Author's Note: This is my first take at a supernatural, sci/fi-ish romance, which will probably hold a hint of horror. Bwahahahaha. As you can tell from the title of the story it will probably get darker as it progresses, take the M rating seriously. I don't want anyone to get offended so read at your own risk. Where is this going you ask? I have no idea. Only a vague, half-baked idea that I hope will work out. We'll see. In the mean time, enjoy. ;

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Chapter 00 - Prologue: Missing

"Drink it if you must." She answered in a lifeless whisper her energy gone from the previous fight she had with the more powerful man.

"Gladly." The dark figure replied, with a smirk he descended on her pale neck.

In the dark recess of her mind she heard a small whisper. "We'll meet again little rabbit, that is a promise."

Then the world went black.

Red polished nails tapped rhythmically on the marble countertop as glazed blue eyes stared randomly into space. The lulling sound of the television set in the background of the lavish apartment was forgotten; only thoughts of a certain man occupied the young woman's mind.

The reoccurring dreams were not nightmares, but what seemed like unpleasant memories. To Serena, a nonbeliever in superstition and supernatural happenings, it was outrageous to believe such thoughts; that dreams were the souls remembrance from a previous life. Shaking her head Serena focused on the newspaper article in front of her.

Darien Chiba. The epitome of perfection. A modern day Adonis in the minds of nearly the whole of the female populace in Tokyo. Yet, something about the man made the blonde's blood run cold.

The young journalist had met the man only two times, both of which were merely brief encounters. The rich of course hardly ever mingled with commoners, let alone journalists that would most likely ruin their reputations. She didn't understand why. Hadn't some man once said that all publicity was good publicity?

Hardly anything was known about the elusive Darien Chiba, the CEO of Chiba Corp. Even his age, as Serena had researched was questionable. At the fresh age of twenty-six or so, he was already famous and well known amongst the top entrepreneurs. Investing all his time and money into his company that specialized in producing herbal medicine.

Darien's disappearance however shocked all of Tokyo. Rumors spread like wildfire. Some said he was kidnapped, others said he committed suicide from stress of running a business at such a young age. Whatever the rumors were, Serena had a feeling in her gut that Mr. Chiba was still alive.

The blonde woman sighed, her slender fingers reaching to pinch the bridge of her nose. The other unoccupied hand released the hair tie holding her golden locks in a high ponytail. It had been weeks since she was given her assignment, and yet for the first time, she was at a loss at how to approach her problem. The moment the opportunity was given to research and investigate Darien Shields, she had jumped upon it with excitement that shocked both her boss and herself. She hadn't thought about how difficult it would be to get information about the missing man. No one knew what type of people he associated with, or the places he spent his time and money at. But she was dying to know. He had been her obsession for a year now since the first time she saw his picture in the papers.

Jet-black hair, eyes that were cobalt blue, and a glare that made even the toughest of men shiver in intimidation. Everything about him demanded authority. His presence, even in a black and white picture exuded an elegant confidence that captivated her interest and peaked her curiosity. But what caught her attention the most was his stare, it was cold and unyielding, the eyes of a man who had seen and knew things, far beyond his years. The blonde journalist wanted to know more about the mysterious man. And she was about to go through hell and back to get her story if that was what it meant.

With finality she leapt from her seat at the counter and headed toward her bedroom. Grabbing a sweater a notebook, pen, and camera she walked out the door of her safe apartment unaware of what she was truly searching for.

We'll definitely meet again


And there you have it, the prologue ladies and gents. I have many ideas for this fic; the only problem is deciding which idea I should stick with. Like it? Don't like it? Let me know.