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"Sakura, Ino, Tenten! Come with me. Ma and Pa want us to meet Misters Uchiha, Sabuku, and Hyuuga," Hinata, Sakura's shy, purple-haired sister said to them. The girls weaved through the crowd to where their parents were talking with the three rich guests.

"Ah! There you girls are!" exclaimed their father, Asuma Hayasaga.

"Mr. Uchiha, Sabuku, Hyuuga, these are my daughters, Ino Hayasaga, Sakura Hayasaga, and Hinata Hayasaga. We have two others, but they are already dancing. This is our family friend, Tenten Sayachi." Kurenai Hayasaga introduced. As their names were said, each curtsied. Sasuke couldn't take his eyes off Ino. Ino looked up. Cerulean met deep red. Ino blushed and looked away. Sasuke's eyes didn't move.

'W-Wow…She's amazingly beautiful. I-I can't stop looking at her.' Sasuke thought.
As Sakura looked up, her eyes meet both white and sea foam green. They all quickly looked away.

'I can't believe both Mr. Hyuuga and Mr. Sabuku were looking at me.' Sakura thought with a slight blush.

'I can't believe I was looking at her again.' Neji thought with a sigh.

'She looks like a suitable wife for me.' Gaara thought without emotion.

'But she is awfully cute…wait where did that come from' Gaara inwardly blushed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Tenten said, being the polite person that she is.

"Yes, a huge pleasure," Ino said quickly as she looked back at Sasuke.

"Don't worry, the pleasure's all mine." Sasuke said, kissing Ino's hand, not taking his eyes off her face.

"How do you like it here in Kohanashire?" Kurenai asked looking from Gaara, to Sasuke, to Neji.

"Very much," Neji said.

"And how long do you plan on staying?" Asuma asked.

"Oh, we're not sure, as long as we fancy, I suppose." Sasuke answered.

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