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Chapter 7: Crack Pot Plans

The pirates along with Usopp and Kaya were trying to come up with a plan… but there were problems, one was that they didn't when the pirates were going to attack the town another was they didn't know how they would get Usopp to kill Kaya and Jonathan and another… was that Kinky was signing what she dubbed "The Jeopardy Song"… everyone tried their best to try to ignore the insane rabbit but it was hard…

"That's it!" yelled Ko she once again took out a roll of duck tape and tapped the rabbit's mouth shut.

After a not too happy Kinky was shut up they were finally able to think…

"So now that we're able to think does anyone have any ideas?" asked Yume.

"I think I have one…" said Usopp.

"What?" asked Ko.

The next morning before sun rise the intrepid group which not included Usopp and the crew but also had Kaya (who had a naginata strapped to her back) were on a slope where Usopp was pouring oil on the ground…

"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Ko.

"I'm positive…" said Usopp.

"I'm taking a poll… who think this plan will fail!" said Ko.

Kinky and Zoro raised their hands.

"Hey!" yelled Usopp.

"I can name three bad that can happen." Said Ko, "The first is that Usa sets this thing on fire."

"How will that happen?" asked Usopp.

"She right… it might happen." Said Usa.

"How?" asked Usopp.

"Well my Ki could set the hill on fire with pink flames." Said Usa.

"That sounds really weird." Said Luffy, "Can we see it?"

That was when Ko whacked Luffy on the head.

"And another thing… isn't there another slope on the other side of the island?" asked Ko.

"Yeah, it's the one you docked at." Said Usopp.

There was an awkward silence.

Ko sweat dropped, "See that's one of the problems." Said Ko.

"What's the third?" asked Zoro.

"I think it's obvious." Said Ko, "We all fall down."

"But I don't think none of that will happen." Said Usopp.

That was when they all heard the yells from the other side of the island.

There was another awkward silence…

"It's on the other side of the island." Said Ko.

The awkward silence somehow became even more awkward.

"You mean they're attacking the other side." Said Usopp.

"I told you would work." Said Ko.

"We have to get to the north!" yelled Luffy running.

Usopp and Kaya ran after Luffy as did Ko.

"Mwahahaha!" laughed Kinky evilly, she pushed Zoro, Yume and Usa down the hill before she headed there as well.

"Why did she do that?" asked Usa.

"Because she's insane." Said Yume.

"I see…" said Usa, "Either way that rabbit is going to pay!"


Usa's Ki sparked a fire that set it with pink flames.

"Oh it looks like all three things happened…" said Yume, "I SWEAR I WILL FIND A WAY TO TAKE REVENGE!"

Meanwhile with Usopp, Kaya and Ko who were running to the other slope.

"I don't think that idiot will make to the other slope." Said Ko.

"How do you know?" asked Usopp.

"Call it a hunch." Said Ko.

Meanwhile with Luffy, he found himself in the town.

"That's weird. "said Luffy, "I headed which ever felt colder…"

Back with Usopp's group Kinky joined them carrying two hand held cannons.

"LET'S DO THIS THING!" yelled Kinky.

"Where's the others?" asked Kaya.

"You tossed them into the oil… didn't you?" asked Ko.

"Maybe…" said Kinky.

Ko face palmed.

"I really hate you…" muttered Ko.

"But we haven't known each other long." Said Kinky.

"I know! BUT I STILL HATE YOU!" yelled Ko.

Meanwhile on the other side of the island, Zoro stared at down at the pink flames.

"I have to get passed it." He thought.

However Yume and Usa were talking about it.

"Hey! Zoro who do you want to carry you?" asked Usa.

"What" asked Zoro.

"Maybe you should be the one to carry him… remember I might trip." Said Yume.

"Oh good idea." Said Usa.

"What?" asked Zoro.

That was when Usa picked him up by the waist.

"You ready?" asked Usa.

"Almost!" said Yume taking out her wand, "Dream Power Make-Up~"

With that Yume transformed into Dream.

"What are you planning to do?" asked Zoro.

"Don't question it." Said Dream.

Zoro sweat dropped.

Back on the other side of the island, Usopp's group managed to arrive, just as the pirates were running up the slope.

"I am the great pirate Usopp!" yelled Usopp, "And me and my crew are here to stop you!"

"Now's not the time for that!" yelled Ko.

Below, Jango noticed that one of them was Kaya.

"Okay! Make sure not to kill the girl!" said Jango.

"Which one!" asked one of the pirates.

"The blonde." Said Jango, "I think."

The pirates rolled their eyes.

"All right are you ready?" asked Usopp.

"I am." Said Kaya grabbing her naginata.

Ko took out her throwing weapons.

"Oh hellz yeah!" yelled Kinky.

Kinky shot her two hand cannons.

"That weird bunny is shooting at us!" yelled one of the pirates.

That was when several of the pirates shot at Kinky, so Kinky decided to play dead.

"Whoa is me! For I am dead!" said Kinky falling to the ground.

"That was pointless…" muttered Ko.

She began to throw her weapons at them, but many of them managed to dodge.

"They're still coming!" panicked Usopp.

"Usopp did you bring you caltrops?" asked Kaya.

"I did!" said Usopp.

"Then take them out!" said Ko.

Usopp took them out and gave some to Kaya and Ko who joined in throwing them… thankfully none of them some how got behind them.

All of the pirates began to step on the caltrops.

Koko managed to grab a rapier while Kaya one grabbed her naginata.

"What?" asked Usopp.

"Don't worry Usopp, I know you're scared." Said Kaya, "But I'll protect you."

"Kaya…" whispered Usopp.

"Sorry to kill the moment but their recovering." Said Ko.

One of the pirates tried to attack Kaya with a sword but she blocked with the shaft. Ko on the other hand had fought them.

"All right!" said Usopp.

He took out several pellets and put them into his slingshot, he began to shoot the pirates.

Unfortunately while they were doing good against the pirates they were no match for the shear numbers.

One attacked Kaya from behind while another attacked Ko from behind, both of them were sent flying.

"You okay?" asked Ko.

"I'm fine." Said Kaya managing to recover.

"Looks like you two will have to come with us." Said one of the pirates.

"Don't you dare!" yelled Usopp.

However a pirate attacked him from behind with a club.

"Usopp!" cried Kaya.

"If you want him to get hurt any more you two have to come with us." said the pirate who knocked out Usopp.

That was when a two stretchy fists, golden balls, pink energy beams and what seemed to be a slicing wind blew away the pirates.

"Usopp! Why did you give me the right directions!" yelled Luffy.

"Kinky! I'm going to find a way to kill you!" yelled Dream.

Zoro and Usa couldn't come up with a better threat.

"Oh you say that all the time." Said Kinky getting back up.

And now with the cavalry having arrived the fight will really begin…

Next Time: The fight heats up between the two pirate crews... what going opt happen... will hypnosis be involved and are there more unseen members of Kuro's crew? Find out next time!