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Summary: What happens when an everyday teen gets sucked into the popular TV show Life with Derek?


It always seemed like she was anti-social, but she was just very shy. Because of that she was often pushed around and bullied by others. She was a beautiful young woman, her eyes shimmered like two lucid green emerald jewels. Her complexion was a lovely light brown, she appeared tall and somewhat tom-boyish. Katelyn Thomas looked down at her feet as she walked home from school. Dried tears were visible on her lovely features as she thought about the incident that happened at school that day.

She sat outside of the school cafeteria eating her food alone. She was waiting for her boyfriend Jake who wasn't there yet. As soon as she was finished eating she walked back into the cafeteria. She saw a group of people standing around one of the tables in the middle of the room. Curiousity took her over and she walked over to see what they all were looking at. As soon as she walked up everyone became quiet. She saw a laptop on the table and playing on the screen was a movie of two people having sex which for Kay, was no big deal. Until she took a closer look... It was her boyfriend Jake! She could feel her breath leave her and her heart sink. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears as she ran out of the cafeteria, the tears pouring out of her heart to her eyes and down her cheeks. She didn't attend anymore of her classes after that.

Katelyn walked into the modern white structure she called home and made her way upto her room, but before she could get there her name was called. It was her mom, Jackie. Kay sluggishly walked back down into the dinningroom and saw her dark-haired mom sitting there calmly at the end of the table.

"Yeah?" Kate muttered. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with her mom.

"Your principal just called, he said you missed half a day at school," The mother said severely and with much condemnation.

Kay just rolled her eyes and began to walk out. "Don't act like you care," She said in a low tone.

"Katelyn Thomas, don't walk away from me." Jackie stated firmly, but her daughter continued her way upstairs. "Wait until your father get's home."

The seventeen year old girl slammed the door and leaned back on it for a moment. I can't believe this... She thought. She took out her cellphone, no missed calls. If he wanted to break up with me he could've just told me instead of doing it in such a cruel way. She jumped on the bed on her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. Suddenly, she sat up on her bed and remembered her favorite TV show was about to come on, Life with Derek. She grabbed the remote on her nightstand and turned on the television which sat on the dresser infront of her fullsize bed. She sat there contently, watching the show. The only time she felt totally at peace is when she was watching that show. There was something about Life with Derek that just made her forget about all her problems.


Kate had drifted off to sleep in the middle of the show. Usually she would have never done that. Her eyes flickered open as she expected to find herself on her bed. Fear overcame her as she sat up, not recognizing anything in the room. Not the desk, nor the bed, not anything. Her brain started to overload, causing her head to ache. Where the hell am I? She asked herself as she swung her legs over the bed. She took another glance at her surroundings once more. Her eyes widened in shock. Oh my god... Her lips parted and her jaw dropped. I think I'm in Casey Mcdonalds room. She gradually stood up, no one seemed to be home. This is a dream... She thought as she walked out into the middle of the street to get the whole view of the Mcdonald/Venturi home. Just close your eyes and you'll be back at home again. She did for a moment, then she opened one eye and she was still there infront of the house, in the middle of the street.

Suddenly she heard honking, then screetching of tires, She turned to look at the car just inches away from her. She stood there stunned as the driver got out of the car. She couldn't see, the headlights of the car blinded her, she could only see a tall masculine silhouette walking towards her.

"Casey?" The voice was familiar to her.

She was puzzled for a moment. Why is he calling me Casey? She asked herself. Right there at that moment she realized who she was talking to. It was Michael Seater who played Derek Venturi in her favorite show. "Michael Seater..." She murmured.

"Who?" He asked with a very confused look upon his features.

Kate knew she couldn't have been wrong about him. He looked just like Michael. The deep brown eyes, his dark hair, those handsome features. He was alot taller in person also, probably about 5'11 or so. She just stared at him. Wait, this is impossible... I can't be in the show... He can't be Derek Venturi, he's not real... He's not real... Her head was spinning with a whole bunch of questions. She placed her hand on her forehead, everything was becoming so blurry and all she heard was, "Hey, are you okay?" Then all she saw was darkness.


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