The Ultimate Shock

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Author's Note: I know the title sucks but this is my first one, so R&R I'd love for some pointers and don't afraid to be harsh.

Summary: so basically it's about three months after the big fight and Christy is dead. Billie finds out she's pregnant.


Chapter 1

After what happened three months ago she thought nothing could surprise her, that after 15 years of searching for her sister she'd end up killing her.

But what just happened to the small yet very strong blonde surprised her, she was pregnant. She sat in her room in the Halliwell manor looking at the pregnancy test in her hand, staring at the little blue line that just change her life. She had an inner fight with herself for the past hour "what I'm gonna do?! I cant keep this baby. I mean I can but how I would raise him?! No I am not ready to be a mom! But maybe I am?".

Meanwhile behind her door a small brunette was standing, trying to hear what was going on inside "Phoebe!" her older sister whispered to her in a firm tune. she shushed her while backing away from the door.

"Something's going on with Billie" Phoebe said when they got to the living room,

"What did you expect, she lost her sister three months ago, in fact, she killed her sister to save us, and the world but that's not important right now" Piper said trying to make a point

"I know that, I've been there. It's something else I tried to sense what she's feeling when you interrupted me but all I could sense was happiness mixed with pain mixed with anger mixed with confusion, but mostly happiness"

"She needs time to think about everything. Maybe after that she'll come to talk to us about whatever it is, just give her time. Go home, Coop's probably waiting for you"

"Okay" Phoebe said unwillingly,

Evening, the next day

"Time's-up. Piper she hasn't left her room all day. I'm going in to talk to her." Phoebe said firmly

"Okay, just take this to her" Piper hands Phoebe a large tray filled with Piper's cooking.

Phoebe walks up the stairs to her old room, she knocks on the door waiting for an answer.

Billie hears the knock on the door and quickly hides the pregnancy test under her pillow.

Phoebe comes into the room "Hi honey, Piper sent this" she puts the tray on the bedside table, "how are you feeling?"

"I'm…I'm fine"

"You sure? We're worried, you didn't came out of this room the entire day, Do you want to talk? 'Cause if you do I'm here to listen"

"No…no I'm fine"

"Okay honey, but if you want to talk I'll be downstairs"


Phoebe walks to the door, she opens the door and suddenly "Phoebe?"

"Yeah" she closes the door and turns around to see Billie with tears in her eyes, she goes to Billie and hugs her.

Billie puts her head on Phoebe's shoulder and cries.

"What is it?" Phoebe asks softly.

Billie stops crying and moves her pillow, Phoebe sees the pregnancy test.

"Sweetie…is that?"

Billie nods her head, Phoebe's mind went blank for a second, how is it possible the small blonde girl who was like a little sister to her could be pregnant?! She hugged Billie again but this time even tighter.

"How?" that was the only thing Phoebe could say.

"I think it was like 2 weeks after what happened with Christy, it was one of those floor parties in my dorm, mix grief, alcohol and a guy it bounds to end badly, I can't even remember his name or how he looked like." Billie's eyes filled with tears "the only thing I remember is waking up in my bed with a really bad hangover and a note on the pillow".

Billie pulls out a note from a drawer next to her that says: "Thank u for a magical night." with a big smiley drawn at the bottom.

"I guess even the ultimate power can end up knocked up"....