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Her head began to spin as she thought, what happened? She tried to move but her whole body ached. She kept hearing someone call her name and immediately thought it was Derek. She finally opened her eyes, it was blurry at first, then her sight cleared up again. "Derek?" She murmured.


She looked up and saw the face of her mother. She was sitting at Kate's bedside. It seemed it was all nothing but a dream. She heaved a deep sigh and wondered why she would dream something like that. She sat up and said, "Sorry, mom," She gave her mom a warm hug.

"The principal just called me and told me what happened at school today. Why didn't you tell me?" Her mother asked concernly.

Kate grinned and replied, "Don't worry about it, mom. I'm so over it."

Surprised the mom asked, "Are you sure?"

"One hundred percent sure," Kate responded.

"Okay, well good-night, sweetie." After kissing her daughter on her fore-head she walked out of the room closing the door.

Kate lay back down. She couldn't help but think about Derek, even though he was a fictional character. She actually fell in love with him and it killed her that she could never be with him. Then again she thought on the bright side, at least she experienced the beauty of what it was like to love and be loved in return. She then realized that she wasn't in her pajamas yet, so she stood up out of bed and as she did this an envelope fell to her cream colored carpet. What in the world? She thought as she picked up the small white envelope and disclosed its contents. It was a letter, and this is what it read:

I know you probably won't get this letter until after the dance, but I had a feeling I wouldn't see you after, so I wrote you a letter. It's hard to express what I feel through writing so please, bear with me. Kate, before I met you I was a wreck. Losing the love of my life, I quit everything I was involved in, namely Hockey and Theater. Then you came along and gave me hope. You helped me love again and I will never forget you for that. I wish that you could've stayed here with me or vice versa, but I know we both live in different worlds, literally. I'm just thankful that I met such a unique, caring person and I wanted to say I love you Katelyn Thomas. I hope that life in your world works out for you and I will miss you. We all will…

Kate wiped the tear from her eye and folded the letter back up and put it on her bedside table. She stopped to think for a moment then just smiled and continued to her bathroom. She looked into the mirror and mumbled to herself, "You gave me hope as well, Derek Venturi."


The Greatest thing you'll ever know is to love and be loved in return.