This takes place after Naruto comes back, it's a small drabble about how Hinata stills finds herself watching him after all this time. This was actually a page taken from my journal. I think it fitted Hinata nicely.


After All This Time

Even after all this time, I still keep finding myself

wanting his attention. Naruto. I find myself looking at him,

wishing that he would look at me, even if it is just for a second.

That he would acknowledge me. But no such luck. Naruto. He

doesn't see me the way I see him. He doesn't notice me the way

I do. I am not in his thoughts like he is on mine. Naruto. He doesn't

search for me in the crowds trying to catch Even if it is a brief glimpse

of me like I do. I am nothing in his eyes. Naruto. I do not know what I

find more depressing the fact that he doesn't acknowledge my presence

or that after all this time I still want his attention. Naruto. After all this

time, I am not completely over him. That after all this time, I'm still a



This was my first thing in Fanfiction. I apologize for the bad errors. Thank you so much for reading this. Take care, Elsie.