A/N: I advise no one to be eating raisins while reading this chapter... I won't say why but involves Kinky...

Chapter 6: The Truth of Klahadore

Jonathan had heard from Usopp, Kaya and Merry (the butler that looked like a sheep) that Klahadore had always been rude to Usopp… and that's putting it nicely… Merry had come up with the theory that Klahadore was trying to prove that Usopp was an "Animal" by trying to get Usopp to punch him and then banning him form the mansion. Not only that but this wasn't the first time he witnessed this… he had seen this play out many times…

"Klahadore… I know how you dislike Usopp and I know you're just looking out for Kaya but I told you so many times that the way you treat Usopp may cost you your job… and I'm afraid it has… I'm sorry but I'm going to say that you're fired!" said Jonathan.

The pirates gasped so did Usopp's "Pirates", Usopp was shocked, Kaya looked sad for a moment then realized something.

"I agree with my dad… you never treat Usopp with respect not only that but you often try to instigate him so he will hit you…" said Kaya.

Klahadore looked angry… very angry…

"Fine I'll go get my things and leave…" said Klahadore walking past Jonathan and into the mansion.

"Take that poop jacket!" yelled Kinky.

"Poop jacket?" asked Luffy.

"The coils on his jacket looks like poop…" said Kinky.

"Oh I see…" said Luffy.

Usopp looked towards the ground, "Thanks…" he said then he ran off.

"What's going on?" asked Luffy.

"He just needs some time to think…" said Kaya.

"I'm going to go talk to him…" said Luffy fallowing him.

Ko ran after both the long nosed lair and her idiot captain.

"Kaya why don't you bring your guests to you room… I have to do something…" said Jonathan.

Jonathon walked out of the gates and seemed to fallow the three teenagers.

"Is anyone else as confused as I am?" asked Pepper.

Later the pirates, Usopp's pirates and Kaya were drinking tea with crumpets and what looked like raisins in Kaya's room while Merry served them.

"I wonder why Ko fallowed Usopp…" said Yume sipping the tea.

"Well if I know Ko I bet she decided to tell him the story of our dad…" said Ko.

"Although we were planning to hold a celebration for Klahadore… it would have been three since he started working here…" said Kaya.

"It's really ashamed…" said Merry.

"That's too bad…" said Usa.

"I don't like the guy though…" said Yume.

"Why? You barely know the guy…" said Zoro the only one not having tea or eating any thing.

"It's kind of hard to explain… it feels like I know him form somewhere but I can't put my finger on it…" said Yume.

"Hey Merry…" said Carrot, "These raisins taste funny…"

"Raisins… I didn't give you raisins…" said Merry confused.

Kinky began to laugh while the reason dawned on them… everyone but Zoro, Merry and Kinky got up and ran out of room very quickly.

"Kinky… that was gross…" said Zoro.

"I know…" laughed Kinky.

Meanwhile Usopp was looking out to the sea when he heard a voice say "I envy you…"

Usopp turned around and saw Ko.

"What?" asked Usopp.

"Ko sat down next to him, "I envy you…" said Ko.

"Why?" responded Usopp.

"Well one thing is that you had a good dad… despite being a pirate… my dad…" said Ko who took a sigh, "My dad was a bastard… he lead my mom and Usa's mom though something that would end up in both of us being born… he wanted both of out mother to be pregnant and having one boy and one girl… but his plans failed and he ended up with both girls… he was planning on abandoning the boy and using the girl for his own selfish gains… but it failed and he abounded both of us… but your dad… is not like that at all…"

"You must really hate the guy…" said Usopp.

"You better believe it… in fact we met with him rent ally and let's just say I don't know if he survived his encounter…" said Ko.

Usopp laughed.

"So what got you down…" said Ko.

"Well it's just that…" said Usopp.

"Hello!" said Luffy hanging from a nearby tree that happened to be right in front of them.

Both Usopp and Ko jumped nearly a food in the air…

"You scared us!" yelled Usopp.

"Don't do that again!" yelled Ko.

Luffy jumped down and joined them.

"So what's got you so down…" said Luffy.

"Well it's just that Kaya and her dad and even some of the servants… they treat me like family…" said Usopp, "Sometimes I feel like… I don't know… like I don't diverse"

"I guess I should explain things…" came a voice behind them.

It was Jonathan… he sat down next to Luffy.

"I've been meaning to tell you something… but I keep forgetting…" said Jonathan rubbing the back of his head.

"What?" asked Usopp.

"You see your dad and I… were best friends growing up…" said Jonathan.

"What?" asked Usopp.

"Dun dun dun!" yelled Luffy. Ko sweatdroped after he said that.

"Yeah me and Usopp were practically inseparable when we were young…" said Jonathan.

"Really?" asked Usopp.

"Yeah… but it all changed after both of us got married…" said Jonathan.

"Let me guess you were whipped…" said Ko.

Jonathan sighed…

"I take that as a yes…" said Usopp.

"My wife didn't like Yasopp but until we left we did secretly hang out…" said Jonathan.

"Wait so your late wife whipped you?" asked Luffy.

Everyone else sweat dropped.

"We don't literally…" said Usopp.

"Okay… but I don't get it…" said Luffy.

"Anyways I thought that you would have been a good friend to Kaya after my wife died… she really needed a friend and I thought you were make a good friend…" said Jonathan, "And I was right… you did become good friends…"

Usopp smiled, "Today is my day!" he said, "I feel like nothing bad can go wrong today! Finding out more about my dad… seeing the butler get fired... today is my day!"

Jonathan laughed, "You remind so much of Yasopp at your age…" he said.

"Hey isn't that poop jacket…" said Luffy pointing down from the cliff they were at.

It was indeed Klahadore with some guy wearing a weird outfit, wore hear shaped sunglasses and indeed looked weird.

"Who is that guy?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know…" said Jonathan.

"So Jango it's been a while…" said Klahadore.

"So what was the plan again…" said the man named Jango.

"I'm sorry to say that things said not go according to plan…" said Klahadore.

"What happened?" asked Jango.

"I was fired today…" said Klahadore.

"What are the chances of all days?" said Jango, "So it everything canceled?"

"Not quite… I have formulated a plan already… there is a young who ruined it all… I have a plan that involves him…" said Klahadore.

"What is it?" asked Jango.

"The plan is to find him and hypnotize him into killing the man and his daughter…" said Klahadore.

"What?" whispered Usopp.

"Oh a hypno assassin… how original…" said Jango.

"It was all I could come up with in such a short time…" said Klahadore.

"So let me guess this guy is the one that got you fired…" said Jango.

"That's right…" said Klahadore.

"You know at first I thought it was a bad idea, you becoming a butler and I still think it… but then again I never went against you… Captain Kuro…" said Jango.

"Captain Kuro…" asked Luffy.

"An infamous pirate captain said to come up with plans… they thought he was a rouge member of the Kone clans but it was discovered he wasn't…" said Ko.

"They said that he was executed 3 years ago… but I guess he wasn't…" said Usopp.

"So what are they talking about…" said Luffy.

"It sounds like… he wants to kill me and Kaya… and will use Usopp as the assassin somehow…" said Jonathan.

"So the plan is for the men to attack the town while I hypnotize this guy…" said Jango.

"Precisely…" said Kuro.

"Oh no their going to attack the town too…" said Usopp.

Luffy was about to get up and yelled out something but Ko tackled him.

"Not a good idea…" said Ko.

"We should tell Kaya and Merry about this…" said Usopp.

Jonathan nodded in agreement.

They left as quietly as they could… without who they knew as Klahadore ever the wiser.

"Did you hear something?" asked Kuro.

"I don't think so…" said Jango.

Not too long later at the mansion…

"What!" said Kaya.

"That's right Klahadore is really a pirate named captain Kuro…" said Usopp.

"We all heard him…" said Ko.

"Wait! Do you mean Captain Kuro as in the one executed three years ago?" asked Yume getting up very fast surprising everyone.

"Yeah… why?" asked Usopp.

"So that's why he looked familiar… so he faked his death…" she said angrily.

"What's wrong?" asked Usa.

"I can't believe it! They say he was captured after he massacred all but one marine on a ship… that marine that survived was promoted as captain and was put in charge of his base…" said Yume angrily.

"That figures why she's so angry…" said Zoro who quickly figured it out.

"All because he faked his death my family and I had to suffer!" yelled Yume punching the coffee table in Kaya's room in half… there was also a crocking sound… but it wasn't the table…

"Yume… are you okay?" asked Luffy.

"I… think I just broke my hand…" said Yume in an emotionless tone that was Cleary hiding her pain.

"Let me look at that…" said Kaya.

Kaya began to examine Yume's hand when Usopp noticed something.

"Where's my pirate crew…" said Usopp.

"They left… they had to go blush their teeth many times… they are was they thought was raisins…" said Kaya.

"I'm never eating raisins in front of Kinky ever again…" said Usa.

"You mean you ate her poo…" said Ko who was cut off by Kinky holding a bowl of looked like chocolate covered raisins… "Anyone like some…"

Luffy was about to eat one when Ko said "I wouldn't want to eat that if I were you…"

Zoro shook his head "Kinky… you're sick…" he said.

"It doesn't look broken…" said Kaya.

"That's good…" sighed Yume.

Usopp cleared his throat "Look Kuro plans to somehow hypnotize me while pirates attack the town… I'm going to fight them as much as I can! But… I don't think I can do this alone…" said Usopp, "So will you guys help me?"

"Count me in!" said Yume, "Kuro brought a man I despise into power!"

"Of course you can count me in…" said Luffy.

"This sounds pretty fun so you can't count me in too…" said Usa.

"Me too…" said Ko.

"You might outnumbered so I'm joining too…" said Zoro.

Kinky said nothing… she just had shot gun out which she pumped, causing everyone to sweat drop.

"Okay…" said Usopp.

"I'm joining too…" said Kaya.

"Miss Kaya…" said Merry.

"Merry… Dad… Klahadore tricked us for nearly three years… and he was y personal butler… I can't allow him to do that…" said Kaya.

"Do what you have to do…" said Jonathan.

"Thanks…" said Kaya.

"Okay let's save the town!" said Luffy throwing his fist into the air.

Next Time: Usopp come up with a plan to fight the Pirates planning to attack the village but things go bad... very bad... what will happen?