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Hi everyone and welcome to The Muse's Playground, a collection of drabbles and ficlets I've written for the 100 Situations community at livejournal. Although many of these will be for the community there will also be some pieces that I've written just to keep the muse from deserting me, she can be such a tyrant sometimes. Anyway there is no set genre or pairings in these so please read with an open mind. Most pairings I imagine will remain canon but I do intend to try alternate, I do after all have to redeem myself for being so mean to Enishi in Forever Mine. If there is a pairing in the drabble/ficlet I will put the initials in the title like I did this one that way you will know ahead of time. I don't do yaoi so don't worry if you happen to see EK or AK they will be m/f. Oh and one last warning, the rating may change. Well I guess that's about all there is to say except I hope you enjoy the ficlets...

Note - This drabble was written for a community I used to be a member of at lj... very short but I hope you still enjoy.

Art Class

"What!... What do you mean 'Naked!" Kenshin nearly shouted, completely forgetting that there was a room full of students on the other side of the door.

Kaoru's smiled widened as she shook the sheet again. "We're doing proportions today and it would be kind of hard with you fully clothed."

Kenshin could only stare at his girlfriend horrified. For some reason he had the feeling this had been a complete set up from the beginning. Narrowing his eyes he glared at her. She had left out that little piece about being naked when she'd asked if he would pose for her art class.

Shaking his head he scowled, there was no way in hell he was going to stand in front of all those girls in nothing but his skin. "I am not posing naked! Go get Sano I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

Kaoru sidled up to him, her smile slowly turning into the cute pout he always had a hard time resisting. "But the students need someone who's well built..." pausing she eyed him from head to toe."... and you are very well built."

Kenshin's scowl deepened, so she wanted to play that game did she. Taking the last step separating them he snatched the sheet out of her hands and clasped her tight to his chest. Leaning in he came to within inches of her lips and whispered, "I will do this only if you promise to let me tie you up later."

Kenshin smirked at the choke of surprise that greeted his statement. Brushing his lips ever so lightly against hers he released her, "So do we have a deal?"

Kaoru could feel the deep blush creeping up her neck, her entire body suddenly very warm. God what this man could do to her. "Y..yes we have a deal," she managed to choke out around the lump in her throat.

Kenshin leaned in and gently kissed her again. "Good. Now lets get this class over with, we have more important things to do."


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