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"We will not be playing that game anytime soon," James said in a voice that brooked no argument.

So, of course, Katherine argued, "Why not? It is only fair that I should have my turn to have you at my mercy."

Wryly James admitted, "Dear Kat, you have me at your mercy more often than not. I realize that I can never expect to enjoy the right to wifely obedience that most men enjoy in marriage but at least allow me this one bastion of control." He had made the comment lightheartedly and was surprised to see Kat flush and look uncertain.

Tentatively Katherine queried, "James, do you really mind so terribly much that I am not" she paused to find the right words, "that I am not unopinionated?"

James could not stifle his laughter. "Not unopinionated? Well that is certainly one way to describe you." Once again he was surprised at Kat's reaction. He had thought that she would toss some sarcastic comment right back at him but instead she grew quiet and looked as if she were truly distressed. The little fool was actually worried that he was displeased with her.

Well could he really blame her? After all he had yet to formally declare his feelings for her. Sighing when he realized that they would have to vacant the bed in order for him to carry on a coherent conversation he told her, "Kat, we have postponed our discussion for far too long. Why don't I go down and retrieve the food that cook left last night? You can get dressed and then we can talk."

As soon as James left the room she arose and began to hurriedly bath and dress. She chided herself for being ridiculous. James had already seen her naked and explored her most private regions but she felt reticent about him seeing her perform her ablutions. Adding to her worry was the fear of what was to come in their discussion. She now knew that he loved her but would he wish for her to change into a more restrained proper sort of wife? Her heart rebelled at such a thought and at the same time acknowledged that if that was what he truly wished then she would do her best to comply. However she had to admit the truth to herself that she would not likely be very successful at playing the role of restrained and demure young woman. She had not even been able to manage it for the duration of the voyage from England to Port Royal let alone for the rest of her married life.

James could sense the tension in Kat the moment that he re-entered the room. "I have set up the food in your sitting room. Come and let's eat. You must be famished. I know that I am since we missed having supper last night."

The two went into the other room and began sharing a silent meal. Each made fitful starts at conversation that soon petered out. James decided to regale her with stories of his and Gillette's past adventures and was pleased to see that at least a modicum of tension left her features. He was aware that he was talking of inconsequential matters but damn it he was also nervous. He was about to pour out his heart and soul to a woman who had suddenly withdrawn into a protective shell. Could it be that she regretted their activities of last night and this morning? Experimentally he brushed a finger along her neck and could not contain his smug smile when she shivered in reaction and unconsciously leaned closer to him with her pretty pink lips slightly open in anticipation of a kiss. No, regret over their physical relations was not the problem. That only left worry over the rest of the aspects of their marriage. He decided to take the plunge. Leaning in towards her he lightly brushed his lips against hers and murmured, "Do you know that I wanted to do this when we were discussing Hamlet?"

Katherine pulled back with disbelief written on her face. "I highly doubt that, James. That was the day that you so rudely informed me that I was not desirable."

James took a moment to draw her close to his side and wrapped his arm around her tucking her into his shoulder. "I never said that you were not desirable. Frankly, it was during that conversation that I became aware how very desirable you are."

Pulling out of his embrace, a skeptical Katherine queried, "Are you certain that it was not at the Captain's dinner a few nights later?"

A little bit of exasperation at her unwillingness to believe him tinged his voice when he informed her, "Quite. It was during that conversation that I noted how very inviting your lips are and I had the maddest impulse to kiss you. I do regret that my own inability to phrase things well led to you believing that I found you wanting."

A most unladylike snort came from Katherine. "James, your eyes practically fell out of your head when you saw me in that green gown. Admit it. That was the first time that you viewed me as a woman rather than pitiable old maid." Immediately Katherine regretted her words. She was not off to a very good start of playing the demure wife.

However, James did not notice her regret for he was busy becoming rather incensed that she refused to believe him. He was opening his heart and she continued to challenge him. "You are a stubborn creature, Mrs. Norrington. I believe that I know my own mind and emotions. Here I am trying to tell you how I fell in love with you and you insist on debating me. If you would kindly keep your mouth shut and allow me to continue with my declaration?"

"There is no need to be so ru…. did you say that you were telling me how you fell in love with me?"'

"I am trying to but you are making that process rather difficult. Now, with your permission, I should like to continue?" he asked and then added when it appeared as if Kat were going to start speaking, "Uninterrupted."

She eagerly and silently nodded her assent.

"I am not hypocrite enough to deny that I was pleasantly amazed at your transformation but I had already begun to care for you before that occurred. I found our talks enjoyable and stimulating and had started to awake each morning eagerly anticipating them. Your inner beauty ensnared me long before your outer beauty. Kat, I am not very good at this sort of thing but I do apologize for not telling you sooner how very much I love you."

Her query was so soft that he almost missed it, "Even though I do not conduct myself as a proper young lady should?"

He chuckled, "I shall probably regret admitting this but I love you most especially when you specifically do not conduct yourself as a proper young lady should. You infuriate me. You try my patience. But most importantly you make me feel alive and full of happiness." The two of them sat in silence for a few moments. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Do you not have anything to say to me?"

Katherine who felt as if she were going to burst from joy could not resist tormenting him, "I cannot imagine what I would have to say to you. I believe that Captain Sparrow has said it for me."

"Katherine," James growled warningly.

Laughing she acquiesced, "Very well. As you are no doubt aware, I love you, James Norrington. I love that you are honorable and concerned about duty. I love that you make me feel safe and protected. I even love that you are so damned worried about propriety. Although I must admit I love it even more when you are improper." With that statement she launched herself back into his arms and began enthusiastically kissing him.

Half heartedly James protested, "Kat, we really should discuss this further. I owe you a great deal of explanation for my behavior and my mother assured me that it would be best if I begged for forgiveness."

"We can talk later, James," Katherine whispered into his ear before gently nipping at it. "Right now I can think of other ways for you to show how sorry you are. You could always allow..."

"No." James' refusal cut across her request.

"But I have not even said…"

"No. We are not going to play captured commodore and evil pirate wench." Situating her comfortably on his lap he finished his argument by thoroughly kissing her once again.

When she regained her breath Katherine pouted, "But that is not fair." Trying to entice him she cajoled, "Besides last time you had to do all the work and I got to lie back and enjoy myself. Surely you would like the same experience?" Katherine felt the rumble of his laugh.

"Ah, but we have only played one round of our game. Rest assured that next time you are the captured wench you will have to make a much more concerted and active attempt to placate me."


"Oh indeed." James busied himself slowly peeling her gown down to her waist.


"Hhhmmnn?" He was too occupied stringing a line of kisses along her throat to utter a proper response.

"Do you think that we could play another round right now?"

James smiled and closed his eyes in contentment. He was not sure what he had done to deserve such a wife but he was more than glad that they had found each other. How could he ever have thought that she was a drab little sparrow? Worse yet, how could he ever have thought that he wanted quiet docile woman for his wife? Life with Kat would always be an adventure and one that he looked forward to with anticipation. Now they just needed to decide what to do about her house…

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When she at last could draw enough breath to speak Katherine protested, "James Norrington, that was not at all fair. You were supposed to be the captured one not me."

James merely rolled to his side and laughed at Katherine's complaint. After nearly three months of wheedling he had finally broken down and agreed to play captured commodore. Katherine had been so delighted and empowered by her role of captor that she had not realized that using silk scarves was an unwise choice. For close to an hour she had teased and tormented him unaware that he was using the time to slowly work the knots free. The slipperiness of the silk had aided him a great deal. It was just about the time that she was commanding him to beg her for completion that he freed the last knot and surprised her by swiftly rolling her under him and pinning her hands above her head. The look on her face had been priceless and what had followed had been delightful.

"Since this was part of my birthday present, we shall simply have to start again. You cannot give a gift only to take it back," Katherine determinedly announced.

Sanctimoniously he informed her, "I did not take it back. There is always a risk of a captive freeing themselves. It is not my fault that you failed to tie the knots securely enough." Then he wickedly added, "Besides, I do not believe that you have any room for complaint as to the outcome of that little encounter."

Muttering, "Arrogant beast," Katherine snuggled further into his embrace. He was right. She had no real room for complaint. Still she was somewhat miffed that he had worked himself free. Idly tracing her fingers along his chest she thanked him for throwing her such a lovely birthday party.

"It was my pleasure, Kat. I must confess that I was surprised at Jack's decision to attend."

"Yes, so was I. It seems as if he truly does intend to make a respectable life for himself. Are his letters of pardon even still valid?"

"I believe so. Since our encounters with Jones he has not engaged in any true piracy to speak of with the exception of robbing the ship that you and I were on." James smiled as he recalled that night. That was the night when Kat had first kissed him and declared that he tasted like heaven. "And even that will not count against him because Captain Wilson chose not to make a formal report."

"I can understand his desire to have a more normal sort of life, but why on earth would he choose her?"

James chuckled at the appalled tone of Kat's voice. However he had to agree that Jack's choice of bride was puzzling. "Well she does have a large dowry."

The two were silent for a while just enjoying the fact of being in each other's arms. Then Katherine broke the silence, "James, I have an idea."

James stifled the groan that he wanted to emit at this comment. He had discovered during the past months that nothing good or remotely proper ever followed these words.

"James, my friend who bought my house will be arriving the next few weeks. You remember I told you about her."

James cautiously offered, "You mean the Widow Smith?"

"Yes, well I was thinking that she and Jack might suit very well. Certainly better than Jack and that odious woman. At least they would be closer in age."

"Katherine, I think that it best if we let Jack handle his own life. It is never wise to interfere in matters of the heart."

Tartly Katherine inquired, "You mean like how Jack did not interfere in our relationship? If he had not assisted then we might not yet be together. It is practically our duty to help him out."

It was on the tip of his tongue to forbid Kat to interfere but he had made that mistake before and learned the hard way that forbidding Kat did not go over especially well. Instead he said, "It is too late. He has made his decision and announced their betrothal tonight in front of half of Port Royal."

Katherine conceded that James had a point. Still she was not ready to give up. Frustrated she complained, "But why did he have to choose her of all people? I mean really, why would anyone choose to marry Millicent Witherspoon?"