"Harry, its okay, Ginny understands." I tried to console him over the phone.

"No she doesn't Mione. She sent me a letter that said not to come to the Burrow for a couple weeks because she wouldn't be able to handle being around me. If she understands she wouldn't have said that. I like her a lot Hermione but I can't have anything happen to her just because she's with me. If Voldemort finds out she's one of my weaknesses, He'll use her as bait to get me and she could end up killed and then where would we be? I will not let her become a martyr for the cause of this war. Believe it or not this is my war. I don't even want to you involved."


"No Hermione. I didn't say you wouldn't be involved because I know you already are. Voldemort already knows you're my best friend but he doesn't know about me and Ginny. And I would like to keep it that way. But she's so damn stubborn. We start school in a week and I haven't been to the Burrow not once this summer. Not once. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable so I abided by her wishes. But I don't know how this trip to Diagon alley is going to go." He sighed. "Speaking of our trip, have you gotten your letter from Hogwarts yet? Aren't they normally here by now?"

"You noticed that too? I thought I was alone in that worry, I brought it up to Ronald when I owled him last week but he didn't even mention it in his owl back. Maybe Dumbledore is just playing around with us. You know he's the most brilliant wizard in our time but he's a little off his rocker at times."

Harry laughed. "I know. Actually-" I heard some rustling. "I just got mine."

"No fair! I NEED mine. I need to know if I'm head girl or not."

"You know you got it Mione. I don't know why you stress over that. You've always gotten the highest marks in our class and you know it."

"I wonder who's head boy."

"Well we know it's not me, Dumbledore probably thinks I've got too much to worry about. You know with trying to stay alive and keep all of you alive as well."

"And it's definitely not Ron. I keep hoping the two of you would learn to take notes and to study."

"Hopefully it's not that git Malfoy."

I could almost feel Harry's anger at Malfoy through the phone. I laughed. "Calm down tiger. Besides don't jinx it. Last thing I need is to have to share quarters with Ferretboy."


"Are you going to open your letter or not?" I chided.

"Oh yeah." I heard him opening his letter.

"Harry? Why did you get so quiet?"

"I'm Quidditch captain." He whispered.


"I'm Quidditch captain!" he said a little bit louder, still in shock.

"Oh Harry that's wonderful! Your father would've been so proud. You're following his legacy!"

"I know. I wish Sirius was still here so I could owl him and say just that."

"Aww Harry. Lets go celebrate after we do the school shopping tomorrow."

"Okay. You know my birthday is tomorrow too. We've got a lot to celebrate. Me being captain, me being seventeen and NEVER having to return to this hellhole the Dursleys call home, us going back to school-"

An owl flew through my window and dropped a green envelope on my lap. I quickly opened it.

"And me being head girl." I whispered.