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Groggy, I sat up and looked at Drake sleep beside me. He truly was gorgeous. His hair was all over the place and his face was completely relaxed. I admired his strong jaw line and his perfect lips. Pushing my hair out of the way, I leaned over to kiss his forehead. I really wanted him to remember everything. So we could continue where we left off. Leaning down again I watched my long hair brush across his face. "Oh shit." I mouthed. Long hair? I forgot the charm wore off when I slept. Thank Merlin I woke up first. I quickly did my transformation and cuddled back up to him. "Wake up Sleepyhead." I kissed his lips gently.

"Wha-?" he rubbed his eyes and looked at me. "Well hello beautiful." he said kissing the tip of my nose. "I thought I was dreaming about a blonde."

"Really?" I blushed. "You dreamed about me?"

"Honestly, I can't make out the girl in my dreams through all the I'm sure its you." He kissed me again.

"Wait. You have a dream about fog?" I sat up abruptly. "What happens in it?"

He ran a hand through his hair. "Why? Its just some crazy dream. I'm looking for someone. I can hear her calling for me. But the fog is so thick I can't see her. Then finally I see a silhouette and I know its her whoever she is. Then I wake up. No big." He sat up. "Why?"

"How long have you been having them?"

"Since summer, Ivory why are you asking me about my dreams?"

"Because reoccurring dreams are supposed to mean something." I don't know why I hesitated to tell him that I had been having the same dream for about the same length of time. "Anyway, lets get up! Lets go somewhere! Let's do something!" I threw back the covers to hop out of the bed but he grabbed my arm.

"Stop, I thought we were going to talk?"

I sighed. "You aren't going to like this. But I guess you have to see it for yourself. Come with me." I took him to my room and opened a cupboard to reveal a pensive. Selecting a few memories I put them in the basin. "Go ahead." I gestured towards it. He looks at me and then slowly looks into the pensive.

We walked out of the restroom and walked over to the boys. Ron looked up and at the sight of me fell out of his chair. Harry looked up and his jaw dropped. "Well, well, well…" Came a unreasonably sexy drawl. I ignored it for fear I couldn't handle myself and I walked over to Harry and turned to face him. The drawl came from Draco Malfoy. "Potter, who is your new friend here?"

"You are muggle-born!" He paused. "Oh Merlin! Ivory I'm sorry!" He buried his head back on my shoulder. "I didn't know!"

I raised my eyebrows. "You don't care?"

"Of course not. I've been searching for you. There's no way I'm going to let you go because of your blood. Besides that's just a silly belief that my father had imbedded in me. I really don't care."

"Did you dress just for me?" He spun me around. "Green skirt, green sweater and hold on." He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me to him while he dropped to his knees. "Is this a piercing? A green and silver serpent?" He looked up at me, satisfaction setting in his eyes. "Wow." He whispered

"Well my lady, I've kept you up way past your bedtime." He said as we walked towards the portrait hole that led to the Gryffindor common room. "I would come in and tuck you in but I'm sure Potter would have my head." He pulled me into a kiss. "So are you mine?" he asked softly against my lips.

My breath caught in my chest. Me? Be Malfoy's girl? "Of course." I said smiling and giving him one last kiss before I climbed through the portrait hole.

Of course not. I wanted you to have something. And it must never come off okay?" He said taking my face in his hands. "You have to wear it at all times. It's charmed so that as long as we are truly together it'll stay on your neck until it's replaced."


"Shit!" I quickly replaced the disillusion charm and leaned down closer to my parchment as if I hadn't just heard Malfoy call for me.

"We have to break up." I said slowly sitting up.

If possible, his face got pale. "Why?"

"I have to go back home. I can't be here anymore, I can't do this anymore." I put my head down. "I'm so sorry. Just think though. You'll never be without me. You never really were. I have always been and will always be right in front of your eyes." Before he could say anything I got up and ran from the Head's compartment, changing my appearance back as I ran down the deserted corridor. My hair was flying freely behind my back. Flushed I ran into the Entrance Hall and plopped down into Harry and Ron.

"Damn it! I don't understand!" I heard Malfoy cry out. "What in the bloody hell do you mean? I've already thrown away everything! I don't care that you're not pureblood! I don't care that you're in Gryffindor! I don't care that you are close to the Boy-Who-Lives-to-Make-a-Fool-of-Me! I don't care! I just want you!" I adjusted the extendable ears that I had on. Was Malfoy crying? "Why? Why are you doing me like this love? Why are you torturing me! Can't you tell that I need you?"

"Oh Draco did you not understand my letter?" she stood up abruptly. "I told you I never left." she shook her head as I looked at her confused. "Goodness! Do I need to explain it to you?" The blank stare was still upon my face. "Wow! I thought you were cleverer than this." She began to pace the room. "I am someone that you have been around since you started school here at Hogwarts."

"Nonsense I would have known you." She cut me off.

"I am not in my true appearance."

Realization came over me. "Oh!" I said slowly. "Well then get in your true appearance."

A look of sadness came over her. "I can't." She sat down beside me and grabbed my hands. "Only way I can be sure that we can be together is if you figure it out on your own."

"Is that right Mudblood? Nothing I can do?" Then before I knew it he had his hands tangled in my hair and his lips were on mine in a kiss so passionate I felt my knees go weak. At first I was guarded but the shock of the kiss and the intensity of it made me kiss him back. Just as I was about to give into the urge to push my fingers through his hair he pulled back abruptly and stared at me, realization setting across his face. But as quickly as it was there, the look vanished to be covered by the classic Malfoy smirk "So what that do for you Granger?"

"What the bloody fuck happened here?" Draco demanded out loud.

"What horrible language son." Lucius chastised stepping from Draco's room. He shook his head. "So little manners, didn't you're mother and I teach you to speak when you're spoken to? CRUCIO!"

Draco fell to the floor screaming in pain. "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! EXPELLIARMUS!" Lucius' wand flew from his hand and into mine. Draco stopped screaming but remained on the floor twitching. "You horrible excuse of a man!" I dropped to my knees beside Draco to check on him.

"Ah, the mud blood." Lucius chuckled. "You are the mud blood that my idiot son has decided to befoul the Malfoy name with." He started down the stairs. "And such good looks too. What a pity it is that your bloodline is filthy."

"Don't you come near her!" Harry said venomously.

"Hello Potter. I was wondering when you were going to speak up." He waved his hand and Harry crumbled to the floor beside Draco.

"What have you done to him?" I reached over and checked Harry's pulse. It was strong, a little sporadic but strong.

"Never you mind." Suddenly he was in front of me and had a hold of my robes. He pulled me to my feet. "I'm warning you Mud blood. Keep away from my son, or else!"

I couldn't help but laugh in the man's face. "What kind of threat is that Lucius? Or else? Surely you can do better than that? Surely your so-called master taught you more than that? Or are you just as much of a coward as Voldemort-" I fell to the floor as he released my robes and backhanded me.

I waited as he watched my memories. I couldn't decide if letting him look alone was a good idea or not but I just couldn't bear to relive it without crying. So I sat on my bed, pulling on a strand of hair and waited. He finally stood up and just stood there facing the cupboard. I didn't know what to do. In fear of upsetting him I just sat and waited for him to speak.

"Change back." he said quietly, still facing away from me.

"What I can't hear you."

"Change back." he said louder.

"Oookay." I quickly reverse the charm. "Are you going to turn around?"

"Have you changed?"


He slowly turned around and looked at me. "All that really happened?" I nodded. He rushed to kneel in front of me and put a hand on my cheek. "He hit you?" Leaning into his hand, I nodded again. Pulling me into him for a hug he whispered. "I am so sorry."

"Its okay Drake." I said playing with his hair. "I'm okay."

"Its not okay!" he shouted, standing up. "He hit you! And took my memories! I looked so happy..." Shaking his head, he started to pace. "I've never looked like that in my he stole it from me! Who knows if I will ever get those memories back!"

I walked over to him and grabbed his hand. "We can make new memories. Don't let him win. We can still do this Drake."

"Let me see the necklace." He reached for where the chain should be. I reversed the disillusion charm and the necklace appeared in his hand. "You are mine." he whispered. He felt along my neck and collarbone. "If you weren't meant for me the necklace would reject you. You'd have a rash and it would hurt to wear it. This is a Slytherin heirloom. You can't take it off. Only I can, in the event that you've broken my heart and all love is lost."

My breathing picked up with every word he said. A Slytherin heirloom to prove that you have found the one? How Cinderella of them! It's like the glass slipper... kind of. Well the concept at least. "And your dreams..."

"Its gotta be you." he whispered leaning his forehead against mine. "It has to be."

"I have them every night. The exact same dream." I whispered back.

He jerked back. "Really?" He walked out of my room. Following him out, I saw him kneel in front of the fireplace. Throwing floo powder in he stuck his head in the flames. "Mother!" he yelled. She must have responded because he then said. "Please come over." And sat back out of the hearth.

"Your mum Drake?" I said freaking out. "Is this a good idea?"

He got up and sat on the couch. "Sit down Ivory. Oh and I still like the blonde look by the way." Nodding I change my hair. "Leave the eyes and lose the tie."

Laughing nervously I sat beside him. "Better?"

He glanced at me, smoothed down my fringe and then pulled out his wand to change my outfit. I was suddenly wearing grey leggings and a long off the shoulder emerald green sweater with black stitching and some black ballet flats. "Yes, much better. Mother is all about appearances."