So alone in love.

She would never say anything, but his eyes reminded her of rubies – hard, shining, rare and beautiful.

He would never say anything, but her eyes reminded him of her humanity – fragile, soft, entrancing and ephemeral.

It just craved to be broken.

I don't feel the joy; I don't feel the pain

She warns him away with a gun when he gets too close, but she never tells him that it's not loaded.

He always leaves when she takes out her gun, but never tells her that he knows about her lack of ammunition.

It's like a game.

You were just a toy, I am just insane.

Every time she assigns him a mission, he comes back a little more broken.

Every time she assigns him a mission, a little piece of her breaks with him.

His mind leaves him when the sun rises on shining, red ground.

Walking on my own, leaving you behind,

She screams at him not to read her mind.

He wants to scream back that he doesn't - she's forcing her thoughts on him.

He knows that she wants to be heard, but she will never listen.

You were crying out that you need to speak your mind.

He drinks blood, and it satisfies his thirst.

But not his lust.

Only her blood could do that.

I am gonna kill, when I need a thrill.

He hit her once, but only a small slap in righteous anger.

She woke up with a bruise and a concussion.

He never apologized, but he did destroy five acres of forest that day.

Eating at the heart, till I've had my fill.

Trust is something that must be earned.

With them it was a weakness, a useless commodity.

It didn't stop them from pining for it though.

When will stupid learn – fires' gonna burn.

When he finally kisses her, it was everything he had imagined, and all he ever needed.

When he finally kissed her, she felt cold.

She couldn't smile for a week after, but he doesn't notice.

Think of consequence, then you move when it's your turn.

The sex is amazing, or at least she thinks it is. She has nothing to compare it with.

He feels powerful, knowing that he finally had her.

She cried after for the tangible loss of innocence – he smiled and licked away her tears.

So alone in love.

She can't stop thinking about him while she does her paperwork, while lighting up a cigar that she knew would kill her.

He couldn't stop thinking about the way she smelled, the way she tasted, the way she to fit him and the way her tears burned his tongue.

He meets her every night when she climbs into bed; sometimes he just holds her as she cries.

So alone in love

She knows that when she finally does fall asleep at night, her nightmares are true.

There is a monster that watches from her bed.

And he has eyes like rubies that get colder and farther away every time she says 'I love you.'

I'm going to haunt you everyday.

End note:

Yes, this is a bit odd, and yes, those are song lyrics that you are seeing. The song is 'Haunt you everyday' by Weezer, and while I detest song-fics, I find myself writing one.

Feel free to call me a hypocrite.

Anyway, I just had to pop this one out, because it was going to eat me alive if I didn't. Enjoy the crazy.