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One Piece: Another Story

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Dream

Shell Town… a place with a Navy Base… the captain of the Navy Base was a cruel and corrupt man named Captain Morgan… he made the people he was suppose to protect live in fear… however a mysterious young girl known only as Dream protected the people from him with help from her talking pet rabbit Kinky… no one liked Kinky… not even Dream, in fact Dream often sent Kinky to the base in hopes they would lock her up… but Kinky would always escape other than Kinky, Dream Protected everyone on the island… however one day before Dream could do anything to save a little girl named Rika from Captain Morgan's idiot son's dog, the swords man Roronoa Zoro saved her... however he was arrested as he killed the dog, Zoro made a deal with the Idiot son who's name was Helmeppo... that if he could last for a month on the execution ground he would be let go… who would have thought that it would lead up to a chain of events that would change the island forever…

Two small boats landed on the island, one had a sail with a pink rabbit and blue cat, it also held a galley, the other… plain with no rooms and was smaller than the other boat. Inside the smaller of the two was a boy named Monkey D Luffy, he had messy black hair but it was covered in a Straw Hat, he wore a red vest and shorts and sandals. The other a boy younger than Luffy named Koby he pink hair and wore a pair of thick glasses. Inside the other boat were two girls, one had pink waist long hair, she wore a pink sundress and a white sun hat with a pink ribbon tied around it he name was Gi Usa, the other girl had short blue hair, wore a teal t-shirt and a jean skirt, along with a blue baseball cap her name was Kone Ko and he was also Usa's younger half sister. Luffy was a newbie pirate captain, while Usa and Ko were his crew members, Usa was the cook and Ko the musician. Koby on the other hand was going to join the Marines.

"Wow I can't believe you got us here fast too!" said Luffy to Koby.

"Well all I did was navigate…" said Koby, "You should really find a navigator soon…"

"Yeah, yeah…" said Luffy running off, "After we get Zoro to join!"

"Wait for me Luffy!" said Usa.

Ko looked to Koby, "Koby… he probably won't listen to you… I already know his type… he's an idiot…" said Ko.

"I guess your right…" said Koby.

"Well we better go fallow…" said Ko.

"Right…" said Koby.

Dream was standing on top of a building… she had pure white hair… all natural… that she wore down and reached to the back of her knees, she also had golden eyes, she wore a white t-shirt with a gold sailor color, silver tie, a 4 layered skirt, the top being gold, then silver, then copper and the bottom black, she had chopper high heels with ballerina style straps, she also wore white silk gloves that r4eached past her wrists and a black mask over her eyes.

"They seem interesting…" said Dream.

"They sure do!" said Kinky, a blue rabbit appearing on her shoulder.

"How did you get out this time?" asked Dream with a sweat drop.

"I'll never tell…" said Kinky in a haunting voice.

Dream rolled her eyes with a sigh.

"So you found some kid looking for a crew heading towards the Grand Line… am I right…" said Kinky.

"I think I did… but even if he asked to join I can't… not until… Captain Morgan is gone… I can't leave my family with him running this island…" said Dream.

Kinky jumped down from Dream's shoulder, "They aren't your family kid… remember that…" said Kinky.

"Kinky… they are… mom might have found me and adopted me… but they are my family… even if not by blood…" said Dream.

"They aren't your family… and the sooner we find out about the fate of the Dream Kingdom the better…" said Kinky.

"Well wer should get going… after all there's no trouble here…" said Dream, she was about to jump from the roof but tripped and fell to the ground below…

"Owie!" she cried.

"She's such a klutz…" said Kinky with a laugh.

Not too long later…

Helmeppo just threw Rika over the fence of the exaction ground… it was after sh tried to help Zoro by feeding him rice balls... Luffy managed to catch her so she didn't' get harmed. Koby and Usa tried to comfort her as Luffy fallowed by Ko attempted to get Zoro to join. As Rika was crying some showed up and said "Trying to help Zoro again?"

Koby and Usa looked at who said it, it was golden eyed white haired girl, who's hair was done in long pig tails, as she wore a blue and red sailor fuku.

"Yume…" aid Rika, "What happened to your forehead…"

The girl named Yume had a band-aid on her forehead…

"I fell…" said Yume.

"How many stories?" asked Rika who stopped crying.

"Three…" sighed Yume, "I won't tell that you were trying to help Zoro mom if you won't tell her I was patrolling again…"

"Deal…" said Rika.

"Thank you for helping my sister…" said Yume with a bow.

"It's nothing really…" said Koby.

"Yeah… Luffy was the one who caught her…" said Usa.

Yume just smiled at them…

"Well he won't join…" said Luffy climbing the fence.

"He's so suborn…" said Ko jumping over the fence.

"Like you?" asked Usa.

"Oh yeah… he said he liked your rice ball…" said Luffy to Rika.

"HE did!" said Rika happily.

"Your Luffy right… thanks for catching my sister when you did…" said Yume.

"Um… okay… who are you…" said Luffy.

"I'm Yume her older sister…" said Yume.

"Her adopted older sister!" said Kinky

"Kinky!" yelled Yume.

"How did she escape this time?" asked Rika.

"I don't know…" cried Yume.

"Looks a crate…" said Rika.

"Thank goodness…" said Yume… then she had an evil grin.

Yume grabbed the conveniently placed crate, stuffed the talking blue rabbit into it while Rika found some conveniently placed rope, after tying the box tightly Yume threw it over the fence.

"And stay arrested this time!" yelled Yume in a psychotic way.

Rika sighed, "Kinky or Zoro?" asked Yume.

"It's Zoro…" said Rika, "It's all my fault…"

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"It all happened three weeks ago…" said Rika.


Rika and Yume were walking down the street when there was a growling sound, there was a vicious looking dog, Rika tripped backwards as the dog turned it's attention to her.

"Rika!" cried Yume, "I can't transform here… but I can't let Rika get hurt…" she thought, she was about to take something from her pocket, when Zoro showed up and killed the dog.

"Hey what are you doing!" yelled Helmeppo arrested him.

And so Zoro was arrested…

(End of flashback)

Yume and Erika had just finished telling Luffy, Ko and Koby the story… Usa went food shopping since Zoro wouldn't join she minds as well restock.

"If only Dream could have came…" said Yume.

"Dream?" asked Koby and Ko.

"She's a heroine who's been protecting the people from Captain Morgan… she's very kind and she protects everyone… even thought she's a little clumsy…" said Yume.

"Well she's really clumsy, no one knows who she is and she's fantastic…" said Rika.

"Maybe she'll join my crew! If I can find her that is…" said Luffy.

"She can't… I'm sure she'd love to… but she… I'm sure she has to protect her loved ones… maybe if Captain Morgan was gone… but now while he's still around I doubt it…" said Yume.

"What would make you say that?" asked Ko.

"Just a guess…" said Yume.

Usa showed up, "Guys… it's bad! Really, really bad." she said.

"What?" asked Luffy.

Helmeppo showed up, "In three days I will be executing Zoro…" said Helmeppo.

Everyone but Usa gasped in shock.

"You promised that you'd release him if he survived to the end of the month…" said Luffy.

"That… that was a lie… and the beast believed it…" laughed Helmeppo.

Luffy socked Helmeppo in the face, then Usa walked up to him.

"I decided my answer…" said Usa, "Gi Style Martial Arts! Kick to the Danger Zone!"

Then Usa kicked Helmeppo in the nuts.

Koby was restraining Luffy while Usa ran away with Ko chasseing her.

"I've made my decision…" said Luffy, "Zoro is joining"

"Yume… Rika!" said a voice, both turned around and saw their mother.

"Hi mom!" said Yume.

"Rika were you helping Zoro… Yume… your forehead… you were out again weren't you…" said their mother.

She turned to Luffy who began to run to the base, "Mom… I have the feeling that this si going to be Captain Morgan's last stand… and I want to be a part of it… if we fail and I do come back… you can ground me…" said Yume.

Their mother sighed, "Go do what you have to do…" said their mother.

"But maybe you should find a good place to change…" said Rika.

"Your right…" said Yume with a small laugh then she took out a small wand and took off the ban-aid from her forehead.

About 20 minutes later…

"Just hand me my swords!" yelled Zoro still tied to the post.

"I think he's only making them tighter… just let me cut him loose!" yelled Ko.

"I can do this…" said Luffy.

"Sorry…" said Usa blushing a bit, "I didn't hit any of them."

"That's because you used you smallest attack!" yelled Ko.

The situation looked dire… Captain Morgan, was on the grounds with his troops, all of them with swords, the Marines were about to strike.

"Light Beam!" said a voice.

A bema of light hit many of the Marines, knocking them out. Everyone look towards where the light came from. There stood Dream holding a gold wand.

"So your that Dream that's keeps interfering with my protection of this town…" said Captain Morgan.

"Protection of this town? You're the one they need protection from… you better watch out Trap Jaw because this is you last stand…" said Dream.

"Get her men!" called out Captain Morgan.

Dream smirked as she jumped down from the wall… well ore like fell off face first…

"Owie!" she cried.

"Hey can you this chance to Zoro untied!" said Koby who just woke up after being unconscious.

"I got one rope done…" said Luffy.

"Now give me my swords!" yelled Zoro.

Zoro cut himself loose.

"Let's get to it!" called Usa.

"Luffy… I agreed to join you but I have one thing I want to tell you… I want to be the Best Swordsman in the world… if being a member of your crew gets in the way of my dream in I will make you seppuku…" said Zoro.

"The best swords men… you have to be if you going to be in my crew because I'm going to be king of the pirates…" said Luffy.

Zoro grinned as he placed his third sword in his mouth.

They began to help Dream fight the Marines using some sort of Marital Arts Style, Usa used Gi Style of Martial Arts, Ko used Kone Style of Weapons, Zoro used his swords and took out more than the girl's combined… Luffy did nothing… however he was waiting for the perfect moment.

"Duck everyone!" said Luffy.

All 4 of his allies did just that… Luffy used Gum Gum whip sending the Marines to where Captain Morgan was standing.

"How did you do that?" asked Dream.

"I'm a rubber man… I ate the Gum Gum fruit…" said Luffy.

"A Devil Fruit?" asked one of the Marines.

"I've heard the story…" said Captain Morgan who began to explain the Devil Fruits.

"I don't think we can that guy, Zoro, Dream or those other two girls... they are all tough…" said one of the Marines.

"I won't except cowardice in my base so if you too scared to fight… shot yourself in the head on my order…" said Captain Morgan.

"That's terrible!" said Dream.

"Hey if you want to execute someone execute me!" yelled Luffy.

Luffy began to fight Captain Morgan… Captain Morgan began to take a pounding from Luffy, was cheering on Luffy very loudly. But suddenly her cheering stopped.

"Usa?" asked Ko she began to look around.

"What's wrong?" asked Dream.

"I can't find Usa…" said Ko.

"Stop right now!" yelled a voice.

Luffy continued to pound him until he saw the voice which turned out to be Helmeppo holding a pistol to Koby's head and using his other hand shut Usa's mouth tight. He got up and began to approach him

"I guess he's still angry about her kicking him in the nuts…" thought Dream with a sweat drop.

One step further and I will shoot four-eyes… and the girl will get it too…" said Helmeppo.

Ko just laughed "That a good idea…" said Ko.

Helmeppo just stared at Ko, "I'm not talking to you… you should know my sister isn't the best idea for a hostage… let him have it Usa!" said Ko.

Usa began to glow brightly, which caused him to let go, Usa threw Helmeppo over her shoulder. Koby gasped as he noticed Captain Morgan stood over Luffy with his axe hand ready to strike Luffy.

"Luffy behind you!" called Koby.

Before Captain Morgan can strike, Dream took out her wand and began to twirl it. "Silver Wind!", the twirling caused a sliver colored wind to blow Captain Morgan away a few feet.

"I was hopping to have the last move…" said Zoro.

"Too bad… you only dealt with him for only three weeks I dealt if him for three years…" said Dream.

"You defeated Captain Morgan…" said one of the marines.

"Uh-oh… better get ready for another battle." said Ko.

"Don't worry…" said Dream.

The marines began to celebrate.

"The hated Captain Morgan just as much as everyone else…" said Dream, "Luffy I heard that you wanted me to join your crew right?"

"How did you know my name?" asked Luffy.

"You're Yume… aren't you?" said Ko.

Dream anime fell, "You should have let me take off my mask first…" she said, she removed her mask and she was indeed Yume.

Then suddenly Zoro allowed…

Later they were at Yume and Rika's house.

"10 helping is more than enough…" said Zoro.

"Only 10?" asked Luffy and Usa still eating.

"Funny they seem hungrier than me…" said Zoro.

"Thanks for feeding along with the heroes." said Koby to Rika and Yume's mother.

"Koby you helped… it was small but you did…" said Yume now in her regular clothes and her hair in pig tails again.

"That kid did nothing…" said Kinky showing up out nowhere.

"How did you get out this time?" asked their mother with a sweat drop.

"The let me go... because Yume's no longer their enemy…" said Kinky.

"It figures…" mumbled Yume.

Yume cleared her throat "I will join you… as long you intend to head to the Grand Line…" said Yume.

"Of course… how else would I become King of the Pirates?" asked Luffy.

"Good… because I have to go to Grand Line…" said Yume.

"I'm going to miss you Yume…" said hugging her.

"Why do you have to go to the Grand Line…" said Ko.

"Well it all happened 15 years ago…" said their mother.

Their mother who in her early 20's was cooking a dinner, then a bright light appeared outside, she went out to see what it was and she found a small bundle, she looked inside the bundle, it was a baby, a strange compass like thing, a map and a letter.

"Please take of my daughter… out kingdom is danger, I sent her to the East Blue so she can be safe… her name is Yume and please take care of her please tell about her history… she is the Princess of our kingdom and please shop her the maps and the Eternal Pose… I know that when she is old enough that she will find out the fate our kingdom. When she is 13 a talking rabbit will show up and awaken her true powers… please take care of her and make sure she grows up to be a fine Young woman… signed Rose, queen of the Dream Kingdom." Read their mother.

(12 years later)

Their mother, a 5 year old Rika and 13 year old Yume were eating dinner.

"I can't believe Captain Morgan, he's new and he's taking over the place like he's a king… I wish I could stop him…" sauid Yume

"There's nothing you can do…" said their mother.

"Oh really!" said a voice.

The Kinky showed up.

"That rabbit's talking!" cried Rika.

"Wait you're the one that was sent to help Yume… right…" said their mother.

"That's right… the name's Kinky…" said Kinky doing a cool pose.

"Why do I have the feeling that things are about to get more interesting…" thought Yume.

(End of flashback)

"And since then I've been fighting Captain Morgan under the name Dream… and I will continue to fight under that name when I'm transformed…" said Yume, "I have to find about my past... and I have to find Dream Isalnd and find out the fate of my Kingdom…"

"Does that mean you really going?" asked Rika crying and hugging her adopted sister.

"Don't worry… one day I will return… and then I will know the truth of my past…" said Yume.

"Oh your not leaving with out me!" yelled Kinky.

"I guess I should… can't have you causing trouble for the marines…" said Yume.

"Yay!" cheered Kinky

"All right two more crewmembers…" said Luffy.

"I still don't think it's good idea to go to the Grand Line…" said Koby.

"But your not coming with us!" yelled Kinky.

"He's worried about his friends…" said Usa.

"That's right… each of you taught me how to be brave… each one of you showed to be my friend… I never had any friends until you guys…" said Koby.

"Don't worry we may be going though different paths but we're always be friends…" said Luffy.

"Don't worry, with mine and Usa's experience, Captain Oblivious' powers, Zoro's skill, Yume's transformation and Kinky's…" said Ko.

"Immortality…" said Yume in a very bitter voice… a voice that said "I tried killing her many times and failed".

"We'll be okay…" said Ko.

":You know 'm unsure you'll be able to join the Marines…" said Zoro.

"Yeah you were the cabin boy for Alvita… not that wasn't A Diva… that wasn't it either… the pirate woman you worked for…" said Usa.

"Their right they might enlist you…" said Ko.

Koby sighed, they were right, he hopped we would be allowed.

Jest then the marines showed up.

"So I hear your pirates…" said the highest ranking marine, "You did get rid of Morgan and we are grateful but we can't house Marines here… if you leave now we won't report you…"

"Well I guess we get going…" said Usa.

Luffy and his crew began to leave.

"Wait is he with you…" said the marine.

"No…" said Koby.

"I'll explain…" said Luffy.

Luffy about to spill the beans about Alvida, then Koby punched him then the tow began to fight, Usa managed to stop Luffy.

"Get out now… you obviously are not friends…" said the marine.

Koby as the crew was leaving saw Luffy smiling… it was a plan to get Koby to enlist… the bad part was that Luffy was an extremely bad actor… and everyone saw though it. In fact this happened when they got to the boats.

"Captain Oblivious you're such a bad actor… I wouldn't be surprised if they saw though it, you're the worst actor I've ever seen" said Ko.

"Hey! Bet you can't act better than me!" yelled Luffy.

Suddenly Ko fell to the ground, "It hurts…" she cried.

"Ko… are you all right…" said Usa.

"What's wrong?" asked Luffy.

"It's… it's… it's…" said Ko though the pain.

"Ko…" said Usa.

"Captain Oblivious' terrible acting!" said Ko jumping up, as it turns out she was acting.

Usa and Ko began to laugh, so did Zoro, Yume and Kinky… Luffy realized it was pretty funny so he joined in.

"Luffy!" yelled a voice.

Everyone turned around and saw Koby, he began salute.

"Thank you for everything!" said Koby.

"A marine saluting a pirate… interring…" said Zoro.

"Men salute!" said the high ranking marine showing up with the rest, also saluting them.

And so they sailed away in their two small boats, Zoro join Luffy in his while Yume and Kinky join the sisters in theirs. After they far enough from the island Kinky made an announcement.

"A while ago I stole this from Captain Morgan… it's a map to the Grand Line... I haven't looked at it but I knew one day we would need it…" said Kinky.

"Wow… so you are useful other than causing trouble…" said Yume.

"Hey!" yelled Kinky hading Yume the map.

"Yume you know how to read maps…" asked Luffy.

"Yeah… I'm pretty good navigator, I'm not great, but I'm good…" said Yume.

"All right we have a navigator…" said Luffy.

Yume opened the map, "Kinky is this a joke…" said Yume.

"Nope…" said Kinky.

"Have you even looked at it…" said Yume.

"Nope…" said Kinky.

"What's wrong with the map…" said Usa.

Everyone else began to look at the map…

"Someone else already stole it!" they all yelled.

It was true… the "map" was really a note that said "Thanks for the map to the Grand Line, signed Buggy the Clown" with the sign of Buggy the Clown's crew on it.

"That means… someone else already stole it…" said Ko with a sweat drop.

"Well we're going to steal it from Buggy!" yelled Luffy.

"Really?" asked Yume.

"Sounds fun to me…" said Ko.

"Minds a well…" said Zoro.

"Let's go!" said Usa.

"Killing clowns very fun! Maw ha ha ha!" said Kinky.

"All head towards… where ever Buggy is!" said Luffy.

Next Time: The crew diecdes to steal the map to the Grand Line from Buggy... but Luffy gets cpatuires now the crew msut save him... maybe thsi was a bad idea...

A/N: As mentioned before Nami and Sanji (and Chopper later on) won't join... however I do have the roles that the characters take over.

Navigator: Yume is a good navigator, not as good as Nami but better than Luffy or Zoro...

Cook: Usa is a good cook, not a good as Sanji but very good... everyone who eats it likes...

Lovable mascot: Kinky... however she's not a lovable as Chopper... in fact by the time they get to the Grand Line even Luffy will hate her for some reason.

Boss-lady: Ko will be taking over Nami's role of what I call "boss-lady", it fits sue her stagiest nature.

Doctor: There will a doctor joining the crew... I'm not saying who but it will be a surprise, only that it's a female and not an OC...