Jedi Stories 1

Jedi Stories 1

     Previously: In a certain line of family, there is a man named Lowdun Skywalker.  There was also  another separate family.  Now this other, separate Family included a man named John Jedi and his wife.  Now John Jedi was descended from the first king and queen in the galaxy.  This story takes place back in the day and Age of the Jedi Knights.  They had been around for almost  a couple thousand years, but not quite.  Most everyone was good in this day and age.  Except a band of stupid people who called themselves the maurders.  The Maurders are living on basically just one Planet called The Maurder Base.  They are in search of something they once heard in a Legend.  Information that if  obtained could bring the destruction of the Republic (The system of government that was galaxy-wide, except the Maurders who owned one small sector.)  So this information must be kept from them...or dire consequences might result.


The Story starts here:

   Just so you know, this story opens with a flashback from about 2 weeks before the initial start of Jedi Stories.

   A shadow figure can be seen.  (Who's identity will be revealed to you later).  It is a man. This shadow moves cautiously as he inches forward.  He is not uneager…but he knows what the consequences would be if he were caught. 

"Good, there is no sign of anyone," he says after he looks around. 

He fails to notices a small glint that would signify tools of digging in an area that he overlooks, so intent is he on finding what he came for.  This shadow kicks at charred pebble in his path. 

"These stupid crumbly rocks!"  He says grumpily. 

"Now where is it?" 

Suddenly he catches sight of something that brightens up his face. 

"Ah, the cave…that means…."

He heads in the direction of the cave he notices something.  It's a little black book.  A black-gloved hand greedily grabs for it.  The title can now be seen…it is entitled, "The Sith Order."  It's leather-bound and has gold letters giving the title. 

"I do believe that this is it!" he screams excitedly. 

He reads a few pages and become engrossed in it. 

"This contains the Evil Ones thoughts, ideas, and secrets." 

He snatches the book up as he realizes he may have spent too long there. 

"So they were the Sisth…."

Rumors were all over the galaxy about the extinct Sith.  Everyone knew about them.  HE had learned about their journal and went off in search of it…. and had now found it. AS he spins around, he comes face to face with another man.  This about freaks him out. 

Then he turns red and yells, "just what do you think you are doing?"

 The other man, who happens to be a Jedi Knight, says calmly, "I'm the one that should be asking you that."

 "You followed me, didn't you," demands the Shadow. 

"Yes," admits the Jedi, "and I'm glad I did." 

"Well I'm not." 

The Jedi kind of laughs at that.  Now this Jedi's name happens to be Frey Corta.  HE is around 60…so he is not young.  The Shadow glares at him angrily.  HE hurriedly searches for something to say…some kind of threat. 

After thinking a minute he says, "I know you.  You're Frey Corta!  I also know about your family.  I know you have a son named Brax and a wife named Alice.   To assure that you don't cause any trouble, my allies will see to it that they are captured and held prisoners.  IF you leak one word about me, your family will be killed.  I will personally oversee it."

 Frey knows that this Shadow is too powerful for him to take down alone.  Suddenly 30 of the shadow's ally's run toward Frey.  Frey can do nothing.  They quickly tie Frey's hands and take him back to their ship.

Frey says as they are moving along, "Just what do you think you're going to do with me?"

  The Shadow says, "You'll be sold as a slave on Adleraan.  I know it's the capital, but if you're smart you won't say anything."

 Half of the shadow's followers had let after the threat was made.  They had gone to Clay Hill and had already collected Frey's family.  ClayHilll is the planet Frey's from and is one planet the other way from the Planet they're on now.  (So Clay Hill is not in Maurder Territory, but the planet they're on now is.)  The shadow digs out a hologram of his wife and son being captured and forces Frey to watch.  They leave the planet and just about ten minutes after, an orange ship shows up.  Had the Shadow and his men not left so soon, they would have seen this.  Anyway, Frey is sold to a family on Alderaan…