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Damn that bint was fast! I swear to Merlin I was right behind her. I ran all the way to the Head dorms, saying the password I stormed up to her door. BAM BAM BAM I beat on her door. No answer. "Granger open this damn door!" Silence. "Granger I swear if you do not open this door I will blast it down! Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that?" BAM BAM BAM "Open this door right now!"

"If I open it will you go away?" she said softly.

"Are you crying?" I sneered. "What the hell happened to your bloody Gryffindor pride?"

The door opened. "Go away Malfoy."

My jaw dropped. This wasn't Granger at all. I was looking at this beautiful blonde blue eyed creature and I was shocked to she that she had been crying. "Excuse me doll, but can you send Granger out? She and I need to have some words."

She tilted her head to the side. "Are you daft Malfoy?"

Did he just talk to me like he didn't know who I was? "What do you mean where is Granger?"

"Listen Beautiful, I know you know where she is. How else did you get in here? The dorm only opens for Heads. So where is she?" he asked leaning against the door frame. "As much as I would enjoy to just sit here and talk to you Granger and I must have it out."

Why is he... oh shit. "Hold on." I shut the door in his face and went to the mirror over my dresser. Touching my blonde hair and blinking my blue eyes. I'll be damned. When did I transform to Ivory?

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Excuse me Gorgeous. Open up."

I slowly walked back to the door dazed. Surely he wasn't going to fall for this again? Seriously? I opened the door pushing him back and walked over to an armchair. "What is it you need Malfoy?"

"How is it that you know my name but have yet to tell me yours?" he asked sitting on the arm of the chair.

Still not believing his amnesia I looked up at him incredulously. "Really? You don't remember me?"

He pushed a stray lock of hair back. "I'd never forget you."

"So you have amnesia right?" I asked pointedly.

"That's what they say. I don't remember anything from this year. Last thing I remember is getting ready to go to Diagon Alley to get school supplies."

"I met you that day. I was with Harry, Ron and Ginny eating Ice cream when you came up and introduced yourself. You really don't remember anything?" I revealed the jewelry he had gotten me.

"Wow! Aren't you a walking symbol for Slytherin? It clashes with your tie though." he smiled running a finger along the snake slithering around my wrist.

"That's what I think you were aiming for."

"Me?" he asked looking confused.

"Yes you Drake." I grabbed his hand. "You gave me all of this. Well except for the belly button ring, I had that already. It gave you the idea for it all." I looked into his wide eyes as he tried to grasp what I was saying. "None of this is ringing any bells? Drake we have been dating since the beginning of term."

"Then what was that shit with Granger?"

"Shh..." I touched a finger to his lips. "Lets talk later. I'm drained. Its Saturday, why don't we take a nap?" I grabbed his hand and led him to his room. I sat on his bed pulling the blankets back. "Come on Drake. Let's just figure it out later."

Hesitatingly he got into the bed next to me. "We've seriously been dating all term?"

Smiling because it seemed like I was making progress. "Yes and you can ask all the questions you want after this nap." I cuddled up to him breathing deeply. Merlin I missed this. I missed his scent, his touch. mmmmmm

"Promise" he whispered.

"Promise." I kissed his cheek and smiled as sleep finally came.

Damn this fog!

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