American Cheese

A fan fiction by LM Simpson

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Chapter Twelve: Going Home


"You're going back home?" Nellie asked the next day, eyes wide open. "When?"

Wallace bit into his grilled cheese sandwich. "Today, after this… We checked out of our room this morning."

"But why?"

"Oh, there's a lot. Mister Bancroft got arrested, the show got cancelled for lots of reasons… and I'm, uh, here illegally. 'Appears I didn't get a visa after all. So me and Gromit might want to leave before the country kicks us out…"

Nellie sighed and then looked at the ceiling before taking out a napkin and a pen. She scribbled something and gave it to the inventor.

He read it. "Is this your address, per—"

"Yes. I would like to keep communicating with you when you're back in Britain. You know, as pen pals… Can I have yours?"

"Oh, um… sure. Hold on…"

Wallace grabbed another napkin and reached for a pen in both pockets.

"Um, Nellie, can I…"

"Go ahead."

He reached over to borrow her pen, wrote his address, and slid the napkin across the table. After reading it, she hugged both of them.

"Oh, I'm going to miss you guys so much…"

"We're going to miss you too, Nellie, we're going to miss you too…"


The ride home was uneventful. No fuss about an uncaged dog, no lost luggage, delays, nothing. They even managed to avoid any paparazzi following the incident. They even found the house exactly as they left it the day they went to the airport for America.

"Gromit, ol' pal," Wallace said during their cheese and cracker time later that day, "can you go turn on the television, per chance?"

Gromit got up and did as he was told. The first thing they heard afterward was:

"Coming soon later this year: The Cheesy Adventures of Wallace and Gromit, starring our very own Wallace Park!"

Wallace and Gromit looked at each other. "Well, um… we might as well get ready for the press, eh, Gromit, lad?" Wallace asked, laughing nervously.

Gromit turned it back off, and they went right to work on their next project…


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