Sam was fumbling her sleep when her alarm went off. Then she looked at her calender. "Crap. Cheese fry Monday." The thing she hatedabout CHeese fry Monday was that it had NOTHING to do with Cheese fries in the first place.Oh and It lasts for a week. She called upher friends but, they were at school already. "Weird. Danny nor Tucker would normally wake up early for school. Well. here goes." Shesaid, walking to school. She hated the bus. Full of smoke and sweat, that can really hurt the environment. She approached the buildingonly to see that it looked like a giant cheese wheel. " What the hell?" Danny saw her and came to her side. " Happy Cheese fry Monday!""What are you here so early? Normally, I'm the early one." "Well, there was a duck in the road on Friday and then Tucker and I decided,Why not make the school look like a giant cheese wheel. And the commitee loved it!" "Where is Tucker?" He pointed to him."And why ishe wearing my outfit?" " I don't know" Danny answered. "But I got this wierd message on my cell phone that this Cheese Fry Monday isgonna be wierder than ever." They walked up to Tucker.

"Hi Tuck" Danny said. "How you doing, Hot stuff?" "WHAT?" he replied in a rather creeped out tone. "You heard me baby. You know"he turned to Sam. " You're perrtier than my sister. Will you marry me?" Sam raised a creeped eyebrow. "Do you even have a sister? andyou're nuts." "Then he started punching himself "Really nuts." Tucker soon revealed a chrome exoskeleton. "Sequence eruption in 87, 54,32, eggsalad , 0!" Boom. "Sam, you alright?" Danny said, pulling his friend to his side. "I'm fine. Thanks but what the hell was that allabout?" " I got a robot" Shouted a voice from afar. It was the real Tucker, in normal clothes. "So, you got a robot that started hitting on me and Danny?" "Hehe, it wasn't supposed to do that!" He looked at it. "Or wear clothes from Sam's closet." Sam looked at it. "How'dyou get into - Is that thing wearing my underwear?" Sam blushed as they noticed it was , indeed, wearing her underwear. "Awkward.""Yeah. Let's go inside." The boys nodded in agreement with their friend as they entered the building; but when they entered, they really ,really ,really ,wish they hadn't.

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