The cold round barrel of a gun pressed against Gage's temple, "Don't do it, Harley," Pete hissed as two other guards seem to appear from thin air - they too held their weapons out straight aimed at Gage's head and heart.

Harley slowly and methodically raised his hands and licked his lips - they were dry, "You know I'll kill him sometime," he said to Pete as one of the guards gruffly pulled the loaded gun from Gage's hand.

"You can't think what you will, but once Control gets a hold of you, you might wish to be dead yourself," Pete said as she watched the guards haul Harley Gage out of the intensive care unit.

Scott pushed passed the three men and his eyes were wide, "Dad!?"

Pete slowed the young McCall down, "He's fine, Scott," she smiled.

"What the hell is going on here?" Scott asked as he moved to his father's side and looked down at him and then back up to Pete. "I'd like to know the same thing," Robert weakly said as his eyes opened slightly. Both Pete and Scott moved closer, "Robert?" Pete smiled and placed her hand on her dear friend's shoulder.

"Why were there two Controls and Mickeys in my flat?" he asked as he tried really hard to comprehend what was going on. "Dad, don't worry about it right now. I think once Mickey and Control are back here, they'll be able to answer that - at least I hope..." Scott looked up to Pete who could only shrug. Scott made a face and lifted his eye brows in bemusement, "I'm not sure the world was ready for two Mickeys, let alone two Controls," the young McCall caused his father to laugh which, made him cough in pain, "Are you trying to do what other's haven't?"

"Sorry Dad. We'll leave you for now. Rest easy," Scott placed his hand on his father's shoulder.

"Take it easy Robert," Pete leaned forward and kissed Robert on the cheek and he smiled weakly as his eyes closed again, "we'll stop in again tomorrow..." All Robert could do was to groan a sign and then slide into a deep sleep again.

Pete looked up to Scott, "He's going to be just fine!"

Scott smiled, "Yeah...but what the hell was Harley doing?!"

Pete drew in a deep breath, "We better find Mickey and Control for that one..." she smiled as she hooked her arm under Scotts and the two left Robert McCall to rest.


Control stood at the end of Robert's hospital bed and said nothing. He watched Jimmy, Pete, Mickey and Scott interacting with the senior McCall who was finally on the mend. Control held his arms across his chest with his right hand up to his teeth as he again picked his teeth with his nails.

After a few minutes, Robert looked up at his tall former boss. Control could tell by the look on Robert's face that if he had the chance he'd kick the crap out of him for letting on he was murdered and so much more over the last four weeks. Robert swallowed, "So you actually had the nerve to turn up here?" his voice was cold to Control.

"Look, Robert..." Control moved forward as the small group moved back. Mickey kept his eyes on both men. The last thing he wanted to see was Robert exerting himself just yet. "I couldn't tell you...not then..."

"You..." Robert had trouble finding the right word, but the only one that worked slipped through his lips, "bastard..." Control put his hands up in self defence, "Look, old Son, I had to do this. If Cobal and Gage managed to pull off what they were planning, you know as well as I do, we would be up to our butts in a new cold war and one that would likely be a lot more frosty," Control stated.

Robert slumped back into his bed, "You always seem to know the answers, don't you?" his hazel eyes held Control's dark blue eyes. Control smirked, "That's why I'm Control and you aren't," he smiled and stated to leave, "oh, Robert. Harley has been sentenced to life in the Company prison and Cobal...well, he did us all a favour and did himself in..." Control smiled and left.

Robert's eyes narrowed, "I still don't trust that man..."

Mickey stepped forward and placed his hand on Robert's shoulder, "and so you shouldn't..." Pete, Jimmy, Scott and mickey laughed. After a few seconds even Robert found the humour in what he said and snickered.