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Summary: Sasuke finally has Hinata, even if she is drunk, he has her. Even though he has slept with other girls, she is different. He does a comparison with one of his night stands and there is a great difference. SasuHina NejiHina

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Chapter 3

They know

Warning: No warnings

AN: O.K. So it seems people actually liked this fic and wanted me to continue it so I will. Although I must warn all of you that there will be NejiHina. If you don't like NejiHina, then please don't read. --- Now that you have been warned, here is a small summary of what is going to happen. Yes Hinata will get pregnant, but her pregnancy will be hidden by her clan...obviously to protect the clan's honour. Here is where the clan gets involve in Hinata's life and in her baby's life. Things will become more difficult for Hinata once the baby is born. Now...about Sasuke knowing about the baby: He will have suspicions and try to investigate.

- Last chapter -

--- Neji combed Hinata's hair slowly. His eyes started to get watery yet no tear ever came out. "Don't worry Hinata. Everything will be fine. Trust me...I'll protect you...you and your baby." He then felt Hinata tighen her grip on him, showing her understandment. Neji closed his eyes. "I will protect you both."


-Knock knock knock-

Hinata's eyes started to slowly open. She looked at her clock and saw that it was 7:32am.

-Knock knock knock-

"Come in." Hinata said in her usual morning-drowsy way as she rubbed her eyes.

"Hinata open up, I can't open the door." Neji's voice beamed through the hallways and her room. Hinata quickly got out of bed and ran towards the door and opened it.

When the door was opened it revealed Neji outside, standing with a tray of breakfast. "Neji! Is that for me?" She asked quite surprised and excited at the same time.

"Of course...can I come in?" He asked as she was standing on his way.

"Oh! Of course! Sorry...come in." She said stepped aside, allowing him to enter her room. He entered her room and set the tray on her drawer. He then turned to look at her and gave her a small smile, which she returned.

"You need to nourish yourself...for your baby's sake." He walked up to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her to the drawer. "Eat." His hand was still holding her hand and when she noticed, she blushed. Neji noticed her blush and realized he was holding her hand, inwardly he smiled but let go of her hand nonetheless. "I hope you enjoy it...I..." He looked down at the floor, a bit embarrassed to say the rest. "I prepared it myself."

Her eyes widen. "You prepared it? By yourself?"

He narrowed his eyes by her questions. "Yes...why do you ask? I know how to cook, there is no need to worry...the food isn't poison."

Hinata giggled by his reaction. "If you say so Neji." She then grabbed the juice and drank it, then the rest of the food soon followed. Neji just stood there, watching her eat, feeling a bit proud.

Hinata finished all her food and then looked at Neji. "All finished! Thank you." Neji just nodded before going to retrieve the tray with the now empty dishes.

"Good, now we can go for a walk around town. Get ready while I take this to the kitchen." Neji said as he started to exit her room. Hinata nodded her head.

- - --

Hinata and Neji started walking out of the building and saw Hanabi and Hiashi sparring. Both had their Byakugan activated and both seemed tired.

Neji turned to look at Hinata, "well, they seem busy, so they won't care if we go out." Hinata smiled at him and they started walking towards the gate.

When they were about to exit, Hiashi stopped them. "Hinata," Hiashi's voice was filled with anger and this worried both cousins, "what is the meaning of this!"

Hiashi's face was stern as he talked to Hinata.

Hanabi, as well as Neji and Hinata were surprised as well. Her father had been sparring with her, when he suddenly focused on Hinata and Neji. Then he deactivated his Byakugan and his eyes were replaced with anger.

"W...what do you m...mean father?" Hinata was stuttered nervously. It had been a while since her father had spoken to her in that way.

"Hanabi our training is over. Go take a shower." Hanabi obeyed her fathers command and ran into the house. As soon as Hanabi was gone, silence dominated the area.

"Hiashi-sama," Neji was the first to end the silence. "Hinata and I are going for a walk-" Neji tried to intervene only to be cut off by Hiashi.

"You are pregnant Hinata and don't you dare deny this!" Hinata's eyes widened. 'How did my father know this?' She turned to look at Neji, he had after all been the only one that had known. Neji caught her look and immediately gave her a response, "It wasn't me Hinata."

Hinata turned to look at her father once more. "Father, I-"

"Did you think I wouldn't notice Hinata? Do you think I am stupid enough to not recognized another chakra source inside of you, even if it is faint?"

Hinata gasped, while Neji berated himself. 'Damn it! How could I have forgotten about that!? This whole compound is filled with Byakugan users, of course they were going to find out Hinata was pregnant! How stupid am I, that I missed that I missed such a crucial detail!?'

Hiashi looked at both Neji and Hinata. It was way too obvious that Neji knew about Hinata's pregnancy, yet said nothing about it. 'Is it his child? Is that the reason why he stayed quiet about her pregnancy?' Hiashi's eyes narrowed toward Neji as this thought passed through his mind. "Both of you, I want to see you in the meeting room in 30 minutes." With this said, Hiashi took his leave.

- - -

-In the meeting room-

The council members were all there, sitting in their rightful places. There was talking among each other, wondering why Hiashi had suddenly called this meeting.

"Did Hiashi-sama say what this meeting was about?" An older council member asked another.

"No, but it seemed important."

Everyone hushed as the room's door was slid open. They expected Hiashi to come in, but instead, Neji and Hinata came in. Once more the talking continued as before. Both cousins sat down in the middle of everyone.

"Why are they here? A branch member specially! I mean, I would understand why Hinata-sama is here but Neji?" One said with disgust.

"Perhaps the meeting revolves around them?"

Neji and Hinata could clearly hear what was being said, yet they pretended not to hear it.

Silence came once more as the room's door slid open once more. This time, it was Hiashi who came in and everyone gave a low, respectful bow.

Hiashi walked up to his seat, "I, Hiashi Hyuuga have called you all into this meeting to discuss a very important issue concerning my daughter Hinata."

Some of the elders looked at each other as if telling each other, 'I knew it, this meeting was about them.'

"Hinata," Hiashi said bringing everybody's attention back to himself, "is pregnant."

Gasps, along with some whispering were heard throughout the room.

Hiashi coughed a few times, trying to get everyone's attention. "This is a meeting is to decide what to do."

There was silence for a while, before one of the members decided to ask the question on evone's minds, "Is Neji the father?"

"That, I do not know." Said Hiashi looking from Neji then to Hinata. "Hinata, is Neji the father of your child?"

"W...what!? NO! He isn't" Hinata felt bad that Neji had suddenly become involved in her problem.

"Then who is the father!?" Demanded an older council member.

Neji quickly tried defending Hinata. "She has no obligation to tell you that!"

"Don't interfere in this issue Neji! Unless you are the father of her child!" The elder screamed back at Neji. Neji fell silent. "Hinata has always been a dishonour to this clan, and now she impregnates herself out of wedlock. Do you know what image that will give the Hyuuga Clan? A pregnant heir, who is not married and doesn't want to say the father's name, probably because she doesn't even know who the father is." The council member sneered

Neji was outraged by that comment, he was about to speak when Hinata spoke up. "I know who the father is." Hinata's response was full of uncharacteristic anger. "Don't talk as if I were a mere slut, because I assure you I am not! It's not like I slept with him by choice!"

The room went silent.

"Hinata...were you raped?" Hiashi asked in a low tone of voice.

Hinata became fidgety, "Ah...well...I don't know."

There was an outrage within the council members, "What do you mean you don't know!? You just said it was not your choice to sleep with him!"

Hinata looked at all of them, "I was drunk. I remember drinking some Sake, then everything went black. The next thing I know I'm in Sasuke's bed."

The room went silent again. Everyone had been surprised that Hinata was impregnated by the Uchiha. They had not expected that.

"I am sure that it was not by choice because I would never sleep with him." Hinata said ended her speech.

"So, basically what you are saying is that you got drunk and Sasuke made good of this and raped you right?" Hiashi asked as he sighed.

"Yes that is what I have come to believe father."

Hiashi closed his eyes, thinking of a solution for this situation. At first he had been worried that Neji had been the father, but now, it was completely different.

"She should abort." One council member said. Hiashi's eyes snapped open. Both Hinata and Neji turned to look at the person that had said this.

"Excuse me?" Hiashi asked.

Once more the man repeated his comment, although this time he gave some more details. "Hinata should abort. It is not convenient for her to give birth to that creature. Knowing that the father is the Uchiha changes everything. The Uchiha most probably used Hinata-sama as a one night stand and will not marry Hinata-sama, even if she is carrying his child. Hinata-sama will become a single mother. The Hyuuga heir will be a single mother. It is a disgrace to our clan. Either she gets disowned or she aborts."

Several of the council members started discussing this issue, and sadly most of them started agreeing with the man that brought the idea up.

Hinata, seeing what was going on, snapped. "NO! I WILL NOT ABORT!"

Everyone looked at her with shock written all over their faces. "I will not abort! I am carrying a life inside of me! It's a part of me! Disown me if you want but I will not kill this child!" Hinata seemed determined. Her words were loud and clear. She would not abort.

"If you will not abort, then you are no longer a Hyuuga. If you are to live in shame, it will not be lived tainting the Hyuuga name." Her father said in a cold and final tone.

"Very well then father." Hinata got up and started walking towards the door.

"Wait!" Neji said as he saw Hinata about to leave. "Uncle, there is no need for this. There is always a solution for everything. There is no need to go to the extreme. How can you deny a mother her child? It isn't fair."

All the council members were getting annoyed with Neji.

"Neji, learn your place. You are not to inter-" Hiashi was cut off by Neji.

"Hiashi-sama, please...listen...there is another solution. I have been thinking about it since the meeting started, please, just listen." He turned and looked at Hinata who was rooted to her spot. "You too Hinata, please sit and listen."

Hinata turned to look at him, then at her father, who gave a nod. Hinata went back to her place and sat next to Neji.

"Hiashi-sama...council members, please listen. Hinata barely has a few months of pregnancy, its not noticeable yet. People will not know of her pregnancy. Allow Hinata to marry me."

Everyone's eyes widened at the suggestion, especially Hinata's.

A council member started laughing outloud, "Oh Neji, why exactly do you think we will allow you of all people to marry Hinata-sama?"

Neji looked at him for a while. "Is it not obvious? I have been named her protector and nobody else would do this job better than I. When Hinata has her child, they will think it is mine. Hinata and I have been quite close for a while, people will not question it if we were to marry. There will be no rumors. The clan will not be dishonoured. Nobody will know of this, only the people in this room will know this secret."

Everyone started talking among themselves, considering the suggestion.

"What if the baby looks like the father. We don't know if the baby will inherit the eyes of its mother or father. What will happen if the baby has the father's eyes?" The youngest council member asked.

Neji looked down at the floor and started thinking for a while. He finally looked up with a small smile on his face, "that is simple. When we marry, Hinata and I will leave on a 'honeymoon' that will take at least a year. A year is enough for people to believe Hinata got pregnant from me and had her child. If the child is born with white eyes, we will return with the baby in hands. If the baby has dark eyes, then we will return with no baby. The baby will be sent here, in a very discrete manner, a few days later. That way, no suspicions will arise."

Everyone looked at Neji. No wonder this boy was called a genius. It almost seemed as if he had this whole thing already planned out.

Hiashi smirked. He was satisfied with this solution. "Very well Neji. I agree with your plan, now it's all up to Hinata to accept this." Hiashi looked at Hinata, waiting for her response.

Hinata looked at Neji. "Neji, it is not necessary for you to sacrifice yourself for me. I-"

"I am not sacrificing myself Hinata. I want to do this." He gave her a sincere smile.

She smiled back at him, "thank you Neji." She turned to her father and nodded her head yes.

"Very well then, you two will be married in two days time." Hiashi then got up and walked out of the room.

- - -

Two days came and left. The two were married within the Hyuuga compound. The wedding was simple, only Hyuugas attended the ceremony. Soon after the wedding, the newly weds were seen off as they departed to their 'honeymoon'.

Everything went by smoothly.

- - -

-A few days after the wedding.-

Former team seven was at the ramen stand, chatting, mostly gossips.

"Hey Sakura-chan, I heard that Hinata got married." Naruto said while he waited for his third bowl of ramen. This immediately caught Sakura's, as well as Sasuke's attention.

"What!? Are you serious? When? With who? Why?" Sakura was so shocked by the news that she needed to know every single detail.

Sasuke, who looked like he didn't give a damn, did give a damn. He wanted Naruto to answer Sakura's questions because he wouldn't dare ask them aloud.

Naruto chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "I knew that would catch your interest."

"Aaagghh! Spit it out Naruto! I want to know everything! With details!" Sakura wanted to know everything...NOW.

Naruto waved his hands in front of his face. "Fine! Don't get mad at me!" Sasuke discretely listened. "Hinata got married a few days ago with Neji but I don't know why. All I know is that they left for a long honeymoon."

Sakura's eyes brighten up. "Oh my! Hinata and Neji got married!? I am so surprised! I am well aware that it's not uncommon for Hyuuga members to intermarry, but I am still surprise. Why didn't they invite us? We're friends right?"

Sasuke suddenly lost his appetite. Neji had gotten Hinata...the very person responsible for Neji's break up with Tenten. Sasuke never thought Neji and Hinata would ever be together let alone married! They were cousins after all. Yet, what Sakura said was true. Intermarriage was common in certain clans. He had never imagined that Neji would marry Hinata though. He had always had hoped that Hinata would be available. And now? Well she was married. Now he couldn't have her at all. She had become forbidden.

"Well you know how the Hyuuga clan is with their whole 'you are below us, so we can't mingle with you' and their 'It's a clan thing, you wouldn't understand'. It's better not to mess with them."

"I guess you are right Naruto. Its just that I'm still surprised. I still remember when Neji nearly killed Hinata in the preliminaries. He used to hate her with a passion and now they are married. She sighs, its so romantic." Sakura sighed once more with a dreamy look on her face.

Sasuke scowled. He felt like puking. In his eyes it was not romantic...it plainly sucked! Life was just wasn't fair.

"I know! After I fought Neji he changed a lot. He became a nicer person to Hinata. Isn't it strange? He used to hate her and now they're married. Taking a whole year long honeymoon too!"

"A whole year?" Sakura questioned shocked. "Why a year?" She asked confused

A whole year did not sound right in to Sasuke's. Honeymoons usually don't take that long. Why so long?

"Uh, yeah, I think so. It's weird but yeah." Naruto also thought it was a bit weird but didn't focus too much on that.

"Wow." Was all Sakura could say.

Meanwhile Sasuke started thinking. Why a whole year? Why did a branch member like Neji, marry a main branch member and heiress?

Something was definitely wrong.


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