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Summary: Sasuke finally has Hinata, even if she is drunk, he has her. Even though he has slept with other girls, she is different. He does a comparison with one of his night stands and their is a great difference.


-The diference-

Warning: Horrible grammar and spelling.

AN: SOrry but there will be a slight SasuTen (YUCK! -Puking-)...but no worries, nothing serious. This is a SasuHina and only that.

He watched her body laying in the couch before he walked up to the window, slowy closing the window blinds. He then walks back to the couch and sits on the edge, next to Hinata's laying form. He leans forward and delivers a kiss on her lips. He waited for a reaction: a rejection, but she gaved none, she just stayed motionless. He captured her lips with his once more, deepening the kiss; getting drunk with her lips, that were so intoxicating. Although that was not because of the sake taste and smell her lips and mouth gaved.

She responded in her own way, slowly and gentle.

To him it was accelerating, magnificant...something extraordinary. Not because he had never been with a girl before. Not at all! In fact, he has his share or girls he had slept with.

He didn't felt that way because she was drunk and defenseless. No, not at all. He once had someone condition as Hinata.

TenTen had gotten drunk after she had confess her everlasting love to Neji, only to be rejected by him; He had rejected her for the dreams of a possibility on an impossible and forbidden love.

Sasuke had seen TenTen's rejection and then her never ending drinking. He hooked up with her for the night. So, no, Hinata wasn't his first girl ever, or his first drunken dirl. Still, she was different. Different from his other one night stands or a drunk TenTen.

What he was doing and feeling now was completely different to what he ever did and felt with TenTen.

There was a big difference.

While TenTen had given him a fierced kiss as she entered his home, Hinata just gazed into his eyes. While TenTen had started undressing him all over him; Hinata hasitated, barely did but slowly she returned his kiss. While TenTen seemed an expert, Hinata didn't do anything, she just let him lead. Rapidly TenTen and him arrived at his bedroom, dropping on the bed a bit to fast, harsh and wildly; while Sasuke picked Hinata bridal style from the couch and took her into his room, gently setting her on his bed. As TenTen ripped her clothes off, Sasuke slowly unzipped Hinata's jacket, and pul her black top off. As TenTen grinded and laudly groaned at his rough touches; Hinata's body trembled as his index finger slowly slided from the valley of her breast, all the way down to her navel, ending it with a kiss, making a small moan escape her lips. As Sasuke quickly took TenTen, thrusting her hard to satisfy his urge, he slowly and carefully entered Hinata; treasuring every moan, sweat, move and momment. As soon as he had been done with TenTen, he moved to the side of the bed, his back to her; no words spoken, quickly falling fast asleep and doubting her virginity. With Hinata, never questioning her virginity, he knew that he was her first. When they had both reached their climax, Sasuke moved next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her close to his body. Combing her damped hair with his hand, he asked her, "Did I hurt you?" With a nod she said no. He brings her closer to his body and inhales her scent before drifting to sleep. During the night, TenTen had said Neji's name but he didn't feel hurt at all; although, when Hinata said Naruto's name as she slept, he felt tension on his chest and wasn't able to breath for a few seconds. After getting what he wanted from TenTen the night before, Sasuke, waking at 5 am sharp, told her to leave; since he was going to have a busy day and didn't want her to ruin it. This time, he wakes at his usual time but doesn't wake Hinata up; he stays up for almost and hour watching her sleep like a defenseless baby.

The diference between her and other adventures; the difference between a hurtful, rejected and drunk TenTen...Hinata was innocent. Bringing the best out of the worst people. Such power she has. Perhaps that is why Neji rejected TenTen.

Yes, his experiece with Hinata was gratifying. Different from the rest.

He watched her calm breathing, relaxing a bit. He couldn't help but think on the major difference of what he did with Hinata and any other girl he had ever slept with. Yet for some reason it did not worry him, but it still made him think. His hand slowly creeped above her naval and started to slightly draw small circles with his index finger.

'I wonder...I wonder if she might get pregnant.---This is the first time I didn't use protection. I know its unsafe and risky not to use protection but...for some reason...I just couldn't, didn't want to use protection with her.' He looked at her for a momment. 'I knew there was a risk of her becoming pregant but yet I didn't care...Did I do it on purpose? I mean...I never wanted any of my night stands to have an excuse to hook me up in their miserable lives. Still, when the thought passed about the consequences of not using protection...I didn't mind. Maybe deep inside I really do want her to...be pregnant. Maybe that is why I didn't take the necessary precautions to prevent pregnacy. Maybe I do want her to give me child, a proof that I had her, that she was mine, and an heir to the Uchiha. The consequences don't sound bad at all. No...they don't.'

Sasuke removed his hand from her belly, slowly and carefully sitting up (not wanting to wake Hinata up), he leaned toward her belly and planted a soft kiss; caressing it once more before laying back on bed, his mind drifting off.

'Hopefully she will get pregnant.'


AN: Hahaha, finally I had a chance to type this. I had this fic written down on my on my notebook for an eternity but Finally decided to type it and post it.

So, yeah. Sasuke deep inside wanted Hinata to get pregnant. At first, he is doubting if he did it on purpose or not..but then the statement at the end (besides his actions of caressing her belly, kissing it and drawing small circles in it.), shows that he really did do it on purpose.

Oh, the whole TenTen thing...the COMPARING her with Hinata is because they were passing through the same affliction. A rejection from their love ones. Neji rejected TenTen (And according to Sasuke, it was because of Hinata), and Hinata was rejected by Naruto. They were in the same position, they both ended in Sasuke's apartment, yet everything they did was different...as well as what Sasuke did. So in a way I was comparing what Sasuke was doing with Hinata, with what he did with TenTen. In a way showing Sasuke's true feelings towards Hinata(since he didn't treat her like the rest of the girls.).

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