrassing him all the time. Making comments about how cute, he was in that white romantic looking T-shirt and leather pants and even in that, sporty cargo pants and so on. And the fact that shop assistants were always around agreeing him made the situation worth. One girl even slipped him a note, which was her phone number as he later found out. He was glad that Malfoy and Blaise didn't notice it. Since when women were into scrawny, little boys? Blaise even made him buy those leather pants and some other stuff Angel was never going to wear anyway, because it was just too revealing.

"Angel, I don't know who bought you clothes before but it was someone who had no fashion sense or some parent type of person, who makes sure little baby doesn't look too sexy. That sweater and pants does nothing for your beautiful body…"

"Stop babbling, Blaise." Draco snapped. Only then, Blaise noticed that the boy looked as if he was about to start crying.

"Oh! Angel, I am sorry! I didn't mean to… please forgive me!"

"No. It's nothing. I'll be fine," 'as soon as I remember who bought me those unfashionable clothes…'

"Are you sure?" Blaise looked guilty.

"Yes, don't worry," Angel smiled weakly. "Can I ask you something?"


Draco smirked secretly; boy was good changing the subject.

"Well, I have some problems…"

"Spill it out! I don't want to stand here all day," Malfoy stepped in.

Angel gave Draco an angry glare.

"I don't see very well! I think I need glasses! I don't see very well!" Angel snapped.

Draco grinned. 'Getting the brat angry is a good way to make him get to the point.'

"Angel, why didn't you tell us before? How bad is it?" Blaise was horrified. Draco just rolled his eyes. Blaise was so overdramatic sometimes.

"Pretty bad I think…" Angel winced.

'Could this kid be more stupid?'Draco frowned. 'Pretty bad most likely meant he was half-blind. Should have mentioned it sooner.'

"Ok, then let's go check your eyes and buy some contacts! Don't look at me like that! I am not going to let you hide your beautiful eyes behind some ugly glasses."

Blaise had made the boy blush again.


"Draco, please stop him, let's go home. I am hungry," Angel gave pleading whine after they got contacts for him and Blaise started to talk about doing some more shopping.

"So you are speaking with me again?" Malfoy sneered.

Angel blushed. 'Why can't I stop blushing all the time!? I can bet I look stupid. That's just too embarrassing.'

Draco turned away to hide a smile. The boy has forgotten that he should be angry with him.

"No we are not going home. We are having dinner out. Maid is not coming this weekend and I am not going to cook."

"Draco, but you already paid a lot of money for my clothes. Maybe my family, if I will remember them once, will not have money enough to pay you back. And now you are paying for dinner. This place must be expensive!" The boy protested.

"Stop being such annoying fool. I am not poor, if you haven't noticed."

Anyone would be overwhelmed with happiness in this situation and eager to use it. But this kid was whining about money Draco spent on him. Was he acting? Pretending to be modest to boot? No. actually he seemed to be the awfully honest type. Draco hasn't met anyone like that for some time. And even if he met people like that some times, he usually made them change. Women always were pretending that all they needed was Draco and his love, but in fact, they never refused expensive presents or his money.

But then, the boy couldn't be fishing for a marriage proposal…

When Blaise managed to talk Angel into eating something more expensive than a sandwich, they started to eat in refreshing silence. Draco noticed that kid has good table manners, unlike most of the teenagers these days. That could mean that he wasn't from the streets and had a decent family somewhere. He could try to contact police and to find out is there any teenagers missing around. No. He couldn't trust even police. This entire affair would be in the news the very next day. He could use his company's Security Service… no, they had better things to do and sometimes were no more trustworthy than the police was. The kid will get his memory back someday anyway. Draco could only hope that it would happen soon. 'Or I will solve this problem by strangling him.'


Both men were tired when they got home. They even hadn't had enough energy to fight on the way back, which could be seen as a good thing. Sometimes the Malfoy heir enjoyed the silence more than anything else.

When they arrived home, Draco dropped the bags on the floor three steps from the entrance and went to his room without muttering a word.

'Wanker,' Angel thought. He gathered the bags and took upstairs to his room. The boy was tired, but happy. He had enjoyed the mall, restaurant and having some company. Meaning Blaise's company, mostly. Sure he was weird, but not a bad person. At least he was human. Comparing to…

Angel did not want to unpack purchases. Too tired. He could do it tomorrow. It was not that he was going to be busy. No, most likely he would have nothing to do at all. Angel sighed and found his new pyjamas in one of the bags. He had been sleeping naked since moving in with Draco, but he got a feeling that he was not used to it. Therefore, the boy put on the white loose pants and the tank top, brushed his teeth and slipped under the covers.


*It was dark. Pain. He felt unimaginable ache in his stomach. No, in his whole body. His head was hurting! He needed to run, to get out! But he couldn't. There was something holding him. Hands.! Hundreds of hands. The only thing he could do was screaming! Help! Please somebody! Help me! Let me go! Let me out!*

Draco woke up and glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was two in the morning. 'What the fuck…' someone was screaming. In his apartment. The kid. 'What is his problem! ' Angry, as usually when something was disturbing his sleep, Draco climbed out of the bed and went down the hallway to the kid's room. He couldn't hear screaming anymore, but decided to check. He was up anyway. When Draco opened the door, he saw Angel tossing and crying. He approached the boy's bed, sat on his side and gave the kid's shoulder a shake.

"Wake up. Wake up it's only a bad dream. Wake up," damn it; he had been turned into a baby-sitter after all. But…

Angel opened his large emerald eyes filled with tears, jumped up and wrapped his arms around the older man's waist, sobbing. Draco was going to shake him off… but instead his arms wrapped themselves around the teenager's shoulders.

"Shh… don't cry, it was only a dream, it's over now, calm down," the blond whispered.

"Don't leave me in the dark! Please, don't leave me!" Draco couldn't figure out how aware of what he was doing the boy was. But he also couldn't refuse the kid some comfort… He wasn't used to see anyone so emotional, so desperate. It was unnerving. 'Well. Only this time.' He decided.

"I am not leaving." Angel released Draco's waist and made himself more comfortable in his lap. Draco didn't notice how much time passed like that – Angel sobbing in his lap and him trying to calm him down. Not that he did much, Draco simply sat there stroking the boy's soft hair, which actually felt very good, maybe better than it was supposed to feel.

Then after some time Draco realized that he didn't hear crying anymore… He released the boy's arms and lowered the fragile looking body back on the bed. He put Angel's head on the pillow and brushed a soft, unruly strand off the boy's forehead. Angel. The name couldn't be more appropriate…

Draco shrugged and stormed out of the room almost forgetting not to slam the door. He felt like he had waked up from a dream himself. 'What the Hell was I doing? Am I developing a soft spot for the boy? Ridiculous, truly.'

He had never been very compassionate. He usually didn't care about any crying people. He made them cry and despised them for being weak.

Maybe a desperate child was somehow different. Particular desperate, beautiful child, who was crying his heart out, who felt so good in his arms, who smelled like grass, like summer and coconut shampoo…

Draco shook his head, as if trying to get rid of unwelcome thoughts. It was late, he was tired and because of that, a bit out of it. Yes. That was that. There was nothing more.


Sunday morning Draco woke up too early for a Sunday (not that he ever slept very well) and dragged himself to the kitchen. He would have killed for some coffee.

"Morning, Draco!" He was greeted by bright, cheerful voice.


The answer made the boy laugh, if one could cal it that.


"You're not a morning person," Angel smirked.

"Really?" Draco asked sarcastically. Some people obviously thought that stating the obvious was a special talent. Well, they were wrong!

"Anyway… I made some breakfast and coffee," Angel didn't pay any attention to the Mr. Huffy. He had thought about everything and had decided to try being on more friendly terms with his host. The man was bitchy twenty-four hours a day, but maybe if he tried to be more amiable there was a chance, maybe they could try to get along or at least be civil.

"I am not a breakfast person either," the blond mumbled.

"But it is good," the boy coaxed. "At least I think it is… you know ham and eggs. You didn't have any bacon, so ham had to do."

A plate was pushed in front of Draco.

"Are you sure you didn't put anything poisonous in it?"

"Well, I just wanted to do something to express my gratitude for buying me clothes and letting me stay here, but if you can't stop being a jerk even for a moment…" the boy started loosing his temper a couple of minutes after promising himself not to…

"Ok! Ok! I will eat your breakfast, just shut up!" Draco studied the teenager for a moment. No blushing, no anything out of normal. He obviously didn't remember last night. Thanks God for that.

"What!" An angry voice interrupted his 'research'.

Draco raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"You are staring at me!" Angel shouted. "Stop it!"

Draco started eating not paying any attention.

"Wanker!" Boy mumbled and left the kitchen.

Draco smirked. Strangely, his mood was improving.


///Monday afternoon.///

Draco was in his office trying to do some work. The phone rang and he picked it up.

"Mr. Malfoy, you have a call from the hospital of Saint Sophie, they said, it's about…about your cousin. I said that you don't have any cousins… but this doctor, doctor Hebarra insists that you do…"

"I'll take it."

'Oh, great now I can be sure that by tomorrow all the building will know about my 'cousin'.'

But it was too late for regrets, so he picked up the phone: "Draco Malfoy."

"Hello this is Doctor Hebarra. I need to meet you about your cousin's condition," ah, right, today Draco had ordered his chauffeur to take the boy to the doctor.

"Does he remember anything?" Malfoy inquired hopefully.

"No, no…but I need to talk to you anyway. In person."

"I can come today at six." Mandy, Brandy or what was her name could wait.

'Maybe that imbecile doctor finally has some ideas how to make that kid remember and get him off my back.'

"Oh, that's fine with me. So meet you soon then, I guess, Mr. Malfoy! Have a good day!"


Draco dropped the phone. 'Imbecile!' Ok, maybe the doctor was not an imbecile, but he was annoying as hell! Draco just hated people who bid others to have good days.


Draco didn't like this hospital. Same as all hospitals. Disgusting smell, ugly uniforms and sick, dying people everywhere.

"Hello, Mr. Malfoy, come in it's nice to see you again! How are you doing today?"

"Why did I need to come?" Draco ignored the cheerful greeting.

"Ah, straight to business, Mr. Malfoy, I like it," Hebarra grinned.

'Yeah, right I can see it, you exuberant fool.'

"I wanted to talk about Angel, such a beautiful name… I am wondering how his parents… oh, but it is not what I wanted to talk about… You know I talked to Angel and asked how he was doing and it seems he is quite bored… And I wanted to ask where is his home, for how long is he living here? You know sometimes it's useful when patient sees a familiar place… meets friends…"

"So he was complaining." Little traitorous—

"Oh, no, he is happy, he is not complaining about anything… He says you are taking good care of him!"

"The boy is an orphan. He was living in other place before, he can't return there," yeah, Draco was getting really good at making up quick lies.

"Ah, I understand now. Poor dear! It must be hard… oh, but now he doesn't remember anything. Ok. What school is he going to attend?"

"School?" Draco frowned.

"Mhm, yes, the school year starts next Monday, I will need to know, for the records…"

'Shit, of course every sixteen years old kid must go to school.' Draco almost groaned. Like he needed more headache!

"Beauxbatons," it was his godfather's school and Draco reasoned that just in case it would not be impossible to enrol the boy.

"Ah, nice it's a very good school from what I have heard," Hebarra beamed.

"I know. Is that all?" Draco was fed up with the nice doctor.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy you are free to leave. But remember that most of all Angel needs your affection, a loving family is the best cure for all kind of illnesses."

'Is he sick or stupid or pilfering pills from his patients?!'

"Mr. Malfoy, I am sure you are a busy man, but your cousin needs attention and care. And it's not money I am talking about," Hebarra felt need to warn once again and Draco got a feeling that his expression might have betrayed his thoughts. Oh, well.

"Of course doctor, Hebarra," 'you babbling fool'.

"See you soon!" Heard Draco leaving the cabinet.


The next morning Draco woke up and looked at Brandy who was putting on her clothes.

"Good morning, Draco, I'll be going. It was great; call me if you get bored again, but not too soon. Too many guys only one me, you know…" the girl winked.

"Sure," the blond was dishevelled and still sleepy. Nothing new there.

This time he was lucky. The girl understood that he was not going to marry her and luckily, she was not even interested. That's refreshing, he thought, sinking back into his soft pillow.


Angel was up early and he was making breakfast and coffee. He wanted to do it before the maid Mrs. Yang came, because she wouldn't let him do the cooking and he was mostly bored to tears and wanted to do something, anything at all, so he had to be quick…

"Hello there!"

A girl bounced in the kitchen. She was tall, had red hair, green eyes (a bit like ngel's own), good looking.

"Um, hello…"

"I am Brandy!"

"Oh. Hi, Brandy. Are you… er, Draco's girlfriend…"

"Don't be silly! I mean, I wouldn't call myself that. Actually I was n my way, but I smelled coffee and I got curious. I wouldn't imagine Draco Malfoy living with someone."

"Yeah, who would tolerate that jerk by free will… oh, I am sorry, I didn't mean…"

The girl just laughed.

"No, that's fine. You have a point there. I do have bad taste in men!"

"So, would you like to have some coffee Miss Brandy?" Angel was trying to be a gentleman. Usually he didn't like those women who were staying with Draco, but this girl seemed extremely likable.

"Thanks. You are such a sweetheart! So, who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I am his cousin. My name is Angel. Here, enjoy," Angel gave her a cup of fresh, hot coffee.

"Thanks. Mmm, It's really great! So how is it, living with Malfoy? I mean. I am sure he also has a good side, everyone does. You are family after all..."

"When I'll discover something like that I'll let you know, I promise. And I'll call media, and a doctor, because Malfoy's good side is probably something like the other side of moon; we all suspect that it exists, but nobody has seen it yet…"

"Ha, ha! You know you made me laugh twice in three minutes, that's something! How old are you?" Brandy inquired.

"Er…" no one actually knew. "Sixteen."

"That's not too bad! I am only eighteen myself, but I grew up early. I am a model you know? Paris, Milan, New York at fourteen, by sixteen you have seen it all and when you are eighteen, you are starting to feel old. Here, take my phone number. You can call me if you are bored or something." She winked and threw Angel a card. The boy blushed and wanted to reply, but then Draco entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, again! I am having such a nice chat with your cousin; he's such a cutie and makes great coffee!" Brandy beamed.

This was sickening. At least from Draco's point of view.

"Don't you have anything to do… photo shoots or something," Draco groaned.

"Aha. I get the hint! By, by, cutie, thanks for the coffee, see you around!" And with that she was gone.

"Draco, that was rude," Angel chided.

"I saw you two were getting along?" Draco looked at the card accepting the coffee cup pushed his direction.

Angel rolled his eyes: "She is a nice girl. You don't deserve her."

"So, you like her?" Draco narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean?" The younger boy was confused.

Draco gave him a significant look.

"No! I am sure she did not mean it like THAT. She is your girlfriend."

'So naïve.' Draco rolled his eyes. "She is not my girlfriend. I don't do girlfriends. And I am quite sure that she meant it exactly like that."

Angel flushed; it looked as if too red roses of anger bloomed on his cheeks.

"Do you think all people are like you? You know some are interested in friendship and things like that, and some people are not occupied only with themselves and enjoy being nice to others without any reason at all. Just because they are nice! And all these girls staying with you… I don't understand you, you make them angry, and some cry when they leave, but Brandy, she was really nice. If you were a little bit nicer I am sure she would stay." 'I am not sure I would like her to stay, but…no why not? Aha…' "It would be good for you!"

'He thinks they leave, because I am 'not nice'?'

"Answer me, at least! You know people can't have a conversation when one of them doesn't speak," Angel fumed.

"There is no conversation. You are ranting and in addition you are breaking the rule number two – annoying me right now. And mind your own business. Go call Brandy if she's so nice or something," with that the blond returned to drinking his coffee.

'I will not cry. No tears, no tears just because he is being an arse. At least when he sees. Why do I care anyway… he's no one to me…'

"I hate you!" The boy shouted and ran out of the kitchen.

'That's better… or it's not… why can't he leave me alone and mind his own business? Why does he keep annoying me all the time…? Why am I getting so angry…? I hope he is not crying again…'When he thought that Angel could be crying… it was somehow disturbing. 'Why does it matter?

He is really different from other people, they are irritating when present. This brat keeps annoying me even when he is absent. I hope the school will keep him busy or he will drive me mad.'


The doorbell rang and Draco opened it. A tall man was scowling at him. He had straight black hair, black eyes and dark clothes. Everyone would be intimidated seeing this man on their doorstep. Except Draco.

"Good morning Severus," the blond smirked. There was something amusing about his godfather's existence alone.

"Good morning Draco. It must be very important. You are not at work or entertaining some hussy and you wanted to see me immediately. I am intrigued. What's going on? What kind of trouble you have gotten yourself into?"

"Why trouble? Maybe I just wanted to see you," the younger man tried to look innocent. His godfather was charmingly pessimistic and paranoid. How could one not enjoy such a man?

"I know you too well," Severus scowled.

"Fine," Draco sighed. "Follow me into the library."

Both men sat down.

"So?" Snape drawled expectantly.

"There is someone I need you to enrol in your school," Draco knew that the man appreciated straightforwardness.

"Hm, do you have any children I am not informed about? But they shouldn't be old enough to attend Beauxbatons. You know we don't have primary school. I know that you became … active early, but…"

"You know? I wonder how. But, no, he is sixteen and not mine. Really. We look nothing alike."

Severu's eyes narrowed: "That might be worse. Care to explain?"

"It's a long story."

"Then it's a good thing that I am not in hurry," Severus made himself comfortable.


"What were you thinking Draco! Can you imagine what will be the consequences, if someone finds out?" Severus looked sternly at his godson.

"I know, I know. It was stupid," Draco was cursing himself for his lack of common sense every day.

"And? Why are you doing this now?"

"Isn't it obvious? I have no choice!"

Severus just frowned. He seemed to be thinking about something very hard.


"Nothing. Show me that 'cousin' of yours."

Somehow, Draco didn't believe that was all on his godfathers mind… but he let it be.


Knock! Knock!

"Angel. Come here! There is someone I need you to talk to. Come to the library."

Angel wanted nothing to do with the bastard. He was not going to come out… or…

'Aha! Damn my curiosity!'

There was a tall man in the library. He looked impending and evil… Angel didn't like him. That look…

'He is looking at me as if I was some kind of criminal, or something stinky. Damn! I have more courage than that!'

"Hello! I am Angel. Are you the person I am supposed to talk to?" The boy inquired trying to appear bold.

"My name is Severus Snape. I am teacher at Beauxbatons. It's a school, which you will be attending. If I will find you acceptable, of course… But first tell me what kind of relationship do you have with Draco?"

Angel blinked in confusion, but then he remembered: "I am his cousin."

Severus Snape hated stupid teenagers: "No need to pretend. Draco already explained me everything. Now I want to hear what you can say about it."

"If he told you everything I don't see what else can I say?" Angel made a face.

"Don't play smart with me. I want to hear it from you," Snape demanded.

"He told everyone I am his cousin and now I must stay here so he won't get in trouble, because I am not," the boy chanted annoyed. What was with that man!

"Do you get along?" Snape continued his questioning.

"Are you making fun of me? How can anyone get along with that prick? He hates me!" Angel started loosing his temper.

"Language Mr. … whatever your last name is now. And what do you think of Mr. Malfoy?" The man just couldn't let go.

"I think he is snobbish stuck-up bas… Why is it important? Shouldn't we talk about my education or something?"

"How old are you?"

"Didn't he tell you? I don't remember."

"Sure…" Snape eyed the boy with suspicion.

"What are you implying? Do you think I would be here putting up with bastard extraordinaire if I remembered some other place I could go?"

"You tell me that."

"You! Even if you don't look it, you are definitely related to Malfoy somehow. I will not let you insult me. If you both want me to go to your stupid school, I will, but I won't talk to you anymore!" And he left the room banging the door as loud as possible.

"Impudent brat," Snape grumbled.


"What did you tell him?" Draco inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"He was angry when he left the library," Draco explained. "More than usually, I would say."

"Since when do you care?"

"I don't. Why would I?" Draco tried not to sound too defensive. "But the boy is being annoying enough without you upsetting him."

Severus pursed hid lips: "Not to mention that you have acted foolishly, I am warning you Draco, this boy will get you in trouble. He is that type of person. Maybe he will not mean it, but he will. He reminds me someone, but I can't remember whom exactly. But, of course, he is enrooled, if that is what you want. Of course, I would suggest you to get rid of him. But I am sure you won't listen to me, you never do… so…"

"Thank you Sev," Draco smirked. He knew that his godfather would do almost everything for him.

"You're welcome. But I have warned you. The boy is going to be more trouble than he's worth."


Draco and Angel were successfully avoiding each other until Wednesday morning. Everything was the same, the boy made coffee and some salad for breakfast, but he did not say a word.

"Angel, are you listening?"


"Answer me!" The blond snapped.

Green blazing eyes shot up meeting grey: "Of course I hear you! We are in the same room and I am short-sighted, not deaf!"

Draco gritted his teeth: "I'm just making sure you hear me. I am having a party tonight. So stay in your room after eight o'clock."

"You're reducing the size of my prison cell? Don't worry I'll be fine."

Draco sneered: "I don't worry. I just let you know."

"Is Blaise coming? Or Brandy?"

"Want to make it a date?" Draco suddenly felt annoyed.

"You are just…you…" Angel stormed out of the room.

'Why did I say that… I know I am like that… but why do I feel guilty when I say something and make him upset? God! I hope I didn't make him cry. After that night and his nightmare I don't want to see him cry again. Not that I care if he's sad, it's just annoying. Yes. That's it.'


Angel heard loud voices and music. He was trying to read, but the party was too loud. And he was thinking about Draco. What was Draco doing? Making out with some model probably. Or two, not unlikely 'It's not my business. I couldn't care less. In fact, I don't care at all!' He tried to convince himself.

Knock! Knock! Someone was at the door

'Draco?' Was it possible that the bastard hadn't forgotten of him.

"Come in!"

"Hi, Angel!" Blaise's head appeared in the door.

"Blaise! It's so good to see you!" Angel beamed as the older man was hugging him.

"And why are you sitting here alone? There is a party outside!"

The younger man snorted: "Draco told me to stay in my room. He doesn't want to see me more than necessary. I am sure about that."

Blaise looked shocked: "That grouch. Not having fun and not letting other people!"

"What do you mean?" Angel was confused. "He doesn't like his own party?"

Blaise sighed: "Haven't you noticed? I don't really know if there is anything about life he's truly enjoying… I think most of the stuff he is doing is to forget something. Sometimes I just don't understand that man; he has everything, but… But let's talk about something else. No, let's go and ask Draco…I am sure he will let you to leave your room for a little bit. I will introduce you to some people! Very nice and fun people!"

"Blaise…but…" Angel was not sure about it.

"Oh, come on! Let's go!" Blaise grabbed the boy's hand and pulled him out of the room.

The apartment was crowded. It was very spacious, but today seemed shrunk. There were people everywhere. They were all beautiful, smartly dressed, expensive jewellery hanging all over them. Angel was already feeling inferior in his plain jeans and t-shirt.

They were chatting, drinking colourful cocktails, dancing, and even kissing in front of everyone else. Wow. Draco had also brought in waiters.

Somehow, Angel felt that he was not used to parties like this… But he had no time to think about it much. Blaise dragged him along, looking for Draco.

The blond playboy was sitting on the couch with two girls on his side with a glass in his hand. He looked somewhat different. Maybe, because the blond man was drunk.

"Draco, hey, Draco!" Blaise nudged the blond who was apparently intoxicated.

"Hey, Zabini."

"Do you mind if I show Angel around? It's not fair that he must stay in his room all the time and missing all the fun!"

Draco gave them an unfocused look. "Do what you want! Just leave me alone! Don't you see that I am busy here?"

Both girls giggled and Blaise pulled Angel further.

"See. He's fine."

"Because he's drunk?" the boy frowned looking back at the couch. He had a strange feeling when he saw those women all over Malfoy.

"Does it matter? Let's go," Blaise had noticed someone familiar and pulled his companion along.


Angel couldn't see why some people found those parties entertaining. Everyone was drunk and therefore acting silly, talking nonsense and making fools out of themselves. So the boy had used to his advantage the fact that Blaise was also totally inebriated and sneaked back to his room. It was not quiet, but better than spending all night trying to avoid people who tried to invade his personal space and watching the prince of bastards Draco Malfoy getting drunk and making out with stupid, blonde bimbos.

Sometimes Angel just couldn't stand that man. Did those nameless, dumb women really made him happy!? Obviously not. Was there anything at all what could make Draco Malfoy happy? The boy groaned and lay down on his bed. He was thinking about the damned prick again. How was 'prick' in French? Maybe 'Draco' or 'Malfoy', Angel snickered to himself. While Angel was fluent enough, it seemed that someone had not taught him to swear.

Suddenly someone opened his door.

"Have you heard about knocking!" Angel yelled not looking up, because it was most likely Blaise or maybe Draco and even if this was Draco's house, it didn't mean he could just barge in.

"Oh, I see the English boy is quite feisty…"

Angel's head snapped up hearing an unfamiliar voice. There was a dark haired man leaning against the doorway.

"Who are and what do you want?" Angel inquired suspiciously.

"Come on, pretty, don't be like that," the stranger entered the boy's room and shut the door. From his gait, Angel could see that the man was drunk or high or worse. "Well, if you have to know, I was looking for a bathroom, but I found you. Am I not lucky tonight?"

Angel didn't like what the stranger was implying. "Isn't there someone waiting for you back at the party?" The boy tried.

"Oh, they can wait," the dark-haired man smirked. There was something predatory in his gaze.

"Listen, I don't want any trouble, could you just leave me alone?" Angel was getting highly annoyed. He had wanted to be alone not in company of some drunken French jerk.

The stranger however kept smirking and approaching the boy who was still lying on the bed. "You are being impolite. You can't tell that you don't like a dish before you have tried it."

Angel was going to say something very rude, but he didn't have time for that. The man quickly advanced and jumped on the bed straddling the boy.

"Get off! What do you think you are you doing!" Angel yelled trying to push the man away.

"Hush. Just having some fun. Relax, baby," and the next moments the stranger's mouth was on the younger man's neck, kissing and biting.

"Let me go!" Angel protested. The dark-haired man was a lot stronger than the small boy was. "Stop this! Please!" Angel was getting scared; he could feel the man's hands under his shirt.

"Stop fighting, I know you want it…" the bastard tried to kiss him, but Angel turned away his head and shouted for help.

"What is happening…here?"

"Draco…" the boy whimpered.

When Draco Malfoy saw what was happening, he sobered immediately. The dark-haired man was thrown off the boy against the wall and Draco was on him.

"I'll kill you! You fucking bastard!" Draco punched the other man straight on the jaw.

"How dare you," another hit was delivered in the guy's stomach. "This was the first and the last time you touch what is mine!" Draco yelled punching the man again. Then he heard a whimper from the other side of the room and rushed over to the bed to look at Angel who could be hurt.

"Angel?" Draco cupped boy's chin inspecting the tear-stained face. "Are you hurt? Did he hurt you? What happened?" The boy shook his head; he was just scared.

That moment the door shot open and other people came in. Draco wrapped his young charge in his arm's letting the boy hide his face in his shirt.

"Get that bastard out of here before I kill him!" Draco shouted at the men who had entered the room. That moment Blaise pushed his way through the crowd. "Get those people out of my house Zabini!" Draco ordered gently stroking Angel's hair and Blaise immediately started pushing everyone out of the room.

When the door closed, Draco concentrated his attention on the boy who was silently crying in his lap: "Hush, it's Ok. You are safe now. It's going to be alright." Draco rubbed the boy's back soothingly and kept whispering some hopefully reassuring nonsense in his ear, which was supposed to calm the young man. And surprisingly it was actually working. Angel's erratic breathing evened and Draco noticed that the boy had drifted off.

Draco carefully slid out of the bed and pulled the comforter over the young man's lithe form. Angel looked so very young sleeping like this. Well, that was because he was young, but not only that. Draco believed the boy was innocent as well.

Draco's blood boiled thinking that someone had attempted to rob the boy off his innocence. And he had let it happen! Draco had let that man in his house and allowed him to touch his Angel! And for what? To have a party which he didn't care for anyway.

Draco Malfoy new that he always spoiled or hurt everyone he touched. He was dangerous; he didn't know how to care for other people. His parents had been cold and unfeeling. Draco was the same. He didn't know how to love and he didn't care. He was a cold-hearted son of a bitch.

Draco watched the sleeping youth. He should leave, but he couldn't leave the boy alone after what had happened. That was nonsense, but he was afraid that if he left, then someone would come and do something awful to his charge. So Draco lay down on the other side of boy's bed, which was large enough, and slowly fell asleep watching his Angel.


Angel was still sleeping when Draco woke up the next morning. And that was for good, because Draco was not sure if the boy would be happy to wake up to find them sleeping in the same bed.

The blond man looked at the sleeping boy and then silently left the room. He was going to call Blaise.


Blaise Zabini hadn't liked Draco's idea. It had been totally unexpected. In fact he had expected something opposite to what Draco was about to do.

They had argued for at least half an hour. But one thing Blaise couldn't deny: Draco was a Malfoy and Malfoys knew how to get what they wanted. Besides their capacity of being quite mulish.

Baise sighed: "Fine! You, damn bastard, but for the record, I think you are making a mistake."

Draco didn't even answer.

Blaise kept hoping that maybe later, when Draco calmed down he would change his mind…


When Angel woke up Blaise Zabini was sitting in the armchair next to his bed.

"Hi," the boy greeted, trying to smile and failing – cheerfulness was not coming as easiy as usually.

"Good morning, Angel," Blaise tried smiling back, but not doing better than the younger man did. He was feeling terrible for what he had to do.

"Where is Draco?" Was the next thing the boy could think about.

"Listen, Angel," Blaise sighed. "Would you mind staying at my place for some time?"


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