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Chapter One - Tough Day Remedy.

Lindsay was sitting in her apartment eating a tub of cookie dough ice cream, she had had a shit day at work some crazy maniac was going round killing people and with every killing there was less and less evidence to collect, as you can imagine it was frustrating. Danny had decided to stay on and try and help in any way he could, but Lindsay couldn't she had had enough for one day so Mac told she could go home, she wasn't about to argue with him.

She had been watching and eating ice cream for maybe an hour or so, she was watching her favourite film Titanic, she needed to watch a film she knew would make her cry, that way when Danny called round and she was crying she could use the film as the reason. She did this a lot when a case got to her. She had a feeling Danny had caught on though, but he was gentle enough not to say anything. Another reason Lindsay couldn't help but love him.

She was tucking in for another spoonful when her buzzer rang, she sighed and placed the ice cream on the coffee table and walked towards the intercom and picked up the receiver.


"Hey Linds, its Jamie. You free?"

"Jamie, yeah sure I'll buzz you in."


Lindsay buzzed the door which let Jamie into the building, Lindsay was wearing a simple white tank top and a pair of chequered pyjama pants and a pair of socks.


Lindsay opened the door and stood aside so that Jamie could come in.

"Hey Linds, you look rough!"

Lindsay laughed and smiled.

"Thanks Jay, just what I needed to hear, at least I can trust you to tell me the truth."

Jamie smiled and crashed on the sofa and took note of her surroundings, there was a box of tissues on the coffee table along with a tub of half eaten ice cream and Titanic was playing on the television. Jamie pulled a concerned face and looked at Lindsay who was now sitting beside her, with her arms leaning on her knees.

"Tough day?"

Lindsay nodded.

"I'd rather not talk about it, if you don't mind."

Jamie shook her head.

"Course I don't mind, if all you want to do is sit and watch soppy films all evening rather than go out or talk, then I will be more than willing to keep you company."

Lindsay smiled.

"Thanks. I'll get you a spoon."

Jamie laughed.

"Sod the spoon I know you keep two tubs of ice cream in there at all times, I'll take a tub, your not the only one who has had a shitty day darlin'!"

Lindsay laughed while she walked into the kitchen.

"Do tell, I know you like sharing you days with me."

Jamie scoffed.

"My mom always told me a problem shared is a problem halved, so blame her!"

Lindsay just laughed as she walked back in with a tub of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other. She passed it to Jamie which she graciously accepted.

"Oh I need this, its better than drinking your problems away but you gain about ten pounds in the process!"

Lindsay started laughing hysterically, Jamie looked at her blankly.

"What did I say?"

Lindsay smiled at Jamie.

"You really know how to cheer me up when I'm down you know that?"

Jamie nodded as she tucked into her ice cream, she kicked her shoes off and put her feet up on the coffee table, Lindsay copied her.

"Well what are best friends for…so Leo died yet?"

Lindsay started laughing again this time Jamie joined in.

It was about 10 o'clock at night and Lindsay and Jamie had gotten through two boxes of tissues and were sharing a bowl of popcorn, not that they were eating much of it, they were too busy crying, they had finished watching Titanic and were now halfway through the Disney film Eight Below, when Lindsay's house phone started ringing. Lindsay paused the film and picked up the receiver.. She sniffed and composed herself before she answered.


"Hey Montana, you free right now?"

Lindsay laughed.

"Well Jamie's here and we are watching girlie films, does that count?"

Lindsay and Jamie laughed.

"Well that's cool, me and Flack are at the bar near work did you wanna join us? Bring Jamie!"

Lindsay laughed.

"I'll ask, hang on."

Lindsay turned to face Jamie.

"Jay, did you want to go and meet Danny and a guy from work for drinks?"

Jamie nodded.

"Sounds like fun."

Lindsay smiled.

"Danny, you there?"

"Still here Montana. So?"

"We'll be there in about half an hour, see you then. Love you."

"Love you too Montana."

Lindsay put the phone down and turned off the film and television and stood up.

"Right, lets get sorted. We need, make up, hair and clothes."

Jamie looked herself up and down, she was simply wearing a simple plain black spaghetti strapped top with a pair of black dress pants, and she had been wearing a pair of stiletto boots, she had just come from work.

"I'm fine the way I am. I'm more worried about you to be honest."

Lindsay walked into her bedroom laughing.

"Thanks as always Jay."

Within a matter of moments Lindsay emerged from her room wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, she had left her tank top on, she knew Danny liked it when she wore tank tops. Something about it enhancing her upper body.

Jamie had put her leather jacket on and was waiting for Lindsay, while Lindsay had been changing Jamie had cleaned up the living room. By 10.30pm Lindsay and Jamie wear walking the last few metres to the bar where Danny and Flack were waiting.