The Dragon Within

Ranma Fanfic By Seras4545

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Random Language

Chapter 1: The Secret Of The Neko Ken

Seven Years Ago - Prime Material Plane - Remote Mountain In Northern Region Of Japan

Ranma was terrified. His father was in the middle of tying more fish products to his son. The last time had failed, ending with Ranma cold, cut up, and absolutely miserable. His father had yelled at him for being a weakling and a little girl and had proceeded to beat him. Now, almost a week later, he was attempting to teach his son the technique again.

"Please dad, don't put me in there again!" Ranma cried out, terrified that this time he wouldn't survive this time. Last time the cats had been starved for only a couple days. Now, they had had no food for over six.

The fat man in the gi that was once white but had been stained to something more along the lines of gray ignored Ranma. He finished his work and went and opened the lid covering the pit. Ranma could hear the hunger filled yowling and his terror grew tenfold.

Genma picked him up and held him over the pit. He smiled wickedly at Ranma. "You better learn it this time boy, 'cause I'm not taking you out till you do."

He began lowering Ranma into the pit while Ranma screamed. "No, stop! I'll do anything, just don't put me in there! Noooooooooooooooo!"

Ranma tried to claw his way back up his father's arm but he merely shook him off and he fell into the pit. The cover was replaced and he was enshrouded in complete darkness.

Ranma tried to control the fear and was succeeding, until he felt the first claws on his skin and the terror overwhelmed his already weakened defenses...

Seven Years Ago - Alternate Material Plane - Lair Of Divine Blue Dragon Lethander

There was fire and destruction all over the town. Bodies were strewn everywhere, many just mangled but others appeared to have been torched. The castle, once a great and magnificent keep and home to a dragon god, lay in ruins. One could hear the mighty battle raging inside from the far mountain ranges.

Two dragons were fighting within a cave system beneath the keep. They flew and dove at each other, clawing and biting and battering with tail and wings, with the occasional breath weapon and spell. They were both wounded deeply, their scales marred by huge gouges and furrows left by the others fangs and claws. They broke suddenly and landed, facing each other.

"You will not get away with this, Garyx. The dragon council will have your head!" The saphire blue dragon roared out, shaking the walls with the power of his voice.

The onyx black dragon, Garyx, dragon god of order and death, was unimpressed. "They no longer have that power Lethander. I have mastered all the schools and disciplines of magic and have even surpassed the ninth circle! There is no true end to the wonders of magic, brother."

Lethander, dragon god of chaos and life, winced inwardly when he heard Garyx call him brother. He attempted to throw another spell at his 'brother' . He was surprised to see it immediately fizzle out and heard his brother laugh. He tried again, with a stronger spell this time, with the same results. Now his brother had begun roaring(Literally) with laughter.

"What's the matter Lethander? Can't seem to cast any more spells? How pathetic! I thought you had more in you than that!"

Lethander, his fury stoked to beyond reason, extended his wings and drew in a mighty breath and released a steady stream of lightning on Garyx. He was surprised and afraid when the cloud of lightning dispersed harmlessly, when it should have stayed for at least a few minutes with life in it's own right. Then his fear increased tenfold when he saw thousands of runes come to life all around, and he heard Garyx's victorious laughter. He realized too late that Garyx had used him to power his spell.

"Fool! Now you will be destroyed with your own power!" He then began muttering under his breath in vile speech, a foul language that had been banned from use even by demons because of it's destructive and unwholesome powers.

Lethander tried to attack, but found that he could no longer move or speak. When Garyx finished Lethander could feel the spell clamp down on his soul like bands of adamantium. Before his vision and life failed completely, he threw one last spell to activate the runes that protected his castle and his horde. Then he was cast out of his body, onto what he believed was oblivion.

Garyx felt a surge of superiority and triumph as Lethander's body slumped to the ground, lifeless.

He saw the wards around the cave and the room containing Lethander's horde spring to life and he snorted in contempt. Typical of Lethander to attempt to thwart me even after death. No matter. This should be nothing for me now.

Garyx immediately knew something was wrong as he attempted to tap his mana. It was swiftly draining out of him. As he tried to figure out what was happening he saw the runes he used spring to life once again and heard an echo of his own voice reciting the incantation. Ahh shit! was the last thing he thought as his soul was cast out of his body by his own spell. His body fell lifeless next to Lethanders and both gradually turned to diamond of their respective colors.

No one was able to breech the barriers of Lethander's keep, not even gods. It was not for lack of trying however, as many had perished trying to break the barriers, drained of energy and life. Only Lethander himself knew how to dispel them, all others were drained and made them even stronger than before.

Soon the castle became legend and only foolhardy adventurers traveled there, trying to make a quick fortune.

Seven Years Ago - Prime Material Plane - Ranma's Domain

Lethander tumbled through the darkness for what felt like untold ages, uncontrollably hurtling through the void. Suddenly he felt a pull and was somehow anchored to a plane. He emerged from the void into what seemed like a dark pit. He noticed a young boy, or rather his soul which glowed a brilliant blue, curled up in the middle. Then he saw the souls of cats, hundreds of them, twisted and streaked with red and black. They were attacking the boy and Lethander could see that the poor soul was being ripped to shreds and would soon be lost to the madness induced by such conditions.

Lethander had heard of this particular ritual before and knew that it destroyed the soul and sanity of those who succumb to it. Their soul was then replaced with that of a feline demon and became a mindless machine bent on the destruction of all around it. Only a fool would use such a thing.

He looked into the memories and soul of the lad and saw countless years of loneliness, pain, and torture at the hands of his father in the name of raising him to become the best at martial arts. Lethander knew he could save the boy if the boy was willing. Lethander knew it was too late for him to restore himself, already the barriers of his own 'domain' were crumbling. So he chose to give the boy a chance to save himself.

The technique had actually originated from his plane, but it was meant to bond the soul of a dragon to create a rare creature referred to as a dragoon. This was a twisted version of it that had leaked into this plane of existence somehow. The ritual could be redeemed if the boy so wished.

Lethander cast a barrier around himself and the boy that kept the demons at the edge of the pit. When the boy realized he was no longer being attacked, he raised his head tentatively, as if afraid that acknowledging his safety would shatter it. That was when he saw Lethander in all his hallowed glory. Thinking it was another demon after his soul, he tried to escape but found he couldn't. He turned to face the creature with what courage he had left, thinking it would be his last act as a human, which in a way he was right.

"Calm, young one. I have no wish to harm you. Indeed, I wish to aid you." Lethander said, using his powers to make sure the boy understood his speech. The boy's eyes widened in surprise and hope.

"You'll help me? Why? Why would you do such a thing for me? Who are you? What are you?" Lethander found he could understand the boy's speech perfectly and realized that he was speaking in a language that even the gods had forgotten over the ages as they needed the words less and less. It was the holy language of creation, the word that had bound and created each and every plane of existence by some unknown entity.

How in the world does he know that language? And instinctively no less! Lethander peered deeper into the boy's soul. He saw the deep hidden wells of knowledge and power in him and knew that in time the boy would be a match for a full grown dragon in his own right. Then he saw, deep in the boy's bloodline, the blood of one of the most holy of races in creation, that of the Astral Deva or 'Messangers of the creator' as they were once called. He had thought they had gone extinct long ago but at least one had apparently reached this plane and successfully pro-created.

This boy will have an interesting fate in store for him if he survives. "I am a god of dragons, Lethander, god of chaos and life. As you just heard I am a dragon. Well... as for the god part, I guess former would be more accurate."

The boy's curiosity seemed piqued. "A dragon! And a god! Wow! Hey wait, what do you mean by former? How can you be a former god?"

Lethander chuckled at his curiosity. "You have more questions than a quickling young one. I'm afraid that we don't have much time. Suffice to say I was defeated by another god and cast out of my body."

The boy still had questions. "Why do you need to hurry then? Don't you have all the time in the world?"

Lethander sighed. "No, and neither do you. Without my body to restore my mana and ki, I am slowly being unraveled. I am beyond saving. You however, I can save. I can merge with you and redeem this unholy ritual and save your mind and soul. I would essentially become you, though my individuality would be completely lost. You will gain the dragon's share (Pardon the pun) of my power and memories, but I will cease to exist."

When the boy began to protest, Lethander could not believe the boy's good heart and pure soul. He was willing to give up his chance at survival to save him instead. The dying dragon merely shook his head solemnly, stopping the boy's protests. "It does not matter either way, I will eventually unravel and disperse throughout the cosmos otherwise. I choose to save you over a slow death."

When the boy mentioned that his father had said it had to be the spirit of a cat, the dragon laughed aloud. "Originally this ritual was made for dragon bonding, that is why I was drawn here. Besides, do you not see the resemblance? We dragons are far distant ancestors of felines, so it will work. Besides, would you rather retain control of your body or would you want to become posessed by a demon that wishes nothing but harm on your world?"

The boy nodded and agreed. Lethander paid a farewell to all who knew him and merged with the boy becoming one. When all was finished Ranma heard Lethander's voice faintly. "Thank you Ranma, and now farewell..." A tear slid down Ranma's cheek as he felt the dragon's personality break down and meld into his. Lethander vanished from existence, leaving only two legacies, his horde and the boy named Ranma Saotome...

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