The Ultimate Shock

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- All the lines that are tilt with an under line are Billie's voice over. -


Chapter 10

Billie was sitting in her bed, tired, a little sore, but happy. Finally she could hold her babies in her arms. She looked down at the sleeping baby girl in her arms with awe and admiration.

Piper walked into the room with the baby boy in her arms "Hi mommy"

"Hi." Billie said with a weak smile, Piper sat next to Billie.

"So how do you feel?"

"Tired, a little sore but happy. Very happy."

"Yeah, I'll never forget how I felt when Wyatt was born, it was like there wasn't anymore pain… just happiness." She looked down to the baby in her arms "So I guess their father is a Whitelighter."

"I guess" Billie said with a yawn.

Piper got up and put him in the cradle next to Billie, she took the baby from Billie's arms and put her in the other cradle, "Go to sleep" Piper said softly and kissed Billie on the forehead.

Billie nodded in agreement.

"We'll be downstairs if you'll need anything"


Piper walked to the door, "Piper?" Billie asked.

"Yes" Piper turned to her.

"Thank you for everything, all of you guys"

"No problems sweetie," Piper said with a smile "Now, get some rest."

Billie lied down, Piper turned off the lights off "Good night."

"Good night." Billie looked at her babies "Good night," she whispered to them and closed her eyes.

Down at the living room the sisters were talking Paige took Julie home, she need to sleep she have school tomorrow, Leo orbed in.

"The father of Billie's baby is a Whitelighter!" he said excited

The sisters looked at him with boredom "Yeah, we know" Paige said.

"How do you know?"

"One of the babies just orbed out of her"

"What?! Orbed?!..." The sisters nodded in agreement "Babies?!..." the nodded again "Why didn't you called me?"

"You were busy" Piper said in a childlike voice.

"You just orbed out" Phoebe said.

"I wasn't that busy"

"Don't worry she'll be up soon, she have two mouths to feed" Piper said.

"So what did you found on the father?" Phoebe asked.

"Oh yeah, he's a whitelighter, well half a whitelighter and half a… demon."

"What?!" the sisters said

"Apparently his father was a high level demon, very close to the source and his mother was a whitelighter. She lost her wings shortly after she found out she's pregnant, she was killed a few months after he was born. His father was vanquished a few years ago."

"Do we know who the father is? Is he in the book?" Paige asked.

"Oh we know him it's…"

"Cole" Phoebe cut into Leo's sentence "Leo, could you find him? I want to talk to him" Leo looked at her puzzled "Ok."

"Now would be good" Phoebe said, Leo orbed out.

"What was that? No one is allowed to boss my husband except for me" Piper said.


They heard baby cries. "Billie!" Paige jumped; they went upstairs by the time they got to Billie's room the crying subsided. They entered to Billie's room to see her feeding one of the babies.

"She was hungry" Billie said, a little sleepy.

When Billie finished feeding the babies they fell asleep. Suddenly Leo and a young man orbed in

"Found him!" Leo said winningly.

"Shhh…you'll wake them." Billie said quietly.

Leo turned around to see them, he looked at them lovingly he looked at them like if they were his grandchildren or even his own children, it was cute.

He turned to Billie, he hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear "I'm so proud of you and I'm sure they are too" he kissed her on the forehead.

She smiled to him with teary eyes "Thank you."

"Hey who are the cute babies' parents?" the young men said clearly to tired to think.

"Mine" Billie said

"And..." Piper started to say

"Some unknown male" Leo jumped in

"Ok" The young man said puzzled

Piper gave Leo the "What the hell are you doing?!" look and he answered her in the "I'll explain everything later" look married people "Oh Billie, meet Colin- your new whitelighter."

Colin looked at Billie more like checking me out from head to bottom, after a moment he realized who she was he grabbed Leo's arm and pull him out of the room.

"Dude, I can't be her whitelighter!"

"Why not?"

"We had this amazing drunk night a few months ago, but after that she never talked to me and…"

"She doesn't even remembers you, she doesn't know who you are"

"But it was so amazing and I was so damn scared to come to talk to her in person so I left her like dozen notes and…"

"You singed with the letter C., there hundreds of guys their name starts with C"

"I didn't think of it like that… I just wanted to spend more time with her, that night was one of the significant nights in my life…"

"For her too'

"It was like love at first sight…"

"You love her?!"

"I don't know? Maybe, I think so."

"So go tell her! She needs to know who you are, she needs to know the father of her babies."

"What?! The cute babies are mine?"

"And hers"

"I have kids…"

"Now go talk with their mother."

"Ok, I'm gonna talk to her" Colin entered the room, he grabbed Billie and kissed her, she pushed him away.

"What the hell was that for?!" Billie asked pist

"That was for our magical night" Colin said, hoping she'll remember.

"It's you!"

"Yes! You remembered!"

"Of course I remember your stupid note! I wake up with no clothes to find a note on my pillow!"

"I'm sorry I…"

"Get away from me or…or Piper will blow you up!"

"What?" Piper asked confused

"Please" Billie asked pleading

"Okay, but maybe you should give him a chance, when you'll be calm"

"I am calm!"

"Yeah, like Paige without coffee"

"Hey" Paige jumped.

"Please Billie give me another chance" he reached out his hand to touch Billie's hand.

"Piper, blow him up!"

"Orb out" Phoebe said.

"What?" Colin asked.

"Orb out now!" Phoebe said, he orbed out quickly.

"The next time he'll come near me or them, I swear I'll vanquish him" Billie said .

"Billie give him a break, he was scared to come to talk to you and he didn't knew what to do"

"What about me? I was…" a baby crying interrupt her to finish the sentence, Billie ran to the baby she picked him up and started to rock him, but he wouldn't stop crying.

Paige walked to her

"Let me try." Billie gave Paige the crying baby and sat on her bed.

Paige rocked the baby and sang to him.

"Hush, little baby, don't say a word, Aunt Paige's going to buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, Aunt Paige's going to buy you a diamond ring…" the crying stopped and the baby fell asleep along with Billie.

Time lapse

Billie is asleep on the sofa in the living room "Mommy…mommy…" a three year old girl came running into the living room waking up Billie

"What sweetie?" Billie asked half asleep

"Ryan scared me again…he orbed behind me and scared me, vanquish him mommy!" the little girl said

"Ryan Jacob Jenkins!" Billie called

A three year old boy orbed into the living room "Yes mommy?"

"What have I told you about scaring your sister?"

"To no do it… but she…she started it, she used her powers to hide my red truck"

Billie turned her look to her daughter "Jessica Halliwell Jenkins, what have I told about using your power against other people and especially on your brother?"

"To not do it"

"That's right now both of you say you're sorry to one and other"

Paige orbed in "Auntie Paige!" both of the three year old yelled together

"Shhh…hey guys, Noah is sleeping" she placed the sleeping baby in Melinda's cradle oh if I didn't mentioned Piper and Leo have a two year old girl and also Phoebe and Coop her name is Rose

"What happened to you?" Paige asked a very sleepy Billie

"We had a little d.e.m.o.n attack last night and it gave Jesse some nightmares"

"Oh" Paige said

"Auntie Paige, auntie Paige did you knew our birthday is next week?" Jesse said

"Of course I knew sweetie"

"And mommy said she'll buy us everything we want" Ryan added

Billie looked at her kids with a smile, "Hi babe" a man pulled her to him and kissed her.

"Hi Colin" he sat next to her and they both watched their kids talking with Paige with a great smile on their faces.

"Good job" Cole said standing by the stairs

"I know" Prue said and stood beside him

"You know… you warmed up to me" he reached out his arm to placed it on Prue's shoulders

"Maybe… but you still not allowed to touch me" Prue said with a grin and Cole pulled back his arm and they just stood there as the living room filled with the Halliwell family members.

Almost 4 years had passed and still I can't stop thinking about my big sister, Christy. Even if she was evil till the night she was kidnapped, she was my sister, in all the time she spend there in that cell she lost the most valuable thing she had, her innocence. And I thought about it and I figured out that The gift of innocence is ironic. Because you are too naive to know you got it in the first place but when you lose the gift, only then you learn to value of how important she was, you get the chance to miss her. Hoping for the day you'll get her back.

And no matter what I still have a place for her in my heart.


I want to thank for all of you who read this far of the story, and wish you'll have a great life.

Ally thank you sooo much for everything

Thank you for reading