Title: Fire, Light, and Floodwater's Height

By: Dr. Kim-chan

Me: Hey everybody. (Saïx is behind me, locked in his padded cage.)


Me: Well, it's explained here, so do try to cool down. (in a soothing voice) All…will be…explained. Oh, and some corrections I gotta tell you about. They're minor, but I'm a loyal perfectionist. One: it's been mentioned once or twice that while Pete had stole the data from the lab, the Heartless and Nobodies wouldn't let anyone near the Promenade. It's the Postern, not the Promenade. Two: in Chapter Four, I say that Mickey's team took the Falcon Two. I got one color messed up. It's yellow-purple-blue, not yellow-purple-black.

Axel: Mr. Crazy Man hanging out with Pooh Bear? Oh, the hilarious irony. (walks up to the cage and pokes Saïx with a stick)

Saïx: RAWR!!

Me: Axel, stop provoking the insane, beastlike man who isn't really a man but a Nobody.

Axel: (shrugs) His bar's about run out anyway. (we look up at the Berserk bar and see it is almost out.)

Me: Good. Tell everyone they can come out of the bunker. In the meantime, I may not do action scenes well, but I'm sure as heck going to try. Also, the Organization Fun Fact of the Day is now the Random Organization Fun Fact, appearing at any time in any chapter. Keep an eye out for it!

Disclaimer: These always make me cry…no, I don't own it!

(Begin Chap. 5)

…Sora got an eye full of light for a split second, the soft summer breezes whistling in his ears. He thought quickly about his situation.

Just a few seconds ago he had charged towards the KillerBee, ready for yet another reckless onslaught, or at the very least to get closer to the hill. Out of nowhere the insect Heartless dove towards the ground behind him and furiously beat its wings, creating a whirlwind bigger than those he had encountered in the Land of Dragons…equal to the force of Xaldin's power, perhaps? This sent Sora flying into the air, so high he felt like he could touch that gigantic moon.

He was still there, in time and midair suspended, but he had to think quickly. He could feel the force of gravity starting to press down on him, sending him on a collision course with an upward-flying shower of stingers. Um…well…Pooh did say once that winter was wonderful, but…oh bother, it was really hard to find a good, full jar of honey. And the bees in the icy Spooky Cave were twice as dangerous as those in the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Bees. Hate. Cold.

Sora twisted himself at the waist, pointing his Keyblade at the KillerBee, and summoned another Reflega spell. The stingers flew back at it, and it ducked, but only to move in the direct path of a Blizzaga spell. Just as he hoped. The gigantic bee made a horrible noise like a whine and writhed about, but some ice had formed on its wings so it couldn't really go anywhere. As soon as it turned its own body around, Sora dived towards the hill, touched base, jumped off and back-flipped onto the KillerBee's back. It sensed this new passenger and became enraged. Icicles and stingers flew in all directions, including at Pete, who ducked behind the tree.

"Watch what yer doin', ya stupid bee!"

The KillerBee righted up and flew straight up into the sky, doing complicated flying maneuvers and beating its wings, hoping to throw the Keybearer off. Sora hung on for dear life.

It was now or never.

Sora plunged his Keyblade straight into the middle of the Heartless symbol.

…One chapter before…

Riku and Kairi were slashing at everything and anything, defeating Heartless and Nobodies right and left. Dense clouds puffed up and vaporized all over the place as the creatures were struck down by their weapons. Kairi was surprised this wasn't turning into a health hazard. At any rate they were making great progress; they were actually inside the cave now.

"Hope…you're not…getting tired yet!" Kairi huffed.

"Not a chance!" Riku's voice yelled back. "Hey, how deep do you think this cave is? We need to find Pooh and the others!"

"There's too many of them! As soon as I try to make a run for it, more keep coming up!" Kairi complained, fighting off three Shadows. Then Riku had an idea. He hadn't used his powers lately, but then again it had only been a few days.

"Kairi, I have a plan! Focus your power on me!"

A few more swipes to get rid of some pesky Dusks, and the two leapt backwards until the backs of their heads were touching. Closing their eyes, they focused on each other's energy. The idea Riku had was to use one of his standard, but more powerful attacks: Dark Aura. He had performed it with Sora lots of times when they met up to defeat Xemnas, so he didn't expect anything different.

But as Riku began to generate the force field, he felt an equally strong force push away instead of drawing near like it was supposed to. He saw black-and-white fireworks, and smoke from vanquished Heartless and Nobodies rising up all over the place. The next thing he knew, the cave was dim-lit and quiet, every single enemy had disappeared, and each of the two friends were way on opposite sides of the cave. In a rare moment, Riku was overwhelmingly confused, as was Kairi.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I don't know. I was trying to perform Dark Aura. It takes fragments of darkness from me and whomever I'm protecting and makes it into a shield and boosts our power," Riku explained.


"That's it. It has to be," he muttered. "You have no darkness within you, because you're one of the Seven Princesses. Your light must have clashed with my darkness."

"So we made a new attack?" Kairi looked around the now empty cave. "Well, it certainly did the job…"

Suddenly, the tiniest bit of worry began to prick at her. Riku just said that his special attack gathered the fragments of darkness from both people. Did that mean, deep within, Sora was wrestling with his own inner demons…?

"Gopher!" Riku shouted out, his voice echoing throughout the entire cave. "It's all clear! You all can come out now!"

…With Gopher once again leading the way, Riku, Kairi, Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, and Roo made a dash towards the last chapter, the Starry Hill, and arrived just in time to see an enormous silvery cloud of mist disappearing into the air. They had also arrived just in time to see Sora finish an amazingly brief battle with Pete. All they saw was the flash of the Keyblade's metal tip, Pete shouting, a burst of Shadow Heartless crawling all over him, then Sora shouting "Magnega!", more flashing of the Keyblade, then Pete somehow falling off the hill and landing on where the sun didn't shine.

"Give this message to Maleficent: She can take the pieces of Organization XIII from us when she can get them herself! And don't let me catch you in the Hundred Acre Wood again!" Sora shouted angrily. Pete growled, stood up, and brushed himself off. He turned around and saw his friends. Damn—two more Keybearers. He wasn't going to take his chances.

"Oh, we'll get 'em, mark my words! You'll pay for this!"

He stretched out a chubby hand to open a portal of darkness, a la Organization XIII, and disappeared.

…"You came back just like you promised."

Everyone was now gathered at the hilltop, enjoying the newfound peace in the Hundred Acre Wood and catching up on old times. Riku and Kairi sat on the very edge, and behind them, Sora and Pooh were on the log, all his other friends crowded around them.

"I told you; I'd always be right here," Sora reminded, smiling and poking at a spot on Pooh's shirt, where his heart was. Pooh giggled, clutching at his round tummy.

"You found your friends, too. That makes me even happier," said Pooh.

"Oh, I hope we didn't miss it!" Piglet exclaimed suddenly, pacing back and forth.

"Miss what?"

"Before that bully came, we were getting ready to come here and see the Flutterbys…though we pro'bly missed them by now," Eeyore explained with his usual pessimism.

Needless to say, Sora, Kairi, and Riku were confused. "Flutterbys?"

"They come here once every summer. They're so pretty and yellow—and they come from the moon!" Roo said ecstatically. "Pooh thought they were bringing honey from the moon for the honeybees—"

"But when I tried to catch one to taste its wings, all I got was moon glitter on my tongue," Pooh continued, giggling at himself. Sora laughed and leaned back on the log, keeping his eyes on the moon. Suddenly…

"So that's what the poem meant!"

Riku turned around to see Sora's blue eyes literally sparkle with a brilliant thought. "So you know where the piece of Saïx is?"

"When I came here to fight Pete, for some reason this time around the moon reminded me of something. Now I know what it is. Remember the last time we fought Saïx in the Castle that Never Was? That place where we fought him…there was a huge window that showed the Kingdom Hearts the Organization made. You know, that heart-shaped moon he got his powers from…?"

As the fight drew to a close, the white halls grew silent once more. Sora's Keyblade rested at his side, and he looked on as Saïx clutched at his chest, gasping for air. There was a piteous look on him that didn't fit the demeanor of the Luna Diviner. He crawled over to the window to gaze at the false moon once more…the portal to Kingdom Hearts his master had spent a lifetime to create…what everyone in Organization XIII had so been looking forward to, whether they didn't admit it or not. The strong moonbeams cast their light upon him, but it was too late.

"Kingdom Hearts…where…is my heart…?"

Suddenly, in front of his face and all over the Starry Hill, something began to materialize. Tiny yellow balls, glowing yellow, flittered around. Slowly, these imitation stars began to form wings, and they became lovely, ghost-like butterflies. Everyone 'ooh'ed and 'aah'ed, catching butterflies on their hands and paws and staring in every possible direction. Piglet stopped pacing and finally calmed down, even smiled. Kairi sighed in admiration, looking all around her; this had to be one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen in her life. The one in front of Sora's face came to rest right on his nose.

"Hey, that tickles…huh?"

The Keyblade appeared in his hand once more. Both it and the butterfly on his nose began to glow in synch. Almost without being aware of it, Sora stood up. The butterfly took flight, but then it simply fluttered a short distance in front of him and hovered there.

"What's going on?" Riku asked.

"I don't know…I just have the urge to do it for some reason."

Sora raised his Keyblade, pointing the glowing tip straight at the yellow butterfly. In his mind, a small voice called out to him:

"The poem is more than a mere puzzle. Each verse is the key to each Organization member. These words hold their fates. Say the poem."

Sora nodded, reciting Saïx's part almost through pure instinct.

"'The seventh cannot be measured, though within a solitary ledger, the magic to capturing this treasure will be revealed. Number Seven, captive of lunar light, will show them his pitiless might. Feel fright when you see the one who cannot feel.'"

A beam of light shot out and hit the butterfly, making a barely audible clicking sound, like a door shutting and locking itself. A white force field surrounded the butterfly, eventually forming a beautiful glass box with a special type of gold lock on the lid. The number "7" was engraved in gold at the top. The box gradually floated towards Sora until it came to rest in his open palms. Riku and Kairi got up and walked over to see.

"That's one down…" Kairi trailed off.

"And nine more to go," Riku finished.

"I guess when we find a piece of an Organization member, the Keyblade lets me know," Sora asked. He gazed into the glass box at the glowing butterfly and smiled deviously. "I guess Saïx isn't so tough now, is he?"

(End Chap. 5)

(Now the Unknown Place Where the Fanfic Author Lives (otherwise known as UPWFAL) is in a state of total chaos. I thought it was safe to let Saïx out, but he flipped out again when he saw that the piece of his essence was a butterfly created from a moonbeam.)

Me (hiding behind a potted plant with Roxas and Demyx): We have to be quiet…otherwise he'll find us.

Demyx: What?

Me: (just a smidge louder): I said we have to be quiet…otherwise he'll find us.

Demyx: Who'll find us?

Me: Saïx.

Demyx: Who?

Me: (just a little bit louder) Saïx!

Demyx: WHO?

Me: (yells at the top of my voice) SAIX, DAMMIT, SAIX!!

Saïx (looks over in our direction with an evil glint in his eye)

All: Oh damn.