Okay, here's the deal. I have decided to totally rewrite this story and now that All Alone is finished, I'll have more time to devote to it! I warn you now, this is a Sesshoumaru & Kagome fic! R&R

In this story, Kagome is 18 years old and lives in a small apartment not far from the shrine. Naraku was defeated a few months ago so everybody is still trying to piece together their lives after Naraku's death. Inuyasha still hasn't chosen between the two mikos, and this has distracted him enough that he hasn't noticed Kagome's strange behaviors, but not everybody has overlooked this small detail…

Chapter 1

I'm Dying

Kagome Higarashi,, 18, graduated in the top ten of her class, and yet, she still had no idea what the future held for her…or in this case the past. Kagome leaned back against the tree, eyes closed, the perfect picture of contentment, but sadly that wasn't the case. She eased the blue book bag lazily towards her in the shade. She fished around for something hidden deep in the bottom. Something she had purposely buried so her friends wouldn't find them.

Kagome sighed in relief as her arm escaped the bag, four small, capped vials held tightly in her grasp. Silently she unscrewed the tops and poured the needed amount into the palm of her right hand, so use to taking the medications that she didn't even read the labels placed on them. A slightly shaky hand pulled a cup from her bag as unsteady feet carried her to the rivers edge to haphazardly scoop a few mouthfuls of water into it before returning tiredly plopping down at her peaceful spot under the tree.

She closed her eyes and hoped to God that the medications would kick in before she had to join the others. What am I going to tell them? She thought, unable to bear the thought of Shippo's face when he found out. "Inuyasha might even feel bad." She said with a grim smile, sarcasm dripping heavily from her lips. Her thoughts only dwelled on the red clad hanyou momentarily. "As if we don't know where he is…and who he's with." She said bitterly. Even now Kagome could feel the presence of the soul gatherers pressed on the edges of her consciousness. She pulled her feet to her chest, resting her pounding head on her knees. With the combined paleness of her skin, her pitch black hair fanned out around her, and the setting sun, she could have been mistaken for a Goddess. She couldn't be a goddess, though. Gods live forever, the span of a human life seeming like mere seconds in their lives. Kagome struggled against the coalesce side effects of her meds, making her groggy, nauseated, and wobbly. Sweat dripped from her as she placed her head on the damp grass, unable to force her boy to move any more than that. If she could have cried, she would have, despair overwhelmed her body, hopelessness honed in on her weakness, willing her to drown in her own pity. She closed her eyes, erasing the picturesque sunset form her mind, unable to face such a beautiful sight when life itself seemed so ugly at the moment.

It seemed like forever before Kagome was able to grasp control of her limbs, no matter how numb they were. Unsteadily, she stood, using the tree for support. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, she gathered her stuff, and as casually as someone with brain cancer can be, she made her way back to camp.

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