Summary: In a world filled with magic, beauty, and danger. Macavity the evil emperor searches for the one thing that will grant him unlimited power over all. The one thing that he desires is inside an innocent female queen unaware of the danger that surrounds her. Now Demeter, along with eight other Jellicles: The sons of a once proud now nearly forgotten line of knights Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger, The sassy barmaid Bombalurina, Alonzo a proud but humble knight who reluctantly served the emperor, A pair of mischief loving thieves Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, The mysterious mage Mistoffelees, and The innocent dancer Victoria. Together those nine unlikely companions search for the mystical Heaviside Forest where there is the one thing that can stop Macavity and free all those who are enslaved by his power. They will be hunted by a sadistic commander whose very name strikes fear into others, a trio of bumbling dim witted knights that are more comical than fearful, and even more as the emperor's most deadly servants stalk them always a reminder that danger is never far away.

Pairings: Munkustrap/Demeter/Alonzo triangle. Tugger/Bombalurina Victoria/Mistoffelees and others. Not MJ/RT their siblings note: we are going by human years so not to get confused

Disclaimer: Do I look like the genius that is Andrew Lloyd Webber? I don't think so.

Chapter 1 how things came to be

Once the city of Thebes was the jewel of the world. It was a place of beauty, where simple poets could make a decent living just by reciting their works on the street. It was a place of music and gracefulness as there was nothing like it in the entire world. Led by the wise Sage Deuteronomy the denizens led peaceful lives. Tales tell of legendary Jellicle Knights who were the greatest warriors with their magical swords could cleave even dragon flesh. Mages of all types studied here learning their magic under the council's guidance. Few things were like anything such as the golden city was called and it seemed that its light would shine forever.

However, even gold loses its glitter. Fifty years ago when Deuteronomy mysteriously disappeared a horror unlike any other appeared and swept over the city like a plague. A complete evil being known as Macavity The Hidden Paw claimed the city as his own and with his dark army of Pollicles and evil cats swept over the land slaughtering all in their wake. With his commander the fearsome Growltiger at his side He executed the council and took the title of emperor. The city lost its beauty, as his minions took whatever they wanted killing anyone in their path. Mages were forced to serve him and citizens were forced into his army by threat of death. Fear spread over the citizens like an iron curtain as Macavity began looking towards other lands he could take.

Unknown to all Macavity was searching for something, a jewel which was inside a jellicle queen which would appear when she has come of age. Looking in Deuteronomy's studies he learned that whoever possessed the jewel and added it with the rod of Sati would gain absolute power over all. Macavity has the rod now he searches for the unwitting queen who possesses it as the only way she could lose it was when she loses her virginity.

And here is where our story begins

As told by Grizabella

In a dark castle which extended over five hundred feet in the sky the emperor looked over the city. His coat was mangy and his eyes were crossed. He wore a black iron crown and had a sword strapped to his belt "Where is she? I've been searching for her for fifty years!" The evil cat snarled in anger. "My master," Turning around he saw a cat with an eye patch over his empty eye. "This had better be good Growltiger," "Our spies believe we have found the jewel." "This had better be the truth this time Growltiger the last one who reported to me meet with a…accident after his report." Macavity had been searching for the girl for fifty years and he always killed the one who gave him false information so for Growltiger his commander to risk his life Macavity could tell that this was the truth. Growltiger didn't even blink his one good eye as he continued to kneel. "The queen's name is Demeter, She lives in Victoria Grove we should have her by night." Macavity rubbed his torn paws together. "Bring her to me then at last power will be mine!"

"Tugger I swear I don't know why I put up with you!" Said a silver and grey tabby as he and his brother a Maine Coon walked towards the Cat's Eye a tavern favored for its ale. "Oh, Munk you're too serious! What's wrong with me having a bit of fun?" "Fun! We almost got thrown in jail did you not realize who that female was the daughter of one of the high councilors!" "She was? I thought she was just a queen who was looking for fun." The two cats were brothers but as different as night and day entered the tavern. Munkustrap was like his father before him, serious no-nonsense and was always on the alert. Tugger or Rum Tum Tugger was more like his uncle, he liked to have fun and was very popular with the female cats there was even a fan club for him and he also loved to flirt. He had leopard spots on his chest and he had a mane which he took great pride. Despite the fact that they argued at times they both deeply cared for one another and would give his life for the other.

"Ah, good day to ye two Munkustrap and Tugger!" Said the tavern's owner Jellyorum a queen in her fifties who accepted anyone into her tavern as long as they didn't cause trouble. She was a serious female yet showed anyone kindness. "Give us the usual come on Tugger let's sit down." The two sat down at their original table as Tugger pulled out his knife and twirled it. "If you keep doing that you'll end up losing a finger." Warned Munkustrap to him who ignored the warning. "Here you go Munkustrap and Tugger." Said a barmaid. She was a sexy red queen whose name was Bombalurina. Known for her flirtatious ways she was a favorite of the males who visited the tavern as she was an excellent cabaret dancer who performed at times. "Thanks, Bomb," Said Tugger winking at her who smirked as she set their drinks. The two of them had an on again off again relationship, though they may flirt with other cats the two only did that and never did anything else. "How long do you plan on keeping that toad-sticker?" Asked Munk mentioning to his brother's Rapier. "This toad-sticker is a lot faster than that cleaver of yours and it's stronger than it looks…but not as strong as my other sword." Smiled Tugger as Munkustrap's eyes widened at that remark. The two were expert swordsmen and could hold their own in battle. Munk had a hand and a half sword passed down by his father which was enchanted to cut through solid stone, while Tugger's Rapier given to him by his uncle glowed red when danger was near. "Ha! Swords are pitiful compared to my weapon." Laughed Bombalurina as she crossed their table. "And what it that?" Asked Munk. "My skillet no one has ever gotten up from one of these blows!" She exclaimed brandishing her trusty weapon of choice which had knocked out many jellicles who made a wrong move on her. The two brothers chuckled and raised their glasses together and clanked them as they drank.

Meanwhile a Jellicle who was black and white with spots and wearing the armor with the rank signifying he was a captain rode through Victoria Grove. His name was Alonzo a proud knight. Unlike most of Macavity's henchmen he wasn't cruel and insensitive he looked down at the people of Thebes with pity as he was once one of them until he joined the army and became a knight. He rode atop his horse a black stallion with a noble air yet he looked down on those who were dressed in rags and felt pity for them. Seeing the area was getting crowded he dismounted and started to lead his horse through the throng of people. "Hey there big strong knight you look a little tense maybe one of us can help you relax." "Maybe all of us can." Taunted Queens to him as he passed a brothel without even looking at it. Alonzo then spotted a girl with a cowl over her head running from two knights. "Stop her! She's a thief!" Deciding to intervene he headed towards the action and tripped the queen causing her to fall.

"Thank you citizen now if you kindly get out of our way we'll take this felon to the stocks." Said one as he started to advance. Alonzo frowned by the look of them they were just common soldiers and they didn't recognize their superior. As the soldier walked towards him he then backhanded the soldier and he landed near his horse. "Julio sit!" Mentioned Alonzo and the horse did right on the unsuspecting soldier. "Oh! I'm terribly sorry! Shame on you, Naughty horse!" Scolded Alonzo as the crowd laughed. "Get this thing off of me! George help!" "I'll teach you a lesson peasant!" Shouted George as he drew a dagger. Alonzo drew back his cloak revealing his rank. "Oh, captain!" George went to salute him but hit his helmet with the dagger. "Ouch! At your service sir!" "You two gentleman should tell me why your after this girl." Alonzo said as he helped the girl up. "She's a thief!" Shouted the pinned soldier who finally got up. "I am not! Their just accusing me so they could torture me." Accused the queen at them whose cowl fell off revealing her beauty. Alonzo studied the girl and could tell that she had nothing out of the ordinary. "She has nothing that she stole; you two were just looking for fun." The two soldiers gulped and backed away. "If you leave now I won't report you to the commander." The two quickly ran off cursing their luck.

Alonzo sighed and went to turn to the queen but she was gone. Alonzo looked around but she had disappeared; "Strange I wonder who she was," Julio snorted and nudged his rider telling him what he thought of her. "Oh, what do you know? The only thing you understand is when I feed you!" Muttered Alonzo as he led it through the alley, unaware of the fact that the queen he had saved was watching him from afar.

A young Jellicle queen who was completely white was performing in the street captivating her audience with her beauty and grace as she danced to her friend who was playing the flute. The watchers threw coins as a token of appreciation enjoying the show. One of them was a person who was dressed in black robes and a hood covering his face who seemed to be enjoying the show as he always appeared whenever she performed. "Hey, Victoria! Admetus! The guards are coming better get out of there!" Shouted a lookout to them. The two stopped thanking their audience and collected their money splitting it up. "You go that way I'll head this way! See you later Admetus!" Ordered Victoria to her partner. The two headed in separate ways.

Victoria then suddenly ran into something dropping her coins. "My money!" Starting to pick them up she then got suddenly stepped on her paw. "What do we have here?" Questioned an ugly Pollicle soldier with a mouth full of crooked teeth. "This is my money, I earned it." "Thieves don't earn anything so it's my money now!" Laughed the ugly dog as he took it from her. Victoria suddenly gasped as crawling along the Pollicle's fat stomach was a…"Snake! Get it off me! Get it off me! I hate snakes!" Shouted the soldier trying to pry it off. Victoria then grabbed her pouch from the distracted dog and began to run off. Suddenly she got grabbed by a paw. She turned and saw it was the black robed person who always watched her. "Come with me and you'll be safe." He whispered to her ears. She looked at him doubtful as guards were starting to come. "Get them that cat tried to kill me!" Shouted the Pollicle who yelled at the others. "Hold on," The robed person advised her who hesitantly wrapped her arms around him. He then uttered something in a different language and the two disappeared in a flash of light. "A mage? Find them! Macavity will pay a mountain of gold for him!" Shouted one of the commanding soldiers to the dim witted Pollicles.

General Growltiger was walking through the castle behind him a trio of knights. Pouncival a knight of the thorn who was a bit of a klutz cause he was always energetic, Tumblebrutus, a knight of the skull who at times went into a berserk rage and became a threat to his companions, and Plato, a knight of the lily who was the smartest of the three but that wasn't saying much considering his companions. The three were his escort and the ones who usually did his dirty work. "So, Pounce? Feel like going to the Cat's Eye tonight?" Asked Tumble. "Yeah I'm there I'd like to see that Bombalurina perform I bet she has the hots for me." Said Pouncival who nearly tripped on his tail. "Quit talking about some broad you two remember our job tonight." Ordered Plato the more serious of the three. "All of you shut up or I'll attach you three to a catapult and fire it." Growled Growltiger at the three who immediately became quiet. "Remember our mission fools, once we get the girl we bring her to Macavity and then we'll be rewarded." The three knights immediately began to chatter among themselves but keeping it quiet enough so he wouldn't hear. "Why does he want some girl? Doesn't he have five mistresses already?" Asked Pouncival. "I don't know there's suppose to be something different about this girl she has something that he wants." Explained Plato "Like what? Her virginity?" Muttered Tumble as the three followed their leader out the castle and into the city as night approached.

"So there I am tied up with the ugliest Pollicle I've ever seen poking at me with a spear." Said Tugger to a group of barmaids: Etcetera, Electera, and Jemima who listened in awe as Tugger went on telling them of a battle he fought. Munkustrap was at the bar table ignoring the gasps of the queens and the exaggerated claims of his brother as he sipped his water. "Oh, cheer up Munk, don't listen to him. Things are bound to get better." Said Jellyorum as she and Jennyadots sat in front of him as he was prone to brood at times. "I know it's just, I've seen twenty years pass me and Tugger by and nothing has changed. Macavity still rules, The Pollicles are attacking anything that gets out of line, and it seems there's no bright future in sight." Sighed Munkustrap. "I know I've felt that way too Munk, but if there's one thing I've learned all my life it's that even on the darkest stormiest night the sun is always there to send it away you'll see." Consulted Jennyadots Munkustrap smiled at the two guardians who had watched over him and his younger brother their entire life ever since their parents died. He looked back at his brother who had finished his story and the tom was being applauded by the three queens.

"You're so brave Tugga!" Purred Etcetera at him as she clapped her paws as she and her friends awed over the coon. "I know, besides whose gonna watch my brother's back when he gets into trouble?" Munk scoffed as it usually was the other way around when it came to that. "You two seem to be expert swordsmen," Heads turned as they noticed a knight walk in. "How 'bout you join the army? We could use some strong toms like you." Said the black and white tom as he approached. "Thanks but no thanks sir knight I'm fine living the life of a mercenary and so is my brother." Tugger explained to him as he draped an arm around Jemima and Electera. The knight frowned but only for a second. "Pity, very well perhaps you'll change your mind." He said as he walked towards the bar stool.

"A bottle of your best Wine to go, please." He said pulling out some gold coins. Jennyadots went down to the secret pantry quickly as Jellyorum checked to see if they were real. "I don't know why a knight would be entering my simple tavern." Wondered Jellyorum. "Just trying to remember some old memories." Munk studied him carefully wondering if he could be a spy but he then recognized him as Alonzo and he knew that Alonzo despite that he was a servant of the emperor wouldn't report anything. "Here you is, sir." Said Jennyadots as she handed to him some of the finest wine in the city. "Thank you milady," He tossed her another gold coin and left the tavern. "He sure is something," Mumbled Bombalurina as she cleaned a table. "What do you mean?" Asked Tugger as he helped her out. "A knight with his regalness stepping into this seedy tavern?" "Watch it," Warned Jellyorum as she and the others began to close down. "Sorry, it's just what's a knight doing in a place like this I thought the knights and soldiers had their own place to drink?" "Apparently you've forgotten that Alonzo is one of us he became a knight by going through rigorous training for ten years and I'm amazed that he's a captain." Said Munkustrap.

"Listen, I'm grateful for your help but who are you?" Said Victoria as she followed the jellicle mage. He had his hood down revealing his face which was white and he had black fur from his tail to the tip of his ears. He was of slender built as most mages were and in his room were a lot of arcane objects including spell books. "You can call me Quaxo or Mistoffelees if you want my real name." "Well Quaxo, thank you for the help but why'd you help me and I thought that all mages were confined." "Not all I'm basically what you call a renegade, I'm one of a kind." "So since you are a wizard of sorts what can you do?" Mistoffelees smiled at her and the room was bathed in a blue light. "Almost anything," Butterflies appeared and swarmed her and Victoria looked around the room in wonder as she never saw so many exotic things. "You'll leave in the morning when the guards are probably no longer looking for you. There's a spare room over there which you can sleep in." "Okay thanks," Said Victoria with a bit of a blush. (He's pretty cute I never thought I'd see a real live magician I thought they were just fairytales.)

At the Cat's Eye the place was getting ready to close down. Most of the patrons had to be helped outside a bit full of ale. Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger were helping close down Well Munk was helping Tugger was a little bit full of ale and he needed to be helped out by Bombalurina at times. Suddenly a loud scream erupted and the patrons of the Cat's Eye heard running footsteps. "Get her! She's getting away!" Jemima peeked out through a peephole and saw what was happening. "Oh! It's those darn knights they just think they can do whatever they want! Their chasing after some poor girl." She exclaimed in disgust.

"What! A damsel in distress hic!" Hiccupped Tugger going to the door. "Tugger don't do anything!" Ordered Munkustrap. "Hey, no worries! Besides, you know I enjoy nothing more than a horrible muddle!" Tugger went to go outside but hit the door. "I meant to do that!" He then headed outside. "Munk you better go out and make sure he doesn't do anything foolish." Said Jellyorum with concern in her voice. Munk cursed his luck for having a buffoon for a brother and headed outside.

The golden queen was running from the three knights that was chasing after her. "She runs fast for a peasant!" Shouted TumbleBrutus "Maybe you're just slow for a knight!" Grumbled Pouncival. "Maybe you're both just slow for being idiots!" Shouted Plato as they were losing her. The queen turned into an alley but it lead into a dead end. "Heh, looks like it's the end of the line for you." Said Tumble drawing his axe. Plato brought his arm in front of him. "We don't wish to harm you miss, if you come with us we promise nothing will happen to you. The queen wasn't backing. Suddenly the three got knocked down from behind. "Knights picking on fair maidens? How low can ya go?" The three saw a Maine Coon standing above him. "I'll kill you for that!" Shouted Tumble as he went into his berserk mode and charged him.

Tugger not suspecting the charge quickly went on the defensive and parried with his Rapier and due to being half drunk was in a lot of trouble. "You die know!" Tumble then got punched in the face. "No one beats my brother except me!" Shouted Munkustrap as he appeared. "I'll take care of you!" Scowled Plato drawing his broad sword. The two jellicles went into combat but Munk was clearly more skilled and began to drive him back. Tumble went to help him but got intercepted by Tugger who after shaking his head got his senses back and with a quick combo of slashing knocked the battleaxe away. Suddenly he got kicked in the back by Pouncival who had sneaked up him. Bringing up his sword he got ready to kill Tugger when suddenly. CLANG! He fell down to the ground with a bump on his head. "I never did like you anyway." Tugger then saw Bombalurina wielding her trusty skillet. "Bomb! What are you doing here?" "I thought you manly man needed some help." She said smugly. Plato, TumbleBrutus, and Pouncival formed up and got ready to charge while Munk, Tugger, and Bomb formed up prepared to defend the queen who cowered against the wall.

"Soldiers! What is the meaning of this?" Shouted a voice. The three knights turned around and gasped. "Captain Alonzo!" Alonzo walked up to them with a scowl on his face. "You shall immediately stop this ruckus this instant!" The three not wanting to provoke him sheathed their weapons. "You shall return to the barracks and be prepared to get punished!" "Oh, I think not Captain." Said a voice cold and full of evil. Alonzo turned around and became face to face with Growltiger. "General, what is the meaning of this?" Ordered Alonzo with a bit of respect in his voice. "The golden one comes with me. And you shall leave now while my men dispose of these fools." "What? I was not informed of any of this! Why do you want her?" Growltiger scowled at him. "Begone now fool! Or else I'll squash you like a bug." He demanded at him who didn't flinch. Alonzo remembered the old oath that he took the one that knights who served under Deuteronomy sworn, to protect the citizens of the city and to preserve peace and stop all those who attempt evil. (The oath means nothing to these brigands! I will not serve them if all they care about is killing innocents!)

"No! I will not back down! The oath tells me what is right and this is not right!" Munk and the others stared at him in amazement thinking that he would dare stand up to the fearsome Growltiger. "Munk this guy needs our help but we need to get this girl to safety." Whispered Bombalurina to him. "I know but we can't leave now we'd attract attention we leave when the moment is right."

"Very well, once the son of a peasant always the son of a peasant I'll kill you ex-captain and take the girl as well." Growltiger's hands went to his double swords as he and Alonzo prepared to battle.

Next Chapter: Alonzo and Growltiger cross blades yet it appears that Alonzo is no match for him. Just when the others think there is no chance left they find an unexpected escape and the nine companions meet each other as Demeter tells them of who she is.

What do you think? Not a bad Prologue if I do say so myself, Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer make their debut next time and there's romance between Alonzo, Demeter, and Munkustrap. Catch you on the flip side.