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Q1: What's the deal with Mike and Nelly?

A1: Well, as some of you may have figured out, Mike got married and had a child. Well, here's the breakdown, edited and shortened so that the rest can be filled in as the story progresses. About a year after Bella had left, Mike met the lovely Penelope Vince. About a year after that, they got married and then, shortly after, Penelope died in child birth with Nelly (AKA, Penelope Jr.). There you go.

Q2: Why does everyone mistake Bella for Alice?

A2: Yeah, this is a question I keep asking myself. Hell, I wrote the story and I still don't get it. Basically, Bella has short hair, Alice has short hair. Bella has pale skin, Alice has pale skin. Granted, Bella is probably about five inches taller than her, but we'll sit aside that. When it came to Jacob, he saw a dark haired person who smelled like a vampire. With Mike... Yeah, I was a little retarted in that sense.

Q3: Will Bella continue seeing Jessica as a grief counselor?

A3: Just between you and I... yeah. It'll play a potentially big side-story-esque type thing.

Q4: Will Bella ever reveal herself to Jessica?

A4: I'm still undecided in that department.

Everything good I deem too good to be trueEverything else is just a bore

Everything I have to look forward to

Has a pretty painful and a very imposing before

Oh sailor- Fiona Apple

With a flick of my wrist, the car was off and I lingered there for a moment, in shock of the hours past. I opened the door at an all-too-human speed and approached the door. As my hand grasped the knob, I head Alice's voice call.

"Hi, Bella!" I smiled slightly and let myself in. I heaved a breath and slipped my jacket off and hung it absentmindedly on the coat rack. Alice slid down the rail of the stairs and landed in front of me with her hand on her hips and her chin held high. She looked like a mock-super hero. I tiny... tiny super hero. She sniffed and pinched her nose.

"Ew, Bella, you smell like gasoline." She glanced behind me through the window. No doubt scoping out my vehicle. "Car trouble?" I shrugged.

"You could say that." I walked into the living room not even fully aware of my actions. Once I sat on the couch, I stopped and looked around. "Whoa." Alice was watching with the same look I expect my face beheld.

"Yeah... wow, you're like a zombie or something." As she spoke, she crossed her eyes and held her arms out. I laughed and shook my head.

"No, it's more like..." I put a blank stare on and left my mouth agape while stretching my arms out not quite like Alice's, more distorted and lopsided. I walked forward with my left foot turned inward and my right sliding along clumsily. "Brains..." I moaned. Alice giggled and mimicked me. "Brains...!" We both called as we staggered all around the room.

I limped towards her, calling for my cranial organ.

"Brains...!" Alice yelped when I grasped the back of her shirt. She started running, but at a seemingly "normal" pace. My moaning grew persistant.

"Brains... Brains... Give me brains!" I tackled her and she flipped over, landing us on the coach. I continued. "Brains!!!" I was too caught up in our game that I hadn't even noticed the two other people in the room.

"...Should we break it up?" Jasper's voice asked. Emmet chuckled.

"Naw, I hear this is supposed to be some kind of huge turn-on for humans. Let's observe."

Alice and I collapsed in a fit of laughter on the couch.

And then it happened.

It occured before I even realized my glove was astray, exposing my thumb. It brushed Alice's bare arm for a split-second, not long enough for me to see anything terribly important.

Just long enough for me to receive one image that passed across my mind like sound.

The knotted design of a Celtic rosette. It was an image I knew strangely well. Well enough for it to send a jolt of worry down my spine. I shook it off quickly.

"So..." I searched for a topic to cover my fear. "What's the deal with Mike Newton." Alice glanced at me and shrugged.

"A lot can happen in six years. Don't get me wrong, Bella, when you disappeared everyone searched for you. Ultimately, they all decided there was nothing left to do. The constant rain had washed away scent and fibers and eventually everybody's hope. They had a memorial service for you and practically the entire town attended it. I didn't witness it myself, being under certain circumstances, the majority of the high school along with the Quileute tribe had a paper burning ceremony."

"What's that?" I asked, genuinly confused. Alice began to draw shapes in the suede of the couch.

"It's when the name of the deceased is written on a sheet of papyrus. The papyrus is then lit aflame by someone close to the deceased. In this case, it was Jacob Black." My heart stung at the mention of his name. "When the paper is lit, the person let's it go and it turns to embers in the wind. That's to signify death. The ceremony is closed by candle-lit water which is when all who attended light a special candle and place them in the ocean, allowing them to float off to sea. This means rebirth. I've seen pictures of it and believe me, I couldn't count how many little flames were on that black ocean."

I was speachless. "Wow..." I breathed. Alice nodded.

"Anyway, after six months everyone had about recovered. By this time our senior class had already graduated and the college semester had started. Mike had gone off to Washington University in Seattle and while there met Penelope Vince, a junior at W.U. who was majoring in music theory, she played the Violin." Alice had long since walked across the room to the little desk in the corner. She pulled open the drawer and retrieved a picture frame. She looked at it and smiled. She passed it to me and I looked it over.

The picture was of Mike and Penelope Vince on their wedding day. The Mike in this picture looked more like the Mike Newton I remembered. He wasn't as muscular as he is now and his hair was at the length I recalled, only in this picture it was slicked back. My lips parted in a silent gasp at the sight of Penelope. She was breath-taking. her long hair was a waterfall of perfect honey colored curls. her skin was, if in the right light, the exact color of ivory; fair, yet with an olive tinge. Her eyes were brilliantly green, and not just the color that most people merely call green--they were green.

They were the seemingly perfect couple, save for one thing. It had taken me a second to understand the difference in their height. How he seemed to be purposely slouched and leaning forward slightly. How she seemed to be a good two feet shorter than her with the rest of her body not adding up to her seemingly small body.

Then it dawned on me. Alice, seemed to have read my mind and spoke my words for me.

"A tumor," she said quietly. "At the bottom of her spine. The only way to remove it was to take the bottom with it. She hadn't been able to walk since she was fifteen." Pity washed though me. This poor, perfect girl. Her beauty almost marred by the contraption she had been confined to her entire life. How horrible it must have been to have to sit on your own wedding day. To never have experienced your first dance with the one you love. My hand cupped my covered my mouth as I swallowed a sob.

"Was that...?" I felt Alice nod next to me.

"The tumor itself didn't kill her, but it was the ultimate cause. The healing in her spine formed a clot that traveled through her body and laid dormant for years. All it took was enough stress and blood pressure to do it.. It went to her lungs while she was in labor and caused them to shut down. her brain was deprived of oxygen and she went into a vegetative state. Mike pulled the plug six months later."

"Oh," I said. Just oh. What more was there to say? Sure, I could feel sad all I wanted. I could pity Penelope and Mike, because it would make me feel better.

In my heart, I know it would have been in vain.

I stared longer at the picture, at this stunningly beautiful woman. My heart ached at the fact that I had been given the ability to live forever when she could not have even been given the privelege of seeing her daughter grow up. My eyes may have been locked on her smile, but that wasn't to say I wasn't completely alert. So when a familiar scent crossed my nose, I was alert before anyone could blink.

Emmet, Jasper, and Alice all stood completely still, listening intently no doubt. My back was rigid I could almost feel the phantom pulse drumming inside my body.

"Bella," Alice's soft voice was laced with concern. I took long, lightning fast stride towards the sliding-glass door and flung it open, nearly shattering the glass. I swung my head around wildly in anger.

How dare she follow me here!

My thoughts raced through my head.

"Come out, you cowards!" I called.

"Courseness, Isabella," I heard her voice. That annoying British voice of hers. I wheeled around, my eyes blazing. "Has never been an attractive trait of yours. Much like your hair and clothes." She sat there, on the railing of the patio stairs with her posture straight and proper.

Just the sight of her pissed me off. I raised a white hand and pointed a finger at her.

"How dare you!" I screamed. Next thing I knew, I was flying at her. She was gone before i had the time to catch up with her. i felt a sharp pain in the square of my back and I was on my stomach with my arm pinned behind me. I writhed in anger and heard Alice, Emmet, and Jasper growling. I knew why the growls didn't grow closer.

"You let go of me this instant!" I snarled towards her. Her honey colored hair fell and grazed my shoulders. From where I was, I couldn't turn my head to see her face. Not that I was entirely sure it had changed much. At this point, all I could do was glare at the mud on her riding boots.

"I do believe you are quite behind on your etiquette lessons." Her prim voice said calmly. "Once I hear the word that proves me wrong, I'll release you." I grit my teeth in protest, determined to fight it. She spoke again:

"Say please, Isabella." Her voice echoed inside my head. I felt my muscles of my jaw begin to losen and I shut my eyes tight.

"Please." My voice said, filled with anguish as the words were coarsed out of my mouth.

"Good girl." She said, her tone unchanged. "Now stand up slowly and maintain civility." She released my hand and I stood, slowly as she had said, and stared at her hatefully.

"Why are you here?" My voice was calm and somewhat sincere, though I was anything but. A little smile tugged on the side of her mouth.

"Why else not? To find you, dear Isabella." My body held back the snort I longed to release.

"You mean Ingrid wanted to find me, don't you?" Though my voice was placid, I'm sure the sarcasm was clear. "Come on, Eunice, where is she?" Eunice became rigid and looked uncomfortable. Her eyes flashed sadness for a split-second and she lowered her gaze to the grass.

"I... I don't know. I was hoping she would be here, with you. Or, at least, you would know where she was." I shook my head.

"I'm sorry. I don't." I looked towards the woods curiously. "Are they here too?" She nodded, regaining her regal air.

"Helena, Caroline, Iris... all of them. We're all looking for her. I just... it's... it's unfortunate. It's difficult. Being without her, I mean." I understood completely. It must be hard for her, most of all.

"Where're Amelia and Henry?" I feared the worst. By now, I had begun to notice my muscles twitching and, slowly, her Persuation was wearing off.

"Amelia is at an inn with Henry watching over her." I loud growl ripped through the air and Alice lunged through the air at Eunice.

"Alice, don't!" I called, but it was already too late. Alice was pinned down by another figure of equal pixie-like size. Eunice and I leapt forward and attempted to pull them apart but Jasper and Emmett joined in.

"Caroline..." I screamed as I locked my arms under hers. "Get off!" I yanked her backwards, snarling and flailing in the air.

"Get off of me, Isabella!" Her British tongue combined with growls flicked the words around like a badmitton birdie. I heard a fierce, throaty sound echo and I immediatly knew who it was. Eunice was knocked through the air along with an orange haired figure I had had yet to notice.

Edward was home.

And, from the looks of it, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie too. They were not happy.

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