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Alonzo and Growltiger circled each other in the alleyway. Growltiger's minions stood at the front of the alleyway entrance blocking the way. Munkustrap, Tugger, and Bombalurina stood near the dead end shielding the jellicle queen. "Do you think he has a chance?" Whispered Tugger. "I don't know Alonzo might be skilled," Whispered Munkustrap back. "But I've heard that no one has ever even harmed Growltiger and his skill with the blade is unequaled." "Well the first chance we get we're outta here with the girl." Said Bombalurina much to the surprise of the toms. Bomb wasn't known for caring about others by the way she shielded her it seemed she cared for the queen.

Faster than Alonzo could see Growltiger pulled out his two swords and went into a frenzy. Barely getting his sword up to block Alonzo was quickly put on the defensive. Growltiger had the agility of a cheetah and he seemed to be toying with him as he never allowed Alonzo to go on the offensive but he never seemed to be trying to kill him just toying with him like he was a rat. Alonzo saw a blade in fast for his abdomen knowing his armor wouldn't be able to fend that off he attempted to parry it. Yet to his surprise the blade curved out of reach of his counter and he realized that it was feint and he had left himself wide open to his other sword.

Growltiger thrusted his blade right into his chest. Luckily for Alonzo his armor protected him from it. Unfortunately he still received damage from it and he backed off. Growltiger tired of the game swatted his sword aside and prepared to finish it by taking his head. But Alonzo had enough wits in him to duck and kick the unsuspecting General beneath the legs and knocked him off his feet. Getting his sword back he attempted to end it but Growltiger so alert so cunning blocked the attacks even though he was lying on his back.

Tugger's eyes searched the alleyway and he then found a potential exit. "Munk, I need you to create a diversion while I get us out of here." Munkustrap looked at him in suspicion. "Don't worry I won't leave without you and we'll take the girl and the knight with us." Munkustrap nodded and then drawed his father's sword. Tugger drawed his blade which due to its enchantment was glowing red. "What are you doing?" Asked Bombalurina as she noticed him walking towards a sewer gate. "Saving our skins!"

Growltiger again prepared to kill Alonzo when his blade got intercepted. "Leave him alone!" Shouted Munk as he slashed at him. Growltiger went on the defensive again as Munkustrap was keeping on him not giving him a chance to attack. "Impudent fool!" Growltiger kicked up garbage into his face blinding him and Growltiger prepared to kill the silver tom, but he didn't count on Alonzo getting a second wind and saving Munk's skin. The two worked together timing their attacks perfectly as together their skill matched the fearsome General, Striking and Thrusting at the same time despite this was their first time meeting they drove him back.

Munkustrap sent a devastating thrush aimed at his neck, Growltiger dodged at the last second but was kicked by Alonzo.

"Enough of this!" His blades glowing dark purple he somehow sent a wave of magic energy at knocking them back. He then stalked the two and growled at them.

"Munk! Let's go!" They all then noticed that Tugger had been working on an escape route, by cutting away the iron bars and making an opening into the sewers. "That's your escape! I'm not getting in any sewer!" Yelled Bombalurina who then got grabbed by him. "It's either sewers or death love!" He then pushed her through the grate with her screaming.

"Get them you fools!" Shouted Growltiger at his henchcats. He then got knocked down by Munkustrap who hit him in the face with his hilt. "Let's go!" He grabbed Alonzo and headed towards the opening. "Just like old times huh bro?" Shouted Tugger as he leaped down into the sewer. "Take my hand and stay close to me." Said Munk taking the female Jellicle's hands and the two leapt down. Alonzo leapt through as well just seconds before he could get grabbed.

"Well, let's get them!" Shouted TumbleBrutus as he prepared to leap. Plato stopped him and looked at the running water doubtfully. "If we try that we'll end up dying their probably dead already." The three then got grabbed by their commander. "You better hope she's not dead for your sake's! Post guards at all sewer entrances and exits! I want them found!" The three knights then run off like scolded dogs. Growltiger grimaced he had been humiliated and he knew that Macavity will not be happy when he learned of this.

Beneath the flowing waterfall and near water deep enough to stand in with all tons of unpleasant things around the five soaked not to mention smelly Jellicles were regrouping. "Tugger!" Bombalurina screamed at him and was chasing after him who tried to hide behind the others.

"Get back here so I can kill you!"

"Bombs! Sweetcakes! Come on! It was our only choice." He cowardly hid behind Alonzo who looked disgusted by the antics of the two. Having enough he grabbed them both by the ear.

"Enough! The entire city will know we're down here thanks to you two!" He shouted at them losing his temper. "We're lost, we got Growltiger and the Heaviside Cat knows how many people looking for us, we're stuck in a sewer! We don't need you two making things worse!"

"He's right, we shouldn't be arguing, right now we need to find a way out of here, the question is how? There's supposed to be a secret entrance into the sewers maybe we can find it and get out of this place." Said Munkustrap as he looked around the sewers.

"Hold on, First things first we need to find out who our friend is." Said Tugger pointing to the golden feline. She looked a bit startled and seemed reluctant to tell them. She sighed and decided to go ahead and tell them.

"My name is Demeter, and there's something about me that separates me from others." She reached to her cloak and removed it and the others gasped.

"I've been told that ever since I was a child that something was inside me I didn't know what it was but apparently it's what those people want." She explained as the others saw a tattoo shaped like a jewel on her belly. "This has been there ever since I was a child I don't know what it means but it seems like this thing is what separates me from others. Cause this year I was able to perform magic though I never had any training in the magic arts I guess that's why those men were after because I'm so different."

"Nonsense! You're just like us! That's just a birth mark it means nothing you're no different than the rest of us or any other feline in the world." Said Bombalurina as she walked up to her. "Now listen to me Demeter, Just because you can use magic doesn't make you a freak, there are mages in the world and I guess your one of them."

"But Mages usually develop their skill when they are just children and I was positive I wasn't possessed by any magic." Said Demeter feeling downcast. "Hey, turn that frown upside down!" Tugger walked up to her as well and placed a paw on her shoulder. "Just think of yourself as a late bloomer odds are you had it in you all the time but you just didn't know it like when my brother didn't know he'd be an no nonsense knucklehead."

"That's right, and my brother didn't know he'd be a moronic playboy." Said Munkustrap shooting him a glare. Demeter looked at them in amazement as they all placed their paws on her shoulder. "We're all the same even though we come from different places." Said Alonzo smiling at her. Demeter smiled at them. These are the first people that I can call friends. "Alright, now let's get out of this stinkhole!" Shouted Munkustrap as they began to move.

"You mean to say to me that the girl with the help of a barmaid and two mercenaries got away and they are now in the sewers?" Growltiger kneeled before Macavity in his throne room. He had failed and he half expected to be killed for it.

"It was an accident it will not happen again." Macavity rose from his throne and glared at him. "Ah, for once you are right."

Macavity suddenly fired a red bolt of magic energy at him. Growltiger screamed and clutched his chest in agony. Something was forming in his chest something was alive. He screamed in pain as coming out of his ears were tentacles. The tentacles felt around his face as he looked on in horror as they opened and produced razor sharp teeth while hissing at him. The two then got sucked back into his ears and he fell to the floor.

"Just a little companion I'm sending along to make sure you never fail again." Macavity walked towards him and kneeled and whispered so only he could here. "Now then General once you two get acquainted with the other you will find go them, search every house search every tavern, do not stop until you have find her and bring her to me!" He got up and went back to his throne. "Once you bring her to me he…" He paused to think of a better word "It shall be removed from you. Now this time Growltiger do not fail me, search the entire world search the heavens if you must but bring her to me!"

Struggling to get up Growltiger grimaced and nodded as he left the chambers "It is nice to know that we are one isn't it general?" Said a voice in his head which he ignored.

Growltiger immediately sent out search parties with the order of finding Demeter and killing anyone who refuses to cooperate. The soldiers went out threatening anyone promising to kill their children if the people didn't answer truthfully and to make sure they told the truth Growltiger sent out two mages Corpiocat and Tantomile sibling twins to read their thoughts as they possessed telekinetic powers.

"Let us check this house." Said the male Corpiocat as he and his sister along with a group of Pollicles went to an old house and knocked on the door. "Open in the name of his majesty Macavity!"

Mistoffelees was in his private room working on a spell when he heard the knocking on his door. Grimacing he pulled out a bag of silver powder and chanted a few words. "What is happening," Said Victoria as she appeared suddenly she saw that everything change all the magical items changed to common household items and that she was wearing regular peasant clothes. "Pretend that you are my wife," He said to her as he wearing simple clothing walked to the door.

"Good evening to you sirs, May I help you?" He said to the two mages in a different tone and accent. "We by order of the General Growltiger are searching for a group of fugitives." Said Tantomile. She could sense that the house was an illusion and relayed that thought to her brother. "Well, we haven't seen a thing in these streets that's out of the ordinary," Victoria said changing her voice as well. Corpio frowning told the pollicles to move along. Once the pollicles were out of sight he and his sister uttered a word of magic. The illusion was dispelled revealing Mistoffelees in his robes. The house changed back to its regular form.

"Nice try, but I'm afraid that you don't have enough skill to fool a fellow mage." Said Corpio but with a bit of respect in his voice. Mistoffelees cursed himself that spell still needed some work on. "We should report you in since you are a renegade mage and could be a threat." Said Tantomile her eyes narrowing. Victoria gasped from behind him.

But shockingly the two started to walk away. "We'll give you till sunrise to get out of the city," Explained Corpio "If your still here when we come back we will take you to the castle." Finished Tantomile as the two disappeared into the street. Misto was surprised that they would do that since considering what he heard of the mages that served under Macavity.

"Quaxo I'm so sorry that this happened." Said Victoria placing a paw on his shoulder. Misto frowning went back to his chambers. "Help me get packed; we'll get out of the city by the docks." Victoria looked at him surprised but immediately went to help him.

"I don't know what smells worse the sludge or us." Complained Tugger as he and the others sloshed their way through knee deep sewage. The way through at times was slippery and Munkustrap came pretty close to taking a dip twice. He and Alonzo held torches made of old rags and skeleton hands to light the way.

"You know," Said Munk "I'm surprised we haven't found anything yet." "Like what?" Asked Demeter. "Like crocodiles or rats, or I don't know something dangerous since sewers can hold anything."

Suddenly the torches went out. "Something like an ambush?" Bombalurina asked dryly.

Before they could even blink they were surrounded by dozens of strange creatures wearing mask shaped like skulls. Alonzo went to draw his sword but got his hand grasped by Munk. "It is pointless, to fight." The creatures laughed at them and formed a circle around them. Then there were two warlike cries. Looking up they saw on a pipe two more skull wearing creatures. Grabbing a vine they swinged down and doing impressive acrobats landed right in front of them. "Well, well, well, look what we have here boys." Said the taller one.

"Trespassers! Spies!" "We're not spies you got to listen to-"Munkustrap was cut off by a gag pressed over his mouth. The others were gagged as well. "Don't interrupt us when we're talking you're very lucky to have found our hideaway but you won't live to tell the tale." Said the shorter one who was a queen. The two of them started to sing.

Maybe you've heard of a terrible place

Where the scoundrels of Thebes collect in a lair

Maybe you've of that mythical place called the court of Miracles

Hello you're there!

A group of creatures appeared with crutches and eye patches

Where the lame can walk

And the blind can see

But the dead don't talk!

So you won't be around to reveal what you found!

As if to demonstrate the leader of them pulled out a sword and cut off one a skeletons head as the creatures pushed them through

We have a method for spies and intruders

Rather like hornets protecting their hive

Here in the court of miracles

Where's it's a miracle if you get out alive!

They were dragged to a chamber which apparently was their hideout the creatures removed their disguises revealing that they were felines in disguise. The leaders of them a brother and sister duo leapt up to what looked like a hang room. "Gather around everybody! We got good news a couple of Macavity's spies!" The crowd of thieves booed the five. "And not just any spies," Said the female motioning to Alonzo. "His captain of the guard and a couple of soldiers!" She said imitating the knight as the group had ropes being tied around their neck while they tried to struggle as the male appeared as a judge

The justice in the court of miracles is swift

I am the lawyer and judge all at once

We like to get the trial with over quickly

Because it's the sentence that's really the fun!

"Any last words?" The tom asked getting ready to pull a lever that would drop them. The group yelled at them but couldn't be understood due to them being gagged.

"That's what they all say…" Said the male a bit annoyed by them

Now that we've seen all of the evidence

The queen reappeared trying to object

Wait I object!


Wait I object!

Quiet! Annoyed he clamped his paws over her mouth. "Dang," She muttered as he walked over to Munkustrap and put his arms on him in a forgiveness hug.

We find you totally innocent which is the worst crime of all

So you're all going to hang!

He went to pull the lever but suddenly a blue light illuminated from Demeter. She was glowing inside as the others looked on in confusion. The ropes around them disappeared freeing them from being hanged.

Wasting no time at all the Rum Tum Tugger charged at the bewildered thieves and knocked down the leader and placed his rapier at his neck holding off the others.

"One more step and your leader is gonna be gone for a long, long time," He threatened the thieves who had rushed to attack him. "Alright now buddy, we're not trespassers and we're sure as hell not spies for Macavity! We just had to use the sewers as an escape route so is everything good?" The thief nodded as Tugger let him up.

The group then told them of what happened and why their in their lair.

"Well why didn't you just say so before?" "We did say so before!" Shouted the five of them at him annoyed at him. Apparently these were outcasts who had traveled down to the sewers and made a home down here cutting themselves off from the city above. Most were peasants who lost their homes due to Macavity's taxes but the leader of them Mungojerrie along with his sister Rumpelteazer was planning on making attacks on the city above.

"It wouldn't be much, just a couple of Pollicles here, a storehouse there. But we could give Macavity something to think about as that bastard had ruined our lives and our parents for as long as we can remember." Said Mungojerrie in his what you'd call headquarters but was really looked like catacombs.

"The only thing you'd be getting for doing that is a short drop and a sudden stop." Mungojerrie frowned at Alonzo's remark to his plan. "I've trained his soldiers I know how experienced they are, sure you might took out some Pollicles but Macavity has thousands of them, think about when he decides to send his elite warriors knights who do not fear death and mages of unspeakable power your plan is ludicrous."

Rumpelteazer stood up from her chair. "We wouldn't know unless we tried, besides ain't it better to die fighting than to live in fear?" She asked him who smirked at her.

"She has a point Alonzo, but your right as well we've seen what they can do I don't think you would have much hope if Macavity decided to deal with you." Said Demeter with softness in her voice. Mungojerrie frowned and looked over his maps.

"You say that you're all wanted by Macavity?" The group nodded at him and he then smiled. "Just think of this as a small apology. Me and Rumpel would lead you out of the city by the docks ol' Skimbleshanks the organizer of the docks happens to be my uncle so he should be able to get us a boat."

"You're risking your life by helping us," Warned Munkustrap to him who just shrugged like it didn't matter.

"We're already got warrants for us what's the difference?"

The group of five nodded and gathered their stuff "We'll have to stop by The Cat's Eye to get supplies I just hope Jelly and the others are okay." Said Munk as he and the others went to get prepared.

Later on, the seven of them had left the sewers and wearing deep cloaks to hide their faces from others. "Hey Munk, looks like we're famous," Said Tugger as he looked at a sign. It had a picture of the two and with them being wanted for murder and plotting against the emperor. "Only twenty gold pieces? That's insulting!" He mused as he took it with him. Each of the seven had some sort of weapon. Munk with his sword, Tugger with his rapier, Mungo had a short sword, Rumpel had a dagger which if you asked Alonzo would be useful if they ran into rabid rabbits, while Alonzo carried his sword and still carried his armor which confused the others but didn't ask him about it, Bombalurina had a mace which she took from a member of the catacombs, and Demeter carried a staff yet had no experience with it.

Mungojerrie was in the lead as he knew the city like the back of his hand or in this case paw. He knew all shortcuts of Thebes even those that Macavity didn't know about. He and Rumpelteazer always seemed to know which way to go even though it was the dark of night and there was fog. Suddenly he stopped and mentioned for them to halt.

They could hear voices coming and it sounded like two of them.

"Get ready, we may have to fight." Whispered Alonzo to them. Demeter gulped but felt someone grasp her paw turning around she saw Munkustrap who she could tell would protect her. She smiled at him and he smiled at her. Alonzo looked at the scene with a bit of jealously but forced himself to be prepared.

"On the count of three," Said Tugger to them as the voices were getting closer.


They leapt around the corner and found themselves face to face with two Jellicles. One was wearing robes and had a book open and his arms ready. While the other one a frightened young queen looked at them with fear.

"Blimey mate we could of killed ya!" Said Mungojerrie as he sheathed his blade. The robed cat hands sparkled and they could have sworn that fired was in his eyes. "Not with my spells, you're lucky that I didn't incinerate you all." He said to them as he closed his book. "Well then good mage, we have to go so bye." Tugger explained to the two of them as he and the others started to leave.

"Wait!" The seven turned around as he walked towards them. "I'm a renegade, a mage who has yet to go to Macavity's institute where he forces those with magic to do his bidding. I've been found out and I have till morning till they come for me, Take me and my friend with you. If you do I promise to reward you."

Mungo's and Rumpel's eyes widened at the chance of being rewarded. "Of course come with us! We'll help you get out of this city, after all that's our job to help anyone with problems." The two led them past the others who looked confused. "Now that was just plain rude." Grumbled Bombalurina as they followed them.

"I've got the feeling that where into something we won't forget." Brooded Munkustap as he and Tugger walked side by side. "Yeah, I got the feeling that this is something no one is ever going to forget." The two brothers followed the others and made their way to the docks where hopefully if Mungojerrie's uncle could be counted on could get out of the city.

Meanwhile in a far away forest a once proud and beautiful queen stared at the moon. Her coat was torn and stained with sand, and she barely could hold herself up as she looked to the stars.

Gazing at the moon and the stars she muttered a single word which she remembered from the Sage Deuteronomy's reign.


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