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Dillon runs up the mountian and into Arkarian's chambers with Ethan and Matt not far behind.

"Arkarian!" Dillon calls as he runs into the main chamber with all the NASA like equipment.

"Dillon, can't we do this later?" Ethan asks as Matt catches his breath.

"No. We have to do it now," Dillon replies as he hands Arkarian a book.

"What is this Dillon?" Arkarian asks confused.

"It's my How To Learn Hip Slang book!" Dillon replies happily.

"Are you sure about this?" Arkarian asks as he reads a few pages.

"I'm posotive! Isabel will love it!" Dillon replies.

Arkarian looks back to the book and then replies very seriously, "Wassup...home dawg?"

Somehow it sounds weird when he says it... Matt thinks with his thoughts throughly scrambled.

The End

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